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Clips featuring beatdown in the store...

Pindown Tickle and Punch Hell
"Mistress Taylor pins the slave down while Princess Maya tickles him focusing on his extremely ticklish feet. Both can`t resist throwing punches at this slave throughout the clip each time his belly is exposed."
TAGS: " Tickle BeatDown Taylor Mistress NaturalBreasts Maya MayaHills Tickling Wrestling Pain Violence Blonde Pornstar Young GirlyDommes fd098"

Ballbusting & Belly Punching Duo
"Mistress Sienna and Mistress Taylor beat the crap outta this slave. This is an all real--nothing faked--brutal beating."
TAGS: " Sienna Olivia Wrestling Pain BootFetish Violence Pantyhose-Stockings OliviaSaint BeatDown Ballbusting CBT Taylor Humiliation Mistress Pornstar NaturalBreasts fd114"

Beating the Bitch and Tickling Him Too
"Goddess Gwen tickles and punches her slave for amusement."
TAGS: " Tickling Humiliation Tickle Gwen GwenDiamond GirlyDommes BeatDown Slapping Young Blonde Pornstar fd136"

Tickle Tickle Punch Punch
"Maya gets a captive to torture which she does with glee."
TAGS: " Tickle Tickling Humiliation Bound GirlyDommes Taylor MIstress BeatDown Maya MayaHills Violence Torture Pornstar Young Blonde fd171"

Gleeful Sadism
"Mistress Taylor at her absolute most gleefully sadistic! The amount of fun she has torturing this guy by alternating sensual tickling with aggressive tickle torture and then belly punches for punctuation."
TAGS: " Tickle Tickling Beatdown Taylor Mistress NaturalBreasts Torture Humiliation fd172"

Xmas Bitch
"Godesss Kimberly is not impressed with this loser`s Christmas Tree costume and even after she finds out it`s for a play. She labels him her `Xmas Bitch` and beats and tickles him until she is bored."
TAGS: " GirlyDommes Violence Kimberly Tickle Tickling BeatDown Blonde Young Humiliation fd182"

Awoken Beaten & Ballbusted
"Veronica helps Taylor with her recent spree of apparently random violence. Both Goddesses look sexy as hell as they take it to a sleeping cripple."
TAGS: " Bound Taylor Humiliation Pantyhose-Stockings NaturalBreasts Veronica VeronicaJett BeatDown GirlyDommes Mistress Young Pornstar Violence Pain CBT fd185"

WW Belly Punch-Foot Tickle
"All belly punch and tickle with Goddess Veronica."
TAGS: " Veronica VeronicaJett BeatDown Tickle Tickling GirlyDommes Young Pornstar Humiliation fd186"

Amazon Ball Blasting
"Over 6 foot tall goddess is furious when she arrives and finds her dinner date dressed like a fool. She rips his shirt off throws him to the ground blasting his balls repeatedly. She almost rips his nipples off."
TAGS: " BallBusting Debi DebiDiamond Pantyhose-Stockings Pornstar Humiliation NippleTorture Gumbi Mature Slapping Blonde Feet Violence BeatDown fd223"

Tool Turned Office Boy
"Helena is interviewing for new employees for her company and is in shock when a man walks into her office with tattoos on his face
TAGS: " Humiliation Spitting Helena HelenaStrong BeatDown Blonde Young GirlyDommes Ashtray Smoking Violence Slapping fd255"

Clips featuring beatdown in the store...

AMAZON TAYLOR VS awww did the little man get hurt?
"AMAZON TAYLOR shows off her wrestling and legscissor skils as she tosses her male opponent around the ring."
TAGS: " Humiliation Powerful AmazonTaylor StrongWomen BeatDown Amazon StrengthComparison LiftingHumiliation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts Taylor MistressTaylor Wrestling BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen ab001"

"Unbelievably sexy Taylor finds herself navel to face with her nemesis. She slaps him down to the ground with that bear paw of a hand and then lifts him back up by his belt! She smothers him with just one breast and it almost covers his entire head! GREAT!"
TAGS: " Amazon StrongWomen Taylor MistressTaylor TallWomen DisplayOfStrength Smothering LiftingHumiliation BeatDown SizeComparison Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts LiftingHumiliation Wrestling Lifting Carrying ab002"

Hungry Large Breasted Woman Beats Down Delivery Boy
"Kayla decides to harass the pizza delivery guy by challenging him to wrestling and arm wrestling for his tip. The next 10 minutes are a blur for pizza delivery guy as she thrashes him around the room. Wrestling/Amazons/Size Comparison/L&C"
TAGS: " BeatDown Amazon Competition KaylaQuinn Carrying DisplayofStrength Kayla Wrestling KaylaKam StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting ArmWrestling Humiliation BustyAmazons StrengthComparison TallWomen SizeComparison ab009"

Amazon Intimidation
"Amazon Taylor scoffs at the little man at first but then gets mean and tosses the meaningless tiny fellow about like a ragdoll. EXTREMELY HOT AMAZON TAYLOR HUMILIATION/SIZE COMPARISON CLIP!"
TAGS: " Taylor AmazonTaylor Smothering TallWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation Beatdown NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Intimidation Humiliation Powerful StrongWomen MistressTaylor Amazon ab037"

Amazon Heavy Destruction of Idiotic Smoking Loser
"6 foot 3 TALL Strong Amazon Amanda destroys this tiny idiotic slave. She stomps on him
TAGS: " Amazon Smothering PowerfulWomen AmazonAmanda BBW TallWomen StrongWomen Humiliation Intimidation SmallGuyHumiliation Beatdown SizeHumiliation Trampling ab138"

Giant Breasted Amazon Cigar Beat Down
"This is a very specific custom script where amazon cigar smoking tough woman threatens a rival gang and beats down one of their men."
TAGS: " Amazon TallWomen StrongWomen Intimidation Humiliation Smoking Debi DebiDiamond BeatDown PowerfulWomen ab182"

Clips featuring beatdown in the store...

Taking charge of an ASS
"Maya males this ASS regret they ever met."
TAGS: " Spanking Maya MayaHills BeatDown Corporal Humiliation Young Blonde Pornstar gd032"

Maya Vs The Schmuck 2:No Safe Words
"Maya is so sexy in this clip as she beats the tar our of the poor bastard. She wrestles him for awhile and then she starts to pummel his stomach with quick hard punches that show her experience as a female boxer."
TAGS: " Maya MayaHills Wrestling Beatdown Humiliation Young Blonde Pornstar gd059"

Tickle Tickle Punch Punch
"Maya gets a captive to torture which she does with glee."
TAGS: " Humiliation Tickling Tickle Maya Taylor MistressTaylor Mistress MayaHills Beatdown Young Blonde Pornstar NaturalBreasts gd084"