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Clips featuring breastsmother in the store...

Hooker`s Surprise Humiliation
"Here`s a guy who finally had the balls to get a hooker. He is hoping for just a standard `Half & Half` but instead she slowly begins to dominate him. He worships her ass and feet and then gets titsmothered and she spits in his mouth and and slaps him."
TAGS: " Cfnm Smothering Mistress NaturalBreasts Pantyhose-Stockings Slapping Spitting AssWorship FootWorship FootHumiliation Spit Taylor Humiliation BreastSmother fd027"

Phat Ass Face Smother
" Bunny uses her big perfect ass and amazing natural breasts to smother out a loser."
TAGS: " Pornstar BreastSmother Pantyhose-Stockings Young Humiliation GirlyDommes Bunny Smothering NaturalBreasts Blonde Facesitting fd047"

Big Ass Punishment
"She catches him sleeping with his feet on the couch and uses his head as a cushion for her perfect giant ass. Between his gasps for air this goddess smothers him with her exquisite ass and breasts and feet."
TAGS: " Bunny Pornstar BreastSmother Feet Pantyhose-Stockings Humiliation NaturalBreasts Young Blonde Smothering FaceSitting FootSmothering GirlyDommes fd048"

Right Up In Your Face Giant Tit Smother
"Kore Goddess smothers you unconscious with her giant natural tits. Clip time 3:46"
TAGS: " KoreGoddess Mature Kore BreastSmother POV NaturalBreasts Humiliation POVHumiliation Smothering fd080"

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"Mistress Taylor in her second attempt to smother a man until rendering him UNCONSCIENCE! This clip is substancially hotter than the first one. Taylor here is incredibly sexy and determined for she is absolutely not going to fail."
TAGS: " Taylor Pantyhose-Stockings FaceSitting NaturalBreasts Sienna OliviaSaint Olivia Smothering BreastSmother Humiliation Pornstar Mistress fd099"

Humiliation Leads to Heavy Breast Smothering
"Mistress Taylor walks in right in the middle of a session. She immediately breaks it up only to show him what in really like as he soon is buried under the amazing size and weight of her unbelievably huge natural breasts."
TAGS: " Smothering Slapping Taylor Humiliation Mistress NaturalBreasts BreastSmother fd110"

Giant Tit Crush
"Goddess Bunny smothers the tiny man between her massive breasts."
TAGS: " Giantess Humiliation Bunny BreastSmother Crushing Smothering NaturalBreasts Young GirlyDommes Pornstar Blonde fd120"

Smother and Dance
"Mistress Taylor smothers her slave then sits back with her friend and makes him dance for their amusement."
TAGS: " Taylor BreastSmother MistressKelly Smothering Humiliation Kelly FaceSitting Mistress Mature Pantyhose-Stockings fd126"

Heavy Natural Breast Pantyhose Covered Head Smothering
"All heavy natural breast smothering with a slaves head stuffed in pantyhose."
TAGS: " Humiliation Smothering BreastSmother Mistress NaturalBreasts Taylor fd142"

Tickle Torturing Her Slave PART 2
"Mistress Taylor has bound her slave and desires to torture him. She begins to tickle him with her feet. He really freaks so she applies more torture by going all out with her hands and feet and she tickles him while smothering him too!"
TAGS: " Smothering BreastSmother Tickling Tickle Taylor Bound Mistress NaturalBreasts fd156"

The Queen of Facesitting Returns!
"Yes and its Taylor in a great pure facesitting clip. This is as good as it gets!. Facesitting from the front and from the back and smothering with those fantastic tits!"
TAGS: " AssWorship Facesitting Smothering Taylor Mistress BreastSmother NaturalBreasts Humiliation fd163"

The Queen of Facesitting SMOTHERS HIM UNCONSCIENCE!?!
"This is the document of a true Facesitting Event that includes smothering and big natural breast smothering andpantyhose smothering and panty smothering and bare ass smothering & two girl smothering."
TAGS: " Taylor Pantyhose-Stockings FaceSitting NaturalBreasts Sienna OliviaSaint Olivia Smothering BreastSmother Humiliation Pornstar Mistress fd164"

Sarah Loves Smothering Pt.2
"Sarah continues her mad descent as she does heavy facesitting and tit smothering and slapping and encasement and HOM"
TAGS: " Smothering Mistress FaceSitting Blonde NaturalBreasts BreastSmother Slapping Taylor fd175"

Heavy Breast Smother
"Giant mistress smothers this tiny man with her massive natural breasts to the point of almost passing out."
TAGS: " Smothering Pantyhose-Stockings BreastSmother NaturalBreasts Mistress Taylor fd183"

Blond Ass Pussy and Breast Focus Smother
"Heidi is excellent. Most of the clip is shot Point of View. If you love smothering you will love Heidi."
TAGS: " Blonde BreastSmother Humiliation POVHumiliation FaceSitting GirlyDommes Pornstar POV Young Heidi HeidiMayne fd209"

"Leather glove HOM
TAGS: " Smothering AssWorship BreastSmother FaceSitting Georgia GeorgiaPeach Humiliation GirlyDommes Blonde Pornstar Young fd228"

Femdom Sex Series: I Don't Work For that Amount of Money You Do
"Heidi plays a street hooker who turns on her loser customer. Tons of heavy face sitting
TAGS: " AssWorship Heidi HeidiMayne Pornstar FootWorship Spitting Kissing Humiliation FaceSitting BreastSmother Smother Blonde CumEatingInstruction Hardcore fd239"

Femdom Sex Series: Teri Weigel: Hardcore Humiliation
"This clip is a combination of every man`s dream and every man`s worst nightmare. This clip contains Hardcore impotence humiliation while forcing him to worship her ass
TAGS: " Smothering FaceSitting AssWorship Hardcore Teri TeriWeigel Pornstar Humiliation Kissing Spitting Mature BreastSmother fd240"

Aryana Adin: Give Me Your Sperm and Get the Fuck Out
"Aryana invites an old friend over and seduces him. Once his cock is hard and he cannot resist her she turns and tells him she `just wants him for his sperm so she can get pregnant and that is it` Great creampie shot which she shows off."
TAGS: " AssWorship Oral-Blowjob FaceSitting BreastSmother Hardcore Interracial Creampie Smothering Aryana AryanaAdin Pornstar POV POVHumiliation Young GirlyDommes fd244"

Georgia`s Toilet Boy
"All toilet talk as Georgia teases her toilet boy."
TAGS: " Pornstar BreastSmother Blonde Georgia GeorgiaPeach Young GirlyDommes Humiliation AssWorship FaceSitting Smothering Smother ToiletTalk fd246"

POV Tease Series: Sammie Spades
"This is the first of a special request custom video series where the guy in the video does what each girl says while she is teasing and talking to you. Up close kissing
TAGS: " AssWorship BreastSmother Pornstar Sammie SammieSpades Pantyhose-Stockings POV Blonde Oral-Blowjob FaceSitting Young GirlyDommes Kissing Spitting fd250"

In Your Face Up Close Giant Tit Smother
"Sara Jay is one of the hottest giant breast pornstars ever. In this mainly POV clip she smothers you up close in an attempt to take all your air and make you pass out. Amazing Dialogue- A must have for any breast smothering fan."
TAGS: " Smothering Smother Mature Pornstar Sara SaraJay POV Humiliation POVHumiliation BreastSmother fd292"

Julie: Up Close Breast Smother
"All up close breast smothering with Julie."
TAGS: " BreastSmother Smother Smothering Humiliation POVHumiliation Julie JulieCash Blonde Young GirlyDommes Pornstar POV fd306"

Stalker turned Sweater Slave
"Kimberly is trying on sweaters when she notices a man with a camera spying into her bedroom. She ignores him but gets dressed and slips outside and forces him in her home. She takes photos and threatens him then leaves him alone."
TAGS: " Humiliation Smother BreastSmother Intimidation Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Pantyhose-Stockings SweaterFetish Mature fd330"

Taking away His Power: Smothering and Blackmail
"Karen Fisher and Joslyn James take over the bosses life. All smothering/face sitting. HOM
TAGS: " Smothering Blonde Smother FaceSitting AssWorship Humiliation FootWorship Feet FootHumiliation Pornstar Mature Karen KarenFisher Joslyn JoslynJames BreastSmother fd368"

Clips featuring breastsmother in the store...

Amazon Alura and her Creepy Ex
"Alura is fed up with her little boyfriend`s extremely rude behavior and decides to dump him. Leg Scissors
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying PowerfulWomen StrongWomen CradleCarry LiftandCarry Amazon Alura AluraJenson Smothering Smother FaceSitting DisplayofStrength Intimidation LegScissors NeckLift Humiliation TallWomen FitWomen BreastSmother ab271"

Amazon Step Sister Lift and Carry Vacation
"Hot amazon model is on vacation with her 18 year old stepbrother. While her parents are out she shares her fantasy with him. Lift and Carry
TAGS: " TallWomen LegScissors BreastSmother Amazon BearHug Carrying Lifting LiftandCarry SizeComparison Kissing LapSitting Firemans PiggyBack Oral-Blowjob LegLifting/Pressing Cradled CradleCarry FrontPiggyBack PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Tara TaraLynnFoxx ab282"