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Kymberly`s Super Blueberry Inflation
"A full on blueberry inflation with Kymberly Jane that incorporates many specific requests like her nose turning blue
TAGS: " Kymberly KymberlyJane Wonka Expansion Blueberry BlueberryInflation AssExpansion ButtInflation Inflation tmc1129"

Mean Mommy: A Double Blueberry Inflation
"Rebecca`s stepmother believed that bb juice kept her skin perfect and wanted an unlimited source of bb juice so found a way to turn her daughter into a bb. Once her horrified daughter spits on her and she turns into one herself. Both grow until they pop."
TAGS: " Wonka Expansion Inflation Pornstar Joclyn JoclynStone SuitInflation Blueberry Pornstar RebeccaLove Rebecca BlueberryInflation tmc1194"

I Don`t Want to Be a Blueberry: Turn Me Back to My Skinny Self
"Joline is resting at home when an Oompa Loompa Sales woman comes by and sells her gum. When she begins to turn
TAGS: " Talulah JolineHex Joline OompaLoompa Wonka Expansion Inflation SuitInflation Blueberry Bubbles BlueberryInflation tmc1200"

O My God I Feel Funny
"KiKi was given a bag of gum and she can`t stop chewing and blowing bubbles. She starts to feel funny and turns into a blueberry."
TAGS: " Wonka Expansion Inflation BubbleGum SuitInflation Blueberry BlueberryInflation Bimbo Blonde Pornstar Bubbles KiKi KikiDaire tmc1209"

Blueberry Pie Inflation Madness
"Carmen finds blueberry pie & tries it & her finger & mouth begin to turn blue. She inflates into a huge blueberry & then explodes & then slim who also could not resist the pie turns into a blueberry also. Just Male and Just female versions to follow."
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation LipExpansion LipInflation Wonka BlueberryInflation BodyInflation MaleInflation SkinColorChange Talulah Carmen Slim tmc1210"

Blueberry Pie MALE Inflation Madness
"Carmen samples Talulah`s genetically modified blueberry pie & she blows up and turns blue like a blueberry. Then Slim tries the modified pie and also turns blue and swells up like a big blueberry."
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation LipExpansion Wonka BlueberryInflation BodyInflation MaleInflation SkinColorChange Talulah Slim tmc1211"

Blueberry Pie FEMALE Inflation Madness
"Carmen samples Talulah`s genetically modified blueberry pie & she blows up and turns blue like a blueberry."
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation LipExpansion LipInflation Wonka BlueberryInflation BodyInflation SkinColorChange Talulah Carmen tmc1214"

The Growing Blue Rash Becomes a Full Blueberry: Part 2
"Sablique busts through her clothes and turns into a beautiful full round blueberry. You arrive for your date with her and find her there scared and begging you to help her and juice her."
TAGS: " Sablique Wonka Transformation Expansion Inflation SuitInflation Blueberry BlueberryInflation tmc1223"

Her Blueberry Fantasy Come True
"Talulah has always wanted to be a blueberry so arrives at Oompa Loompa land. She is greeted by an Oompa Loompa who gives her gum. She turns with mixed emotions? excitement! Tried rolling but got cut short we had to stop shooting at studio I rented:(("
TAGS: " Blueberry Talulah BellyInflation BellyExpansion Transformation OompaLoompa BlueberryInflation Wonka Inflation Expansion SuitInflation tmc1224"

You Bleed Blue You Blueberry Bitch
"Joline goes out each night and hunts men to turn into blueberries for her pleasure. On this night Crystal is the only customer in the bar she pics a fight with her and turns her. She enjoys her new terrified blueberry until she spits juice and she bites."
TAGS: " Joline Crystal CrystalClark BlueberryInflation Expansion Transformation Redhead Pornstar Blueberry Wonka SuitInflation Catfight BellyInflation Inflation BellyExpansion tmc1225"

I am Not Fluffy I am a Blueberry
"Irma eats all the blue gumballs and has fun turning into a blueberry. She busts out of her clothes. This is an older clip that was never released."
TAGS: " BlueberryInflation Blueberry Bubbles BubbleGum Wonka Inflation Irma Expansion SuitInflation tmc1232"

A Dangerous Reaction
"Richard returns from a jog where he had some strange berries and begins to sweat blue. He is terrified and when he realizes his entire body is blue and swelling. He inflates until he pops."
TAGS: " Wonka BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation MaleInflation Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Popping Richard SkinColorChange tmc1235"

I am Bluetiful Blueberry Now
"Ela ordered a new blue jumpsuit. After trying it on she feels amazing and starts getting blue hearts on her and more and more turned on. She loves how the transformation looks and feels."
TAGS: " ElaDarling Wonka SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation BeltPop SkinColorChange Ela Pornstar Blueberry tmc1243"

Blueberry Juice Filled Breasts to Blueberry Terror
"Vicki is studying eating blueberries when she starts to get blue spots and grows giant juice filled blue breasts. She is terrified. She is scared when her full body fills with juice and she turns into a blueberry and blows up. Tiny girl sunk in bb suit."
TAGS: " Wonka Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation SuitInflation Blueberry BreastExpansion BreastInflation BlueberryInflation BeltPop Vicki VickiLee tmc1246"

POV: I Am Too Full Of Juice For You To Cum In My Mouth
"Your girlfriend Kimmy turns into a blueberry while you jack off to her. She gets really full of juice and wants to be juiced. You ask her to open her mouth to cum in her mouth and she is terrified. She knows any more fluid and she just might blow up."
TAGS: " KimmyLee Kimmy Asian MasturbationInstruction Pornstar BubbleGum Bubbles POV Blueberry Wonka Expansion BlueberryInflation BeltPop Inflation Expansion tmc1258"

Webcam Transformation: Blueberry
"Carmen is webcamming when you come into room and turn her blue then into a blueberry. You log off and she is scared. You come back on and she begs you to come juice her
TAGS: " CarmenValentina Carmen Pornstar Blueberry Inflation Expansion Wonka BlueberryInflation tmc1269"

Fashion CEO Turned Blueberry
"Karen owns a fashion company and is sent a new latex fashion. She tries it on and it inflates and she turns into a BB. She is furious when she realizes a competitor sent it and she gets stuck in doorway leaving for revenge."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Karen Blonde Mature Wonka BlueberryInflation Expansion Inflation SuitInflation Pornstar Blueberry tmc1278"

Tortured by a Leprechaun
"Jaylyn is taunted and tortured by Leprechaun. The Leprechaun grows her breasts
TAGS: " Jaylyn Transformation Talulah BreastExpansion BreastInflation SuitInflation ButtInflation Inflation Expansion Wonka BlueberryInflation Bubbles Blueberry Leprechaun AssExpansion tmc1280"

Becoming a Delta Blueberry Task
"In order to become a `Delta` each pledge must chew the magic Blueberry gum and be juiced by the sorority. It is Pledge Janera`s turn and the girls flake so Crystal is left to juice her alone."
TAGS: " Janera Crystal Blueberry CrystalClark Pornstar Expansion BlueberryInflation BeltPop Inflation SuitInflation Wonka tmc1282"

POV: Mika`s Blueberry Games
"Mika wants to have some fun with you and blueberry gum."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika Bubbles Asian BubbleGum Wonka BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Pornstar POV Mature Blueberry tmc1292"

The Blueberry Virus
"Bunny calls out of school because of a blue rash on her hands and feet. As she waits in doctors office with the nurse she turns into a large human blueberry."
TAGS: " Wonka SuitInflation Inflation HairColorChange Expansion BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation BunnyDeLaCruz Bunny LucyStardust Lucy SkinColorChange tmc1301"

Kitty Berry
"Sinn Arrives to work to find a package with a beautiful collar with a bell. She puts it on and the transformation begins. At first she is totally turned on by the entire process until she realizes she is drowning in blueberry juice."
TAGS: " SinnSage HairColorChange BlueberryInflation SkinColorChange Inflation NylonDestruction Pornstar Blueberry Wonka SuitInflation Transformation AnimalTransformation Cat Expansion Magic BreastInflation BreastExpansion tmc1326"

Cheerleader Blueberry Virus
"Sandra is sent home from school for a blue rash. She goes to bed and grows a big blue belly. The virus spreads and she becomes a blueberry. She is scared and calls friend to help her. Friend is scared to touch and she begins to drown in blueberry juice."
TAGS: " Sandra Pregnant OutGrown BellyInflation Preggo BellyExpansion Expansion Inflation BlueBerryInflation Wonka Blueberry tmc1335"

Blueberry Transformation Gloves
"Taylor gets new blue rubber gloves that stick to her hands. As she tries to remove them she starts to turn blue and smell juice. Her belly fills with fluid then she turns into a giant blueberry stuck in corner of kitchen growing until bursting."
TAGS: " TaylorBanks Taylor BlueberryInflation BellyInflation BellyExpansion Inflation Expansion Blueberry Wonka tmc1338"

I am So Fat and Round I Will Never Hula Hoop Again
"It`s the night before a big Hula Hoop competition when Kitty finds her hoop has turned blue. She tries it and starts turning blue where it touches her body. She gets a large juice filled belly until she turns into a giant juice filled blueberry then pops."
TAGS: " KittyClark Kitty Tattoos Piercings Blueberry Wonka BellyInflation BellyExpansion BlueberryInflation FluidInflation SuitInflation Inflation Expansion tmc1349"

Big Blue and Blown Up In The Doorway
"Rexy eats tainted blueberries and gets a layer of fluid across her breasts and belly that keeps growing as she begins to turn blue. She grows into a giant BB desperate to survive. She tries with all her strength to squeeze thru the doorway but pops."
TAGS: " Rexi Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Wonka Popping tmc1352"

A Terrifying Transformation with and Explosive Ending
"Cienna purchases a mirror from an estate sale. As she looks at herself she begins the terrifying process. First blue skin spots
TAGS: " Cienna Blueberry HairColorChange Transformation Popping BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion Wonka SuitInflation tmc1356"

Blueberry Obsessed Oompa Loompa and Her Blueberry Machine
"Lola is an Oompa Loompa that can`t get enough blueberry girls. She created a machine to make them. Hollie is a scared
TAGS: " HollieMack Lola Hollie Blueberry BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Wonka OompaLoompa ForcedInflation tmc1358"

A Big Blueberry Blow Up Nightmare
"Ivy has a nightmare she becomes a giant blueberry and busts out of her clothes then explodes. This is an on screen type explosion. Ivy is amazing in this!!!"
TAGS: " Ivy Blueberry Inflation ClothesDestruction Popping Expansion BlueberryInflation SuitExpansion Wonka tmc1360"

A Bartenders Blueberry Revenge
"Chloe goes into bar with no ID as she is 19. The bartender will only serve her a glass of water and a piece of gum and leaves
TAGS: " Chloe ChloeCarter Young Pornstar Lucy LucyStardust Blueberry BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Wonka tmc1362"

Fear to Pleasure to Pop
"Harley`s ex boyfriend gave her tainted bubblegum which they both devour. Lucys belly fills with fluid and Harleys breasts turn to fluid and they turn into blueberries. First they are scared then turns to pleasure and they explode. Mild camera issue"
TAGS: " Harley Lucy Blueberry Bubbles Wonka BlueberryInflation Expansion BubbleGum Popping Inflation LucyStardust SuitInflation tmc1364"

Scared and Excited at The Same Time: A Blueberry Transformation
"Pistol gets tainted energy drink from competitive friend. He is both scared and a bit excited by the transformation into a blueberry. He begins to drown and begs to be juiced."
TAGS: " Blueberry Wonka Transformation BlueberryInflation SuitInflation Pistol BellyExpansion Inflation Expansion MaleInflation BellyInflation FluidInflation tmc1366"

Blueberry Terror at the Candy Factory
"Lucid and her Mother go to candy factory and Lucid chews gum she is not supposed to chew. Wonka tells her to spit it out and she refuses. She turns into BB. Her mother is furious and she is terrified. At end they begin to roll her to the juicing room."
TAGS: " Lucid Dita DitaDay Young LucyStardust Lucy Blueberry BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BubbleGum Bubbles Wonka tmc1370"

Not Ready For Human Consumption
"Mr K answers an ad on CraigsList from Mr Wonka to test out experimental gum. He shows up at his home and helps himself to the wrong gum and turns into a blueberry. Mr Wonka lets him know he must be juiced while Mr K freaks and fills with juice."
TAGS: " Blueberry MrK Jason BubbleGum BlueberryInflation Transformation SuitInflation Inflation Expansion MaleInflation Wonka Jason tmc1376"

His Blueberry Ordeal
"Jason has been having major anxiety about a phone interview so orders a relaxation drink and suit. Right before the important meeting he begins to turn blue and inflate and ultimately turns into a giant blueberry. Explosive ending."
TAGS: " MaleInflation Blueberry Wonka SuitInflation Jason Expansion Inflation Transformation BlueberryInflation tmc1379"

Spell Drunken Blueberry Transformation/Explosion
"Katya`s witch friend wants her man and turns her into a large juicy blueberry. Each step of the spell is realized as she fills with juice her belt buttons burst and finally she overfills with juice and explodes in a puddle of juice and blue skin."
TAGS: " Katya KatyaKane Talulah Transformation Magic BeltPop Popping Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Blueberry BlueberryInflation Wonka Burp Burping tmc1387"

School Girls Blueberry Transformation and Explosion
"Crystal and Jenna are in detention. Crystal gives Jenna some gum that turns her into a giant blueberry. Jenna is scared as Crystal teases her in all kinds of ways. When Crystal realizes Jenna is going to blow up she leaves. Great explosion."
TAGS: " JennaRoss Jenna Crystal CrystalClark Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Redhead Pornstar Blueberry Wonka Popping tmc1393"

Fatty McBanks Gets Her Blueberry Revenge On the Head Cheerleader
"Talulah goes back to her hometown to get revenge on the girls who made fun of her for being fat in school. She`s now a scientist/doctor with a formula to inflate and make them explode. She tortures Sofie humiliating her and turning her to BB till pop"
TAGS: " Blueberry SofieSinclair Sofie Inflation Expansion BlueberryInflation SuitInflation Transformation Blonde Talulah PuffyCheeks Wonka Revenge Popping tmc1408"