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POV: Magic Ass Expanding Pantyhose
"You are about to go on a date when you girlfriend Carmen pulls out a surprise. She has a magic pair of pantyhose that give her your dream ass. She wants you to jack off for her before dinner and try out her new ass when you get home."
TAGS: " AssExpansion POV Carmen Pornstar Pantyhose-Stockings ButtInflation Expansion MasturbationInstruction CarmenValentina Inflation tmc1230"

Big Belly Halloween Helium Nightmare
"Carmen is getting ready for Halloween party blowing up balloons when some helium sprays on her. Her worst nightmare comes true when her belly grows giant and overwhelms her body until she explodes."
TAGS: " CarmenValentina BellyExpansion Balloons Helium BellyInflation Expansion Popping Carmen Pornstar Inflation tmc1231"

BE Hardcore Interactive: Carmen Valentina
"Carmen wants big breasts and she wants you to help her. The harder your cock gets the more excited she gets and the bigger her breasts get. So she gives you a handjob to really make them grow."
TAGS: " BEinteractive BreastExpansion Tease Expansion POV Breast FluidInflation BreastInflation MasturbationInstruction Inflation Nudity Pornstar CarmenValentina HandJob Carmen tmc1233"

Sauna Suit Gone Wrong
"Carmen orders a sauna suit to get rid of extra water weight before a big photo shoot. She sleeps in sauna and Instead of making her lose water weight she retains it and becomes a giant blubbery fluid filled terrified model unable to exit the sauna"
TAGS: " FluidInflation SuitInflation Expansion Pornstar FullBodyInflation Inflation CarmenValentina Carmen BeltPop tmc1267"

Webcam Transformation: Blueberry
"Carmen is webcamming when you come into room and turn her blue then into a blueberry. You log off and she is scared. You come back on and she begs you to come juice her
TAGS: " CarmenValentina Carmen Pornstar Blueberry Inflation Expansion Wonka BlueberryInflation tmc1269"