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Clips featuring breastdeflation in the store...

"Caroline Pierce is pretty fucking tired of having to wear the most tacky
TAGS: " Caroline CarolinePierce Growth Gts Angry Topless Busting NylonDamage ButtonPopping BreastExpansion Expansion BreastDeflation tmc155"

BE Spell Gone Bad
"Irma casts spell to grow breasts when things change. Her breasts deflate and she quickly turns into a rat type creature."
TAGS: " BreastExpansion BreastDeflation Young EarGrowth BreastInflation TailGrowth Inflation Expansion Irma AnimalTransformation Witch Transformation tmc1126"

The Pink Ring
"A ring is left on Kitty`s desk at work. She brings it home tries it on and grows extremely tall. After busting through her shoes
TAGS: " KittyClark Kitty BreastInflation Transformation ClothesDestruction Inflation Expansion BreastExpansion BreastDeflation TattoosPiercings Growth ShoeDestruction GTS Giantess NylonDestruction tmc1380"