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RBREEZE: Expansive Deterrent
"Debut clip from RBREEZE-Betty & her friend went shoplifting. When she got home she found a theft detector on her skirt. Her attempts to remove the sensor causes her breasts to grow huge and finds she can control it. Her fear turns to excitement."
TAGS: " BettyRumor Betty BE Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation Deflation BreastInflation RBREEZE Magic tmc504"

RBREEZE: The Headband
"Betty is preparing for a night out in Vegas when she puts on a magic headband. The headband is stuck and she is struck with amazing pain. She goes to lay down and grows a beautiful giant cock. The growth is terrifying but she learns to love her cock."
TAGS: " BettyRumor Betty Futa Magic Dickgirl PenisExpansion Magic Futanari Transformation tmc506"