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Feed Us
"They want to get fat and be all yours."
TAGS: " WeightGainTease WGT BellyFetish Pornstar Mature Caroline CarolinePierce Olivia OliviaRose Bridget BridgetMichaels tmc434"

White Ball BE
"Bridget can`t believe her luck after sinking the white ball every ball after makes her boobs grow. The only problem is they immediately deflate. She can`t stop the game and they finally don`t deflate but her ass inflates (ass expansion very quick)"
TAGS: " BridgetMichaels Expansion ButtInflation AE Bridget Brunette BE AssExpansion BreastExpansion Inflation Pornstar tmc436"

I Will Go To The Gym Tomorrow
"Bridget comes home from work to relax
TAGS: " BridgetMichaels Eating Bridget BellyInflation Brunette Burp Inflation ButtonPopping Overeating Facestuffing Burping Pornstar tmc438"

She Loves to Stuff
"Bridget chowed down several white castle burgers
TAGS: " Burping FaceStuffing Brunette BellyStuffing Eating OverEating WeightGain Bridget BridgetMichaels Drinking BellyFetish tmc445"

Home Alone
"Bridget is at home alone. She`s very bored and equally drunk. She remembers she has a little bit of that magic tar left so she decides to fire it up. NEW HUGE PROP! BUCKETS OF CUM! COOL PROCESS!"
TAGS: " Futanari Futa PenisExpansion Process Expansion DickGrowth Futagirl Bridget BridgetMichaels tmc449"

Clips featuring bridgetmichaels in the store...

This is The Last Time You are Going to Climb a Tree Like Me
"Bridget got set up on a bind date and did not like the guy. She teases him for his size carries him around a bit and gives him a handjob reminding him this is the last time he will get this lucky in life."
TAGS: " LapSitting StrongWomen PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob CradleCarry Cradled TallWomen Bridget BridgetMichaels ab219"