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Orgasmic Growth
"Taylor has an ability that helps her achieve amazing orgasmic heights. She can`t always manipulate it the way she wants to and sometimes she loses all control. This time the process is so potent that she grows straight through the top of her shirt!"
TAGS: " Taylor Growth Pornstar FootGrowth Giantess Process Busting ClothesBusting ShoeBusting ButtonPopping MistressTaylor FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth BraPop BeltPop Topless tmc006"

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Veronica`s New Figure
"Veronica is sick of being completely flat so she tries different exercises to enhance her breasts. Finally her hard work pays off but thing get totally out of control and her ass inflates wildly as well!!!"
TAGS: " Veronica VeronicaJett BE Expansion HourGlass BreastExpansion AssExpansion ButtInflation Inflation Scared BreastInflation Pornstar NaturalBreasts ButtonPopping BeltPop Young Busting ClothesBusting tmc047"

Taylor Grows Very Drunk
"Taylor doesn`t drink very often so she`s having trouble discerning if she`s getting tipsy or getting taller. First growth clip ever made by TaylorMadeclips."
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor Growth Process Scared Busting FootGrowth ClothesBusting ShoeBusting NaturalBreasts Gts Giantess ButtonPopping BeltPop RingPop FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth Topless BraPop tmc098"

Body Inflation Interactive: Big Sexy Balloon Skin
"Savannah puts on her big blue inflatable sweat suit for you. She knows how much it turns you on and she wants you to jack off and cum all over her growing body. She realizes that her skin is changing into latex and strips off her suit and shows off."
TAGS: " SavannahFox MasturbationInstruction BeltPop POV Savannah Pornstar Inflation Young BodyInflation SuitInflation Expansion tmc1050"

Balloons Hate Sharp Objects
"Lucy captures sexy amputee model Arielle. She is passed out and wakes up to Lucy inflating all her body parts while threatening her with a dart. When she is finished with her she blows her up in suit and pops her."
TAGS: " Amputee Arielle BodyInflation Expansion SuitInflation BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation AssExpansion BellyInflation Belly BellyExpansion BeltPop Lucy LucyStardust ButtInflation Revenge tmc1163"

Lesbian Forced Inflation and Bondage Revenge
"Talulahs girlfriend cheats on her with a man and she is furious. She inflates her to a jelly belly with hose then ties her to chair and uses helium to blow up her ass and her stomach to enorous proportions and pops her with her heel."
TAGS: " Tracy Talulah Inflation AssExpansion ButtInflation BellyExpansion BellyInflation ForcedInflation Bondage BeltPop FluidInflation Helium tmc1202"

The Growing Blue Rash and Gut: Part 1
"Sablique is sent home from work with a mysterious blue rash on her neck. She is horrified when she not only realizes it is spreading as she is getting ready for a date but her belly is growing. In Part two she transforms into a full blueberry."
TAGS: " Sablique BellyExpansion Inflation Expansion BellyInflation BeltPop tmc1222"

I am Bluetiful Blueberry Now
"Ela ordered a new blue jumpsuit. After trying it on she feels amazing and starts getting blue hearts on her and more and more turned on. She loves how the transformation looks and feels."
TAGS: " ElaDarling Wonka SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation BeltPop SkinColorChange Ela Pornstar Blueberry tmc1243"

Blueberry Juice Filled Breasts to Blueberry Terror
"Vicki is studying eating blueberries when she starts to get blue spots and grows giant juice filled blue breasts. She is terrified. She is scared when her full body fills with juice and she turns into a blueberry and blows up. Tiny girl sunk in bb suit."
TAGS: " Wonka Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation SuitInflation Blueberry BreastExpansion BreastInflation BlueberryInflation BeltPop Vicki VickiLee tmc1246"

POV: I Am Too Full Of Juice For You To Cum In My Mouth
"Your girlfriend Kimmy turns into a blueberry while you jack off to her. She gets really full of juice and wants to be juiced. You ask her to open her mouth to cum in her mouth and she is terrified. She knows any more fluid and she just might blow up."
TAGS: " KimmyLee Kimmy Asian MasturbationInstruction Pornstar BubbleGum Bubbles POV Blueberry Wonka Expansion BlueberryInflation BeltPop Inflation Expansion tmc1258"

The Assassin
"Poison is an assassin hired to take out Dita. Her first attempt fails and Dita blows her up. She reforms comes back and blows up Dita."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Poison MissPoison ForcedInflation SuitInflation HoseInflation BeltPop Inflation Expansion tmc1259"

Sauna Suit Gone Wrong
"Carmen orders a sauna suit to get rid of extra water weight before a big photo shoot. She sleeps in sauna and Instead of making her lose water weight she retains it and becomes a giant blubbery fluid filled terrified model unable to exit the sauna"
TAGS: " FluidInflation SuitInflation Expansion Pornstar FullBodyInflation Inflation CarmenValentina Carmen BeltPop tmc1267"

Becoming a Delta Blueberry Task
"In order to become a `Delta` each pledge must chew the magic Blueberry gum and be juiced by the sorority. It is Pledge Janera`s turn and the girls flake so Crystal is left to juice her alone."
TAGS: " Janera Crystal Blueberry CrystalClark Pornstar Expansion BlueberryInflation BeltPop Inflation SuitInflation Wonka tmc1282"

Spell Drunken Blueberry Transformation/Explosion
"Katya`s witch friend wants her man and turns her into a large juicy blueberry. Each step of the spell is realized as she fills with juice her belt buttons burst and finally she overfills with juice and explodes in a puddle of juice and blue skin."
TAGS: " Katya KatyaKane Talulah Transformation Magic BeltPop Popping Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Blueberry BlueberryInflation Wonka Burp Burping tmc1387"