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Crash Diet
TAGS: " Crash BE AE ButtInflation Expansion NylonDamage FemaleGrowth Deflation ClothesDestruction Magic Growth Topless BreastInflation Inflation NaturalBreasts Magic Young AssExpansion ShoeBusting tmc182"

Hillary Hooterz: Beautiful Blonde and BALANCED
"Hillary feels `out of balance` She has beautiful face but no breasts or ass so she gives the `Balance` Pills a try and gets the perfect hourglass shape and is thrilled with the results."
TAGS: " Hillary HillaryHooterz Inflation ButtInflation Expansion AssExpansion BE ButtonPopping BBW AE AssExpansion NaturalBreasts Topless Pornstar Blonde Young Excited tmc194"

I Want a Big Juicy Ass
"Jaylene Rio discovers the magic of the Balance pills. Her ass becomes big and perfect just like her huge beautiful breasts."
TAGS: " JayleneRio Jaylene AE Ass Expansion Pornstar Young Inflation Magic Balance tmc200"

BE/AE Tease
"Heidi teases you with her perfect boobs and ass then gets turned on by her breasts and ass growing huge for you."
TAGS: " Heidi HeidiMayne Expansion ButtInflation AE AssExpansion BE BreastExpansion Inflation Magic Pornstar Nudity tmc210"

All Those Hours at The Gym for Nothing
"Echo wakes up one day and finds her breasts have become insanely huge. She tries to find a bra that fits and can`t. At first she is upset then reconsiders since she still thin all over until her ass begins to grow and she is freaked out."
TAGS: " EchoValley Expansion Echo ButtInflation Topless Pornstar AE AssExpansion Inflation Mature Blonde Pornstar tmc241"

Popping Hourglass
"Zoey gets a magic tin of popcorn. Once it starts popping she starts growing until she gets the `perfect` hourglass figure. She is so excited because she knows her new life with her new figure will be amazing and talks about it."
TAGS: " Zoey Expansion Pornstar ButtInflation Excited BE AE AssExpansion BreastExpansion Inflation Hourglass Magic Blonde Young tmc267"

Big Round Ass Tease and Expansion
"Burke drinks from the seven vials and Joclyn sucks his cock. He cums on her perfect round large ass and she rubs it in. The magic water went right through him causing her ass to grow huge. The last three and a half minutes of clip are process/ growth"
TAGS: " JoclynStone ButtInflation Joclyn Pornstar Lapdance AssExpansion LongHair Blonde Mature AE Inflation 7Vials Hardcore Oral-Blowjob Topless tmc290"

The Velour Jumpsuit: Bimbo and Ass Expansion
"Holly comes home from work to find a package on her porch with a strange velour jumpsuit. She tries it on and after trying without success to get it off she turns into a confused bimbo stressed with loss of control then grows a giant ass. Very good."
TAGS: " HollyWebster AE Expansion ButtInflation Smoking Holly Inflation AssExpansion Bimbo Young Magic tmc385"

Trollop Doll - Cursed By The
TAGS: " CarolinePierce Expansion ButtInflation Caroline Inflation AE Pornstar AssExpansion Bimbo Transfer Magic DollTransformation BE tmc392"

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Great Expectations and Even Greater Lies
"Roxanne is a stuck up actress who makes fun of people who buy her diet pills. She lies throughout her weight loss infomercial and begins to grow a giant ass and breasts/gets stuck in chair. She also bursts through her shoes ( very quick shoe burst)."
TAGS: " RoxanneHall AE Expansion ButtInflation Roxanne Pornstar BE BreastExpansion Inflation Magic AssExpansion ShoeBusting Mature tmc406"

White Ball BE
"Bridget can`t believe her luck after sinking the white ball every ball after makes her boobs grow. The only problem is they immediately deflate. She can`t stop the game and they finally don`t deflate but her ass inflates (ass expansion very quick)"
TAGS: " BridgetMichaels Expansion ButtInflation AE Bridget Brunette BE AssExpansion BreastExpansion Inflation Pornstar tmc436"

I Want My Plump Rump Back
"Honey lost a ton of weight and her ass right along with it. Her new machine gives her to perfect large round ass and she is thrilled. She practices working her new ass before going out to show it off."
TAGS: " HoneyWhite Expansion ButtInflation Honey AE Pornstar AssExpansion Magic Inflation Mature tmc437"

Big Round Juicy Ass
"Cambrey lost too much weight in her ass so she purchased the Ass Enhancer Machine and is delighted with the results. She shakes her ass and teases you with it."
TAGS: " CambreySage Inflation Expansion ButtInflation Cambrey AddisonRose Addison Young AssExpansion Magic Pornstar AE Blonde tmc444"

"First Clip ever from startup MAXGROWTH Productions-- Shelby receives news that her Aunt Trudy "Booty" has passed away but has left her some assets in her will. Solid first attempt though its short on process. More to come from MAXGROWTH!"
TAGS: " MaxGrowth AE AssExpansion ButtInflation Inflation Expansion Magic Shelby tmc477"

Hourglass Inflation Experimentation
"Kiki comes back to see Taylor because she loves her giant new breasts and wants a bigger ass. Taylor tricks her by giving her tainted magic water and tries out anal inflation. Her hips and ass grow huge as Taylor harasses her until she escapes."
TAGS: " KikiDaire Kiki LatexCatfish AE Mature AssExpansion ButtInflation Inflation Expansion Pornstar tmc655"

Inflation Experimentation
"Upclose Great Ass Expansion then fast Breast Expansion. Madison comes to Taylor for a food video but ends up growing a giant ass. When it goes down a few weeks later she comes back and Taylor gives her huge breasts. Scared Growths."
TAGS: " Madison BE LatexCatfish BreastExpansion BreastInflation Expansion Inflation AE AssExpansion ButtInflation Pornstar tmc656"