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Hungry Large Breasted Woman Beats Down Delivery Boy
"Kayla decides to harass the pizza delivery guy by challenging him to wrestling and arm wrestling for his tip. The next 10 minutes are a blur for pizza delivery guy as she thrashes him around the room. Wrestling/Amazons/Size Comparison/L&C"
TAGS: " BeatDown Amazon Competition KaylaQuinn Carrying DisplayofStrength Kayla Wrestling KaylaKam StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting ArmWrestling Humiliation BustyAmazons StrengthComparison TallWomen SizeComparison ab009"

Sexy Maya & The Maytag Man
"Maya in a terrifically sexy Lift and Carry strength comparison clip. Except when she pauses to kick his ass in armwrestling this clip is all Lift & Carry with a variety of different lifts. Great clip."
TAGS: " Maya MayaHills LiftingHumiliation StrengthComparison Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Competition Wrestling Fitwomen ArmWrestling StrongWomen Humiliation ab015"

Amazon Strength Superiority
"Kimberly can`t get the little man to admit women are stronger than men so she beats him at arm wrestling and lifts him up and carries him around the room and and finally tickles him to get him to admit it."
TAGS: " Kimberly LiftingHumiliation FrontPiggyBack Powerful DisplayofStrength Amazon StrongWomen LiftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation PowerfulWomen Piggyback ArmWrestling Lifting Carrying Competition StrengthComparison ab033"

Flying Bitchboy
"Two strong females lift slave with pure leg stregnth."
TAGS: " Laura Kimberly DisplayofStrength Powerful StrengthComparison LegLifting/Pressing PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Lifting NaturalBreasts ArmWrestling ab052"

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Two out of Three
"Heidi made a bet and won the arm wrestle first round. The guy wanted a rematch so they went for two out of three. See who wins."
TAGS: " StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength Heidi HeidiMayne FitWomen ArmWrestling Powerful ab074"

Heidi 2 Clip ArmWrestle/Lift and Carry Special
"A zip containing both `Two out of Three` and `Heidi Proves Her Strength ` at ONE LOW PRICE!"
TAGS: " Heidi HeidiMayne LiftandCarry Powerful StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Lifting Carrying LiftingHumiliation ArmWrestling ab076"

Size and Strength Comparison Lift and Carry HJ with RaptureQueen
"RaptureQueen is far superior to this tiny man."
TAGS: " Firemans Cradled SizeComparison StrengthComparison ArmWrestling CradleCarry Handjob StrongWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LapSitting RaptureQueen ab187"

The Muscular Goddess
"Brandi Mae is a beautiful muscular goddess. In this clip she is working out a little and her strength is questioned by a weak little man. A variety of great lifts
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting Carrying StrongWomen Humiliation Firemans LiftingHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation CradleCarry LegLifting/Pressing StrengthComparison Brandi BrandiMae FitWomen PowerfulWomen PiggyBack ArmWrestling ab200"

Tiny Little Fitness Trainer
"Amanda`s trainer not only shows up late
TAGS: " StrongWomen Amazon PowerfulWomen BBW Lifting TallWomen Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda AmazonAmanda SizeComparison PiggyBack CradleCarry Humiliation LegLifting/Pressing ArmWrestling ab214"

Measuring Height Size and Strength Comparison
"Size comparison/ Measuring comparison of beautiful 6-3 amazon and smaller man. Ends with Arm wrestling. Special Request!"
TAGS: " SizeComparison Amanda Amazon AmazonAmanda Armwrestling TallWomen BBW StrengthComparison PowerfulWomen StrongWomen ab215"

Lift and Carry Bar Confrontation
"Ivy comes into Alexa`s bar and takes off her boots. They get into fight arm wrestle and Alexa carries her around all over the bar. Lots of great long lifts."
TAGS: " ArmWrestling TallWomen StrongWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen Cradled Alexa AlexaNight Firemans FrontPiggyBack CradleCarry Ivy IvyLace ab364"

She is The Man of House (Part 1 Proving her Strength)
"Alura is horrified when her husband announced he is the man of the house. She lets him know that the stronger one is the one who in in control. In part 1 she is now the `man of the house` and proves this thru beating him at arm wrestling and lifting"
TAGS: " Carrying DisplayofStrength Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled ArmWrestling LapSitting Amazon BustyAmazons Alura AluraJenson TallWomen StrongWomen Fitwomen MuscularWomen Humiliation Intimidation ab366"

She is The Man of House (Part 6 Carried and Humiliated)
"In part 6 Alura lets sissy wife try to arm wrestle her. She makes her wife kiss her foot and address her as his master. She lets him know she wants him in nice lingerie and he will entertain some friends just out of prison."
TAGS: " FrontPiggyBack ArmWrestling FootWorship Firemans LapSitting Amazon BustyAmazons Alura AluraJenson TallWomen StrongWomen Fitwomen MuscularWomen Humiliation Intimidation Carrying Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled Femdom ab371"

Lift and Carry After Class
"Hot muscular teacher Austin shows off her perfect muscular body
TAGS: " LapSitting PiggyBack Spanking ArmWrestling Austin AustinTaylor WonderHussy Brandy BrandyBottoms DisplayofStrength Carrying Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled StrongWomen Fitwomen Firemans MuscularWomen ab374"