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Clips featuring carrying in the store...

The Round Belly Amazon Girl and the Head Cheerleader
"Helena brings the head cheerleader flowers and tries to get her to let her on the team. Beula laughs at her and makes fun of her big belly and size. She pokes her belly
TAGS: " BellyFetish Helena Cheerleader Humiliation HelenaStrong Fat Beula Lifting Carrying tmc615"

Hulked Out Lift and Carry Handjob with Strapon
"Alexa has date with a guy who is several hours late. She becomes furious with the rude bartender busts through her clothes and transforms into a hulking angry woman. When her date arrives she carries him
TAGS: " TransformationFantasy Cfnm Transformation SheHulk NylonRipping NylonDamage ShoeDestruction ClothesDestruction Handjob StrapOn Humiliation Lifting Carrying Alexa AlexaNight tmc956"

Clips featuring carrying in the store...

"Unbelievably sexy Taylor finds herself navel to face with her nemesis. She slaps him down to the ground with that bear paw of a hand and then lifts him back up by his belt! She smothers him with just one breast and it almost covers his entire head! GREAT!"
TAGS: " Amazon StrongWomen Taylor MistressTaylor TallWomen DisplayOfStrength Smothering LiftingHumiliation BeatDown SizeComparison Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts LiftingHumiliation Wrestling Lifting Carrying ab002"

AMAZON TAYLOR and the Job Applicant
"Taylor has a security gaurd job open in her company and she takes the first applicant through a humilating show of physical superiority! GREAT SEXY CLIP JUST LOOK AT THE PHOTO GALLERY!"
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting Carrying Taylor MistressTaylor DisplayOfStrength SizeComparison StrengthComparison LiftingHumiliation NaturalBreasts Intimidation SmallGuyHumiliation Humiliation PowerfulWomen TallWomen AmazonTaylor BigBreasts LiftandCarry ab003"

Baby Boy Cradle Carry
"Mistress Taylor brings this slave baby to work and carries him around cradle style."
TAGS: " StrongWomen Amazon AmazonTaylor DisplayOfStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Taylor MistressTaylor TallWomen BustyAmazons BigBreasts NaturalBreasts PowerfulWomen LapSitting CradleCarry Cradled ab005"

Taylor`s Topless Lift & Carry Variety Clip
"Taylor hits a groove as she shows a variety of lift and carries while topless. ONE OF HER MOST POPULAR CLIPS BY FAR!!!"
TAGS: " AmazonTaylor DisplayOfStrength Lifting Carrying StrongWomen CradleCarry LiftandCarry Wrestling MistressTaylor BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen NaturalBreasts BigBreasts TallWomen Amazon OverTheShoulder Taylor ab006"

Lift & Carry Foreplay
"Maya`s boyfriend wants to get romantic with her and to be lifted and carried. Maya enjoys the lifting too so she goes right to it as she does three sexy lifts and then sits him on her lap and begins to undress and stroke him..."
TAGS: " Maya MayaHills DisplayOfStrength Lifting Carrying OverTheShoulder Cradled StrongWomen LiftandCarry LapSitting PiggyBack FitWomen ab008"

Hungry Large Breasted Woman Beats Down Delivery Boy
"Kayla decides to harass the pizza delivery guy by challenging him to wrestling and arm wrestling for his tip. The next 10 minutes are a blur for pizza delivery guy as she thrashes him around the room. Wrestling/Amazons/Size Comparison/L&C"
TAGS: " BeatDown Amazon Competition KaylaQuinn Carrying DisplayofStrength Kayla Wrestling KaylaKam StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting ArmWrestling Humiliation BustyAmazons StrengthComparison TallWomen SizeComparison ab009"

Taylor`s Bareass Lift & Carry Evening Stroll
"Taylor carries her man around the apartment complex in a very short nightie. She has several different carries and she opens doors along the way."
TAGS: " AmazonTaylor PowerfulWomen Powerful Taylor MistressTaylor StrongWomen BustyAmazons LiftandCarry PiggyBack PowerfulWomen NaturalBreasts OverTheShoulder BigBreasts TallWomen CradleCarry Lifting Carrying ab010"

Lift Carry & Threaten to Throw Off the Balcony
"Taylor is moving furniture and HE says he will move it. `You don`t think I can move it?` she yells as she proves her strength by lifting him up and out on the deck so he can see the view. She makes him yell `You are Stronger` as she stands on him."
TAGS: " Taylor StrongWomen Lifting Carrying Humiliation LiftingHumiliation MistressTaylor PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts TallWomen LiftandCarry StrengthComparison CradleCarry Firemans DisplayofStrength Trampling ab011"

Taylor`s Lift & Carry Evening Stroll
"Taylor takes an evening stroll through her neighborhood and shows off her piggyback and cradle lift and carry techniques."
TAGS: " Taylor Powerful Lifting Carrying StrongWomen AmazonTaylor DisplayOfStrength MistressTaylor BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen NaturalBreasts BigBreasts TallWomen LiftandCarry PiggyBack CradleCarry ab012"

Kayla Karries Krass Kat Kalling Kulprit
"After a cat call from a guy Kayla decides to take him for a walk and she lifts him 5-6 different ways. The whole clip is her lifting and walking up stairs and around the complex."
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting Carrying Powerful PowerfulWomen KaylaQuinn Kayla KaylaKam BustyAmazons StrongWomen TallWomen FitWomen LiftandCarry CradleCarry PiggyBack Firemans OverTheShoulder ab014"

Sexy Maya & The Maytag Man
"Maya in a terrifically sexy Lift and Carry strength comparison clip. Except when she pauses to kick his ass in armwrestling this clip is all Lift & Carry with a variety of different lifts. Great clip."
TAGS: " Maya MayaHills LiftingHumiliation StrengthComparison Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Competition Wrestling Fitwomen ArmWrestling StrongWomen Humiliation ab015"

Lift Carry Big Bouncing Naked Titties Amazon Wrestle...
"Playful but very competitive mood this couple has a definite `better half`. She`s better at wrestling and better at lifting at least and she shows it in this clip. She works up a sweat and reveals her big beautiful breasts early on in this clip."
TAGS: " Kayla DisplayOfStrength Lifting Carrying KaylaKam KaylaQuinn BustyAmazons PiggyBack Smothering StrongWomen FitWomen TallWomen Wrestling LiftandCarry Firemans CradleCarry SizeComparison StrengthComparison Competition ab016"

Piggyback Stroll
"Kayla could not reach the grapes so she scoops Dow up onto her back to get reach them. The sexual tension jolts through the thick humid summer air as they then go for a quick stroll with Dow riding on her back."
TAGS: " Amazon Powerful PowerfulWomen Lifting Carrying Kayla DisplayOfStrength KaylaQuinn KaylaKam BustyAmazons StrongWomen TallWomen Utilitarian FitWomen PiggyBack LiftandCarry ab017"

Amazon Mom
"Goddess Veronica answers the door and its the father of a boy she beat up and they start yelling at each other until AMAZON MOM takes control. This is Mistress Taylor at her absolute SEXIEST! Includes size comparison tit smothering F/F F/M lift and carry."
TAGS: " Taylor LIfting Carrying AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor Veronica Handjob VeronicaJett FitWomen AmazonMom BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen Powerful BigBreasts NaturalBreasts LiftandCarry CradleCarry DisplayOfStrength ForcedCarry Humiliation ab023"

Amazon Mom Meets the Boyfriend
"Mistress Taylor stars again as Amazon Mom as she walks in on her daughter and her boyfriend and she becomes the most embarrassing Mom EVER! This clip has terrific double lapsitting several different lifts and aerial handjob!"
TAGS: " Taylor LIfting Carrying AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor Veronica Handjob VeronicaJett FitWomen AmazonMom BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen Powerful BigBreasts NaturalBreasts LiftandCarry Lapsitting DisplayOfStrength ForcedCarry Humiliation ab024"

Taylor Hoists Her Tool
"Mistress Taylor has a few odd jobs to do. Luckily there is a man taking up space that can finally be put to good use."
TAGS: " Amazon TallWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Taylor AmazonTaylor LiftandCarry NaturalBreasts BigBreasts BustyAmazons Utilitarian ShoulderRiding Lifting Carrying MistressTaylor ab026"

Smokin` Lift & Carry Amazon Bitches
"Taylor is hanging out at her house and chatting with her friend Kimberly on the phone and smoking a small black cigar and shoulder riding a small man about the room. Kimberly drops by and takes her turn smoking and carrying."
TAGS: " Taylor Amazon DisplayofStrength Kimberly Powerful Carrying TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons NaturalBreasts BigBreasts ShoulderRiding Lifting AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor ab029"

Kimberly`s Cradle Carry Debut
"Kimberly shows off her lifting and carrying ability by cradle carrying and then piggybacking a guy straight through this 3m 40s clip."
TAGS: " Kimberly Cradled Powerful PowerfulWomen StrongWomen CradleCarry Piggyback LiftAndCarry Lifting Carrying DisplayofStrength ab031"

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Amazon Strength Superiority
"Kimberly can`t get the little man to admit women are stronger than men so she beats him at arm wrestling and lifts him up and carries him around the room and and finally tickles him to get him to admit it."
TAGS: " Kimberly LiftingHumiliation FrontPiggyBack Powerful DisplayofStrength Amazon StrongWomen LiftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation PowerfulWomen Piggyback ArmWrestling Lifting Carrying Competition StrengthComparison ab033"

Lift & Carry Bearhug Kidnapping(Divx Version)
"Taylor surprises Simon and a neighbor and and bearhugs him lifting him off the ground and she takes him inside and proceeds to terrorize & humiliate him by lifting him and squeezing him in bearhugs. She then titsmothers him until he passes out."
TAGS: " LiftandCarry LiftingHumiliation Powerful StrongWomen TallWomen AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor Amazon DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons Bearhug Piggyback Humiliation NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Taylor Intimidation Smothering Lifting Carrying ab034"

I Shall Call You LIFTED!
"Taylor does not appreciate a joke he made about `girl situps` so she tosses him around and shows him real `girl pullups and `girl situps`. Then she decides to brand him with a new name. She will call him LIFTED!"
TAGS: " StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Powerful Carrying AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor Lifting Taylor LiftingHumiliation Humiliation BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen NaturalBreasts BigBreasts LegLifting/Pressing ab042"

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Taylor & Veronica`s L&C T&D Handjob:LAPSITTING EDITION
"Mistress Taylor and Goddess Veronica Tag Team Lift & Carry Tease and Denial Handjob. This is the Lift & Carry/Lapsitting version."
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor CradleCarry Veronica Lifting Carrying FitWomen TallWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons VeronicaJett Hardcore Smothering ForcedCarry Lapsitting PiggyBack BearHug NaturalBreasts BigBreasts LiftandCarry Handjob StrongWomen ab044"

Amazon Mom`s Lift & Carry Cooking
"Amazon Mom lifts and carries Lil`Matty as she prepares dinner. This clip features front and side and piggyback lifts for almost the entire running time."
TAGS: " AmazonMom Powerful Cradled Amazon TallWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons Taylor LiftandCarry NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Piggyback Utilitarian CradleCarry Lifting Carrying MistressTaylor AmazonTaylor ab046"

"Maya and Taylor are hanging out with a friend when things get a little cozy & they begin to paw each other. Taylor LIFTS HIM UP ON HER SHOULDERS! Almost ALL lifting in this clip from Taylor & Maya."
TAGS: " Taylor Maya Amazon MayaHills BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen Powerful StrongWomen TallWomen FitWomen Lapsitting Lifting Carrying AmazonTaylor MistressTaylor Piggyback ShoulderRiding Bearhug NaturalBreasts BigBreasts LiftandCarry ab047"

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Over The Shoulder Stroll
"Kimberly tosses a guy over her shoulder and does a few laps around the yard without breaking a sweat. She is pretty damn strong."
TAGS: " Kimberly Carrying DisplayofStrength Powerful PowerfulWomen StrongWomen OverTheShoulder Lifting ab049"

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Lifting the Bitchboy
"Kimberly and Laura carry and throw the little man around and laugh at his size."
TAGS: " Kimberly LiftingHumiliation Laura DisplayofStrength SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation OverTheShoulder Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Humiliation PiggyBack PowerfulWomen Powerful StrongWomen SizeComparison CradleCarry ab050"

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Man Lifting Contest
"After the tiny man lied in an ad and said he was 6 foot tall and Kimberly and Laura decide to have a man-lifting contest and show him how tiny he really is."
TAGS: " Humiliation LiftingHumiliation ForcedCarry DisplayofStrength Cradled Powerful Laura Kimberly Lifting Carrying StrongWomen PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Competition Piggyback OverTheShoulder CradleCarry SizeComparison ab051"

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Amazon Lifting & Size Comparison
"Katrina is brand new to Taylormadeclips and in her first clip she does some lifting and carrying for the first half and then does some size comparison with her close to 7 foot frame!"
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting StrongWomen Cradled Katrina KatrinaStarr TallWomen CradleCarry PiggyBack SizeComparison FrontPiggyBack Carrying DisplayofStrength LiftandCarry Powerful PowerfulWomen ab055"

Lift Carry Go Out and Have Fun
"Taylor is getting ready to go out with her best friend Elle but Elle twists her ankle in a rush to get dressed. Taylor lifts and carries her to another room where she takes off her shoes and checks her ankle."
TAGS: " LiftAndCarry StrongWomen Taylor MistressElle Elle CradleCarry BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen NaturalBreasts BigBreasts DisplayOfStrength MistressTaylor Lifting Carrying TallWomen ab064"

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Burglar Lifted and Carried Right To Jail
"Heidi surprises a burglar trying to break in her house so she lifts him in the air so he can`t escape and then calmly calls the police. While lifting the helpless man she verbally humiliates him."
TAGS: " Amazon Carrying DisplayofStrength FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen StrongWomen SmallGuyHumiliation HeidiMayne LiftingHumiliation Intimidation ForcedCarry Lifting LiftandCarry BearHug Humiliation Wrestling Heidi ab069"

Amazon Heidi`s Lift & Carry Lapsitting Handjob
"Amazon Heidi cradle carries and piggybacks and lapsits and sweetly jerks off her guy in this terrific clip. Good and sexy talk about her strength & power throughout. Some Muscle worship too! GREAT CLIP!"
TAGS: " Heidi HeidiMayne FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen Lifting LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Carrying Handjob Cradled Lapsitting CradleCarry Piggyback Amazon ab070"

Teamwork Shoulder Carry
"Heidi`s little boyfriend could not reach the fire alarm to put in a new battery so Heidi throws him on her shoulder and hoists him up to change the battery. He had the wrong battery so she carries him to the other room and back."
TAGS: " Amazon SizeComparison Powerful ShoulderRiding StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength Utilitarian Heidi HeidiMayne Lifting Carrying FitWomen LiftandCarry ab071"

Taylor & Heidi 2 Clip Lift & Carry Special
"A zip contaning BOTH `Learning to Fly` AND `Teamwork Shoulder Carry` at ONE LOW PRICE! Heidi does shoulder carrying and Taylor does some human male leg presses!"
TAGS: " Taylor StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen MistressTaylor NaturalBreasts LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength Utilitarian Heidi HeidiMayne Lifting Carrying LegLifting/Pressing ab073"

Heidi Proves Her Strength
"Heidi`s friend tries to jump in when she tries to move a table saying she is not `strong enough`. She proves him wrong with a cradle carry and other lifts as eventually he is impressed by her strength."
TAGS: " Heidi HeidiMayne LiftandCarry Powerful StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Lifting Carrying LiftingHumiliation ab075"

Heidi 2 Clip ArmWrestle/Lift and Carry Special
"A zip containing both `Two out of Three` and `Heidi Proves Her Strength ` at ONE LOW PRICE!"
TAGS: " Heidi HeidiMayne LiftandCarry Powerful StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Lifting Carrying LiftingHumiliation ArmWrestling ab076"

Amazon Daisy`s Lift & Carry Lapsitting Handjob
"Amazon Daisy is waiting forever for her pizza to arrive when it finally does she finds the small delivery man very attractive. She swipes him up puts him on her lap and gives him an amazing handjob. Very sexy clip lots of different lifts."
TAGS: " Daisy Handjob DaisyLayne Cradled FrontPiggyBack PowerfulWomen Powerful SizeComparison Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Lapsitting Amazon DisplayOfStrength CradleCarry PiggyBack OvertheShoulder TallWomen StrongWomen ab077"

Heidi 2 Clip Lift and Carry Special
"A zip containing both `You Want to Act Like a Child Then I will Treat You Like a Child` and `Mommy Kitchen Carry` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Heidi HeidiMayne Amazon LiftandCarry Lifting Carrying FrontPiggyBack PiggyBack CradleCarry DisplayOfStrength Humiliation LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Utilitarian ForcedCarry Cradled PowerfulWomen FitWomen ab079"

Heidi 2 Clip Public Lift & Carry Special
"A zip containing `School Girl Lapsit ` and `A Lift and Carry Trip to the Pump ` at ONE LOW PRICE!"
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen LapSitting Heidi HeidiMayne DisplayofStrength StrongWomen FitWomen Utilitarian Cradled ab082"

Caroline Pierce`s Lift and Carry Handjob
"Caroline humiliates Rick for being a small weak man. She decides to be nice and take care of him and sits him on her lap to give him a teasing handjob. She gets up several times throughout the handjob and lifts him until he cums in her hands."
TAGS: " CarolinePierce Caroline FrontPiggyBack FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen Lifting LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Carrying Handjob Cradled Lapsitting CradleCarry Piggyback SizeHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation Amazon ab083"

Lapsitting Size Humiliation Handjob
"Honey arrives home from college and finds the little man jacking off in his room. Late for a party she decides to throw him on her lap and jack him off. She teases him for his size and carries him around a little."
TAGS: " FrontPiggyBack FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen Lifting LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Carrying Handjob Cradled Lapsitting Piggyback SizeHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation Amazon Honey HoneyWhite ab084"

Climb Right There on Big Momma`s Lap Teasing Handjob
"Romantic teasing handjob with carrying
TAGS: " FrontPiggyBack Tawny TawnyOcean FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen Lifting LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Carrying Handjob Cradled Lapsitting Piggyback SizeComparison TallWomen Amazon ab086"

Deep Throat Lift and Carry
"This clip is a masterpiece. Moxi is an amazing goddess who`s displays of strength and skill are far beyond your wildest dreams."
TAGS: " Cradled CradleCarry PiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Moxxie MoxxieMaddron BigBreasts DisplayofStrength FitWomen FrontPiggyBack LapSitting OverTheShoulder Powerful PowerfulWomen ShoulderRiding HandJob Oral-Blowjob ab088"

Baby Boy Lift and Carry (Part 1)
"Baby boy gets carried into kitchen while mom cooks popcorn but finds out the popcorn is defective. Side and piggyback lifts."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying DisplayofStrength LiftandCarry Eris PiggyBack StrongWomen Utilitarian ThighRiding ab089"

Another Heidi 2 Clip Public Lift and Carry Special
"A zip file containing `A Lift to the Bank` and `Piggyback Trip to The Pharmacy` BOTH at ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Heidi HeidiMayne DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Amazon PowerfulWomen Utilitarian PiggyBack ab091"

Moxxie`s Multi Lift - Lift and Carry Handjob
"Amazonbitch Moxxie is back and this time with a much bigger/heavier guy. Lots of different lifts
TAGS: " DisplayofStrength FrontPiggyBack PiggyBack ShoulderRiding Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob OvertheShoulder StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ThighRiding BigBreasts LapSitting Cradled CradleCarry ab092"

I Love How Strong You Are
"Eris loves how powerful she feels carrying her man and he loves to be carried. This is a very romantic/passionate clip."
TAGS: " BearHug Eris Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry OvertheShoulder LapSitting Handjob Oral-Blowjob Cradled DisplayofStrength FrontPiggyBack StrongWomen ab093"

Lift and Carry Piggyback Brownie Bake
"Eris carries her baby boy into kitchen to bake brownies piggyback."
TAGS: " PiggyBack Eris StrongWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack Utilitarian ab094"

Heidi Size Comparison and Lapsitting 2 Clip Special
"A zip file containing both `Too Small To Date` and `Do you Always Climb on Strange Womens Laps?` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Amazon Heidi HeidiMayne Humiliation Lapsitting Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled Intimidation SizeHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation StrongWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength ab095"

Lift and Carry Humiliation Party
"Tons of Great lifts
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting LiftandCarry Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Caroline CarolinePierce Oral-Blowjob LapSitting Firemans CradleCarry DisplayOfStrength PiggyBack OverTheShoulder Humiliation ShoulderRiding StrengthComparison LiftingHumiliation FrontPiggyBack ab096"

Moxxie and Heidi 3 Clip Lift and Carry Special
"A zip file containing 2 Moxxie clips and 1 Heidi clip. `Amazing Shoulder Lift Switch` `Cradle Carry Love Affair` and `I Will Choke You Unconscious With These Muscular Legs`. AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Wrestling Moxxie Humiliation MoxxieMaddron Heidi HeidiMayne Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ShoulderRiding DisplayOfStrength SmallGuyHumiliation LiftingHumiliation StrongWomen FitWomen CradleCarry Cradled ab097"

Tamara 2 Clip Lift and Carry Special
"A zip file containing 2 Tamara clips `Lift and Carry Wedding` and `After School Carry` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Tamara Firemans CradleCarry Cradled PiggyBack DisplayofStrength StrongWomen ab098"

Moxxie and Eris 2 Clip Special
"A zip file containing these 2 clips "Fishermans Lift" and "Don't Let The Dog Get Me" AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " LapSitting Cradled FrontPiggyBack ShoulderRiding Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Eris Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry StrongWomen BigBreasts BearHug DisplayofStrength ab099"

Piggyback Play Time
"Piggyback carries on a playground."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Eris CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting PiggyBack StrongWomen ab100"

2 Smoking Lift and Carry Clips Special
"A zip file containing 2 clips `Shoulder Carry Smoke Break with Moxxie` and `Shoulder Carry Smoke Break` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting LiftandCarry Tamara Moxxie MoxxieMaddron ShoulderRiding DisplayofStrength StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen Powerful ab101"

Tamara and Eris Lift and Carry Special
"A zip file containing 2 clips `The Interview` and `Desert Ride` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting StrengthComparison PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Tamara Eris Piggyback CradleCarry DisplayofStrength StrongWomen FitWomen Humiliation ForcedCarry Cradled LiftingHumiliation Wrestling ab102"

Tamara and Eris 2 Clip Special
"A zip file containing 2 clips `Dumpster Lifts` and `Lifting Day at the Lake` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting LiftandCarry Tamara Eris PiggyBack LapSitting CradleCarry Cradled Firemans DisplayofStrength Humiliation LiftingHumiliation Intimidation StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab103"

L&C Vacation
"A zip file containing 3 clips. Parts 1-2-3 Tamara doing public Lifting and Carrying in Las Vegas."
TAGS: " Carrying Tamara PiggyBack Lifting LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled DisplayOfStrength ForcedCarry FitWomen LiftingHumiliation Humiliation FrontPiggyBack Utilitarian StrongWomen ab104"

Lift and Carry Loser Job Interview
"Moxxie has a job interview with a serious idiot. She humiliates him lifts him in cradle
TAGS: " LiftingHumiliation OvertheShoulder DisplayofStrength Firemans CradleCarry Cradled Oral-Blowjob FrontPiggyBack Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Piggyback Oral-Blowjob StrongWomen Humiliation Intimidation Carrying Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry ab105"

Cradle Carry Rescue Handjob
"Depressed and drunk Joe Buck lays down on the train tracks but soon he is lifted and cradle carried by a beautiful super heroine to a secluded back alley several miles away where she performs a heroic lapsitting handjob!"
TAGS: " Eris Superheroine DisplayofStrength Handjob Lapsitting NaturalBreasts CradleCarry Cradled StrongWomen Carrying Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry ab106"

A Peek Into the Life and Bedroom of this Lift and Carry
"Eris changes into a dress to go out and throws him over her shoulder and carries him to the door while things get carried away there they decide to stay home. She slips into some lingerie while he starts to cook her dinner leading to a HANDJOB"
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting LiftandCarry Eris Handjob Lapsitting CradleCarry Cradled Firemans PiggyBack DisplayofStrength NaturalBreasts ab107"

I Just LOVE Lifting up All My Little Men
"Miss Ryen holds lots of fake auditions to find little men for her amusement. This audition went very well she found the perfect man to cradle/piggyback carry all over the office who fit perfectly in her lap where she gave him a LS handjob."
TAGS: " PiggyBack Lifting NaturalBreasts DisplayOfStrength Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled CradleCarry Lapsitting Ryen RyenRyder Handjob StrongWomen ab108"

Debi`s Little L and C Date
"A great amazon lift and carry lap sitting handjob. Debi shows her amazing strength as she scoops him into a cradle
TAGS: " Firemans BearHug DisplayOfStrength Handjob Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled CradleCarry Lapsitting Debi DebiDiamond Amazon PiggyBack Lifting LegLifting/Pressing TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab109"

Aerial Oral Evening
"Moxxie and her man discover a new fun way to spend their Friday night. Lots of kissing
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting Breasts-Titjob Handjob PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Oral-Blowjob StrongWomen Moxxie MoxxieMaddron CradleCarry Cradled OvertheShoulder DisplayofStrength Lapsitting ShoulderRiding ab111"

A Revealing Date with Amazon Helena
"This was a first date and a night neither one of them will ever forget. They discovered a lot about themselves. Lots of lifts
TAGS: " BearHug Amazon PiggyBack DisplayofStrength Helena LapSitting SizeComparison Handjob StrongWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled CradleCarry PowerfulWomen Firemans ab112"

In the Air and On the Bed
"Moxxie displays her great strength and beauty in this hardcore lift sex video."
TAGS: " LegLifting/Pressing LapSitting Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Handjob Oral-Blowjob FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Hardcore Cradled CradleCarry ab116"

With That Dress on You Look Hot Enough To Lift... AND Carry!
"Moxxie didn`t see the words `costumes required` on the party invitation until they were about to walk out the door! SHE decides to sport his tux and HE slithers into her sexy evening gown. She twirls her man like a baton while blowing his!"
TAGS: " LapSitting Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Handjob Oral-Blowjob FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled Firemans BearHug CradleCarry ab117"

The Party
"Two Amazon stepsisters and their older yet smaller stepbrother
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong Ryen RyenRyder PiggyBack Firemens Handjob DisplayofStrength BearHug StrongWomen PowerfulWomen LapSitting Humiliation SizeComparison CradleCarry Cradled SmallGuyHumiliation ab118"

After School Lift and Carry
"Lots of lifts after school ending in a LS handjob. Moxxie is amazing as always!"
TAGS: " FrontPiggyBack LapSitting Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Handjob Oral-Blowjob FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled CradleCarry PiggyBack OvertheShoulder PowerfulWomen Powerful ab119"

Our Little Secret
"Moxxie shows Kade how strong she has become through weightlifting and he remembers something from his past that led to his new found love of lifting. Excellent lifting and handjob. Excellent Video!"
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Powerful FitWomen Moxxie MoxxieMaddron CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob OvertheShoulder PiggyBack Oral-Blowjob StrengthComparison StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength ab120"

Groovy Strong Lift and Carry Chick
"Great scene! Sydney and Sonny are hanging out partying lots of lifts
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying Firemans LiftandCarry Sydney SydneyCapri Oral-Blowjob Handjob PiggyBack LapSitting CradleCarry Cradled DisplayofStrength StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen ab121"

Secretary Lift and Carry Office Handjob
"Secretary gets tired of her boss`s spoiled son who keeps making demands to get him coffee and food. When she confronts him
TAGS: " LapSitting Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry KellyShibari Kelly BBW PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Handjob Humiliation Intimidation FrontPiggyBack LiftingHumiliation StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab122"

It is a Long Way Down But Worth The Climb
"Amanda and her pen pal in the navy have been writing for years and fall in love. When they finally meet
TAGS: " Cradled CradleCarry Lifting StrongWomen PowerfulWomen TallWomen DisplayofStrength Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda BBW Amazon AmazonAmanda ab123"

I Wear The Pants In This Family
"Sonny is not home on time to take care of chores and is taught a lesson about who wears the pants in his family."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying Humiliation LiftandCarry Amanda Amazon AmazonAmanda BBW Firemans LiftingHumiliation ForcedCarry TallWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength ab124"

Cheater Transformed Carried and Punished
"Caroline gives her husband an OTK spanking and complete transformation into an adult baby. Once transformed she carries him in various ways. Lapsitting handjob with a disturbing punishment at the end. This is an excellent clip!"
TAGS: " Cradled CradleCarry Handjob LapSitting Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Caroline CarolinePierce PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Humiliation LiftingHumiliation StrongWomen DisplayofStrength FitWomen ab125"

Up For Anything
"Amazing Strong Sexy Cougar seduces young excited pizza boy. Great L and C LS blowjob!"
TAGS: " LapSitting Oral-Blowjob Kissing OvertheShoulder TallWomen StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen Raven RavenBlack PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Handjob Lifting Carrying DisplayofStrength LiftandCarry ab126"

Angry Amazon Stepson Punishment
"Angry Insane Amazon Stepmother Debi does not approve of her college age stepson`s `bizarre` behavior and punishes him. Tons of great long lifts
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting LiftandCarry Carrying Humiliation LiftingHumiliation Debi DebiDiamond DisplayofStrength Cradled CradleCarry Firemans PiggyBack TallWomen Handjob Oral-Blowjob PowerfulWomen LapSitting Smothering StrongWomen ab127"

Busted By an Amazon
"Amanda pulls him up and throws the burglar over her shoulder bringing him into the house and pins him with her leg strength while calling the cops until they arrive she shuts him up."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry BBW OvertheShoulder Humiliation Amazon AmazonAmanda StrongWomen TallWomen DisplayofStrength LiftingHumiliation Intimidation PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Wrestling ab128"

Beautiful Busty Amazons and Their Lucky Little Man
"A dream party."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying FitWomen BustyAmazons Amazon StrongWomen Women LiftandCarry Cradled CradleCarry PiggyBack Athena Alexandia AthenaPleasures AlexandriaDevine Oral-Blowjob Handjob LapSitting ab130"

You Make Me Feel So Powerful
"Angela orders food and can`t resist using the little delivery boy. She is turned on by controlling little men. She picks him up in a variety of positions swinging him all over her living room. She throws him across her lap and jacks him off."
TAGS: " LapSitting LiftandCarry Cradled CradleCarry Angela AngelaAspen TallWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying Handjob PiggyBack PowerfulWomen ab131"

Moxxie Outdoor 3 Quick Clip Pack
"Moxxie: Three short clips. One shoulder carries
TAGS: " Moxxie MoxxieMaddron ShoulderCarry LiftandCarry Piggyback ReversePiggyback Lapsitting DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen Lifting Carrying StrongWomen ab132"

Lifting Play Time
"This is a scene I shot a long time ago and finally found lost footage. Lots of shoulder lifts
TAGS: " ShoulderRiding Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Oral-Blowjob Handjob StrongWomen DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Powerful ab134"

A Lift and Carry Menage a Trois
"Brooklyn has a secret. She loves to be carried. While playing a carry game with a girlfriend her boyfriend walked in and caught the two. He agreed to try being carried and it turned into three way lift and carry very fun evening."
TAGS: " Cradled CradleCarry Handjob DisplayofStrength Oral-Blowjob Brooklyn BrooklynJade Alexandria AlexandriaDevine LapSitting PiggyBack StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ab135"

Very Strong Amazing Insane Amazon Step Mom
"Tons of great lifts
TAGS: " Cradled Humiliation LiftingHumiliation CradleCarry Handjob DisplayofStrength Oral-Blowjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LapSitting StrongWomen TallWomen Breasts-Titjob Debi DebiDiamond ab136"

Double Amazon Feature
"Rent is late and Amanda is not happy. She jacks her tenant up then dumps him upside down to collect every cent in his pocket. In second video employee wants his check and just can`t seem to reach it. A zip file containing both clips AT ONE LOW PRICE!"
TAGS: " PowerfulWomen Smothering PiggyBack Wrestling SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation TallWomen BBW Amazon AmazonAmanda Humiliation Intimidation DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying StrongWomen LiftandCarry ab137"

Your Getting Paid So Just Enjoy It Young Man
TAGS: " PiggyBack LiftingHumiliation PowerfulWomen Sydney SydneyCapri Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Firemans Cradled CradleCarry LapSitting Handjob Humiliation StrongWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength Femdom ab139"

Amazon Lift and Carry Human Dolls
"6 foot 3 TALL Strong Amazon Amanda keeps a little couple locked in her room to alleviate her afternoon boredom. Today she throws them around and makes them perform sex acts for her amusement."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying Handjob Amazon AmazonAmanda Sammie SammieSpades Oral-Blowjob Hardcore Cradled CradleCarry LiftandCarry StrongWomen DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen ab140"

Bleach Blonde Lift and Carry
"Amazon Helena comes out to meet her little brothers new girlfriend and can`t help but attack her for her tiny size. She completely harasses poor Sammie and when Sammie tries to get away she decides to carry have fun with her and carry her around."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack Firemans CradleCarry LiftingHumiliation Helena HelenaStrong Sammie SammieSpades ForcedCarry SizeHumiliation Humiliation TallWomen StrongWomen ab141"

Tricked Played and Carried
"Addison tricks/blackmails the referee but first has some fun with him. Numerous great lifts
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Humiliation PiggyBack Firemans CradleCarry Addison Cambrey CambreySage FitWomen Cradled LapSitting Handjob StrongWomen ab143"

I Like Pickin Up Them Navy Boys
"Sonny shows up and finds his date is a beautiful blonde but really intoxicated amazon who insists on doing some things she wants which includes harassing him for his height
TAGS: " PiggyBack Lifting Cfnm Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob Humiliation ForcedCarry LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Amazon StrongWomen Firemans ab144"

A New Woman
"Caroline`s husband has been away for years in the military. While he has been gone she has become a very different woman which he quickly finds out after she turns into a vampire after his return. Includes a bite
TAGS: " StrongWomen PowerfulWomen FitWomen Firemans CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob PiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Caroline CarolinePierce Vampire ab145"

Backyard Lift and Carry Leg Locks
"Helena`s roommate finds out how strong his roommate actually is. He agreed to do a quick clip with some lifts and ended up and a wide variety of leg and headlocks he is unable to get out of as well as carried around the yard."
TAGS: " Wrestling Lifting Firemans Carrying LiftandCarry DisplayOfStrength PiggyBack CradleCarry Amazon Helena HelenaStrong PowerfulWomen StrongWomen ab146"

My New Step Mommie In Law Lift and Carry HJ
"Sonny shows up to his fiance`s birthday party and no one is there but his new STEP mommie in law who seduces him with her lifts and gives him a lapsitting handjob."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying DisplayofStrength StrongWomen LiftandCarry Cradled CradleCarry PiggyBack LapSitting Handjob Kitty KittyCaulfield ab148"

I Probably Should have Hired a Bigger Maid
"Full blown lift and carry
TAGS: " Lifting TallWomen Carrying StrongWomen PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Amazon Sammie SammieSpades Helena HelenaStrong PiggyBack ShoulderRiding SizeComparison Utilitarian ab149"

Lift and Carry Amazon Evangelism
"Two religious amazons come into couples home and try to force their religion on them. After resistance they carry them from their home to help them find God. Size Comparison
TAGS: " TallWomen StrongWomen Crystal CrystalCyn Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong Amazon Sammie SammieSpades Cradled CradleCarry Firemans DisplayofStrength SizeComparison ab150"

Strong Farm Girl Lift and Carry Evening
"Cambrey Sage and her husband play a country couple that come home to an empty house and take advantage of the time alone. Lots of great lifts from Cambrey that show off her strength and a great lapsitting blowjob."
TAGS: " PiggyBack LapSitting Handjob CradleCarry Cradled Oral-Blowjob Cambrey CambreySage StrongWomen FitWomen Firemans DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ab152"

Amazon Criminal
"Officer Spades shows up with an arrest warrant and is met with a giant perpetrator who harasses her for her size and through lifting coercion forces her to drop the charges."
TAGS: " LapSitting Humiliaton Sammie SammieSpades Helena HelenaStrong CradleCarry Cradled Amazon ForcedCarry Intimidation LiftingHumiliation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry SizeHumiliation ab155"

Resistance Training Through Partnership
"Sonny is a personal trainer who loves to have his clients build strength through body lifts. Joclyn was hooked when Sonny told her about his innovative new training system. A variety of lifts
TAGS: " PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Joclyn JoclynStone DisplayofStrength Oral-Blowjob Handjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LegLifting/Pressing Kissing Kiss Breasts-Titjob ab157"

Amazon Piggyback Party Preparation
"Rollo can`t reach the ceiling to hang stuff to prepare for a party so 6-3 Amazon Amanda gives him a lift to complete the entire job."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda AmazonAmanda BBW Utilitarian PiggyBack Amazon ab158"

Little Sonny Seduced by a WOMAN
"Debi`s arm and leg strength is amazing in this scene. Most notable is the aerial blowjob and hand less leg airplanes."
TAGS: " Cradled CradleCarry PowerfulWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack Debi DebiDiamond StrongWomen PowerfulWomen TallWomen Amazon Oral-Blowjob Handjob DisplayOfStrength LegLifting/Pressing Firemans BigBreasts Women ab159"

The Angry Maid
"Helena has a housekeeping job for a tiny doctor who is extremely rude to her. One day she is fed up with his bitching. She makes fun of his tiny size then carries him around making him clean his own house then sits him on her lap."
TAGS: " Utilitarian Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Amazon Helena HelenaStrong PiggyBack LapSitting BearHug Humiliation Intimidation LiftingHumiliation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab160"

The Amazon Doctor
"Sammie is very sick and calls a very bizarre amazon doctor. Size Comparison and Lift and Carry Great!"
TAGS: " Cradled CradleCarry Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Sammie SammieSpades Helena HelenaStrong SizeComparison Amazon TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen FrontPiggyBack ab161"

Little Sonny Earns an A
"Sonny`s grades are dropping and his professor calls him in for a tutor session and finds out why. He has taken a night job as a stripper. When he shows her his act she gets so turned on and can`t resist showing him what she is into."
TAGS: " LapSitting TallWomen Breasts-Titjob Kissing StrongWomen PowerfulWomen PiggyBack Oral-Blowjob Handjob Debi DebiDiamond Bearhug Cradled CradleCarry Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength Firemans ab162"

You are Going to Jail Little Man
"This is a very weird clip. Buddy is a little man who is violating parole and caught by parole officer Helena. She puts him on her lap and talks to him then several carries over the shoulder and piggyback then takes him to jail."
TAGS: " LapSitting PiggyBack Firemans Helena HelenaStrong StrongWomen PowerfulWomen Amazon Humiliation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled ForcedCarry Intimidation LiftingHumiliation ab163"

Little Computer Dating Disaster
"Crystal and Helena are sick of meeting and dating small men so they join internet dating sites actively looking for tall men. When Crystal`s date arrived it is obvious he had lied about his height. Size comparison
TAGS: " Firemans Lifting CradleCarry Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong Crystal CrystalCyn Humiliation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation TallWomen Women ab164"

Angry Amazon Tutor
"Buddy`s parents hired Helena as a tutor for their son who is failing college. He is not paying attention and Helena is not willing to lose her one and only job so she makes sure he will be paying attention from now on."
TAGS: " SizeComparison LapSitting Helena HelenaStrong Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled CradleCarry Firemans Amazon ab166"

His First Escort
"Sonny just turned 18 and visits his first escort. After checking his ID Mellanie takes control of him giving him his first bj
TAGS: " Lifting LegScissors Carrying PiggyBack Firemans Oral-Blowjob Handjob Lapsitting StrongWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength Mellanie MellanieMonroe Kissing LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled ab167"

A Little Man`s Ebony Amazon Fantasy
"Sonny steps it up and goes to see two escorts this time. Two beautiful girls end up using as their play toy throwing him in lift from girl to girl
TAGS: " LegScissors Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Sydney Aryana AryanaStarr SydneyCapri Interracial PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Cradled CradleCarry Humiliation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation DisplayofStrength Handjob LapSitting ab168"

The Powerful Escort: Sonny Returns
"Sonny returns to his first escort and this time she is even more of a dream come true. More lifts
TAGS: " Lifting LegScissors Firemans Carrying PiggyBack Oral-Blowjob Handjob Lapsitting StrongWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength Mellanie MellanieMonroe Kissing LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled FaceSitting ab169"

Bad Boy Fake Fever Punishment
"Benson lied to his mother about being sick to get out of going to school. His mother called the doctor to come over and teach him a lesson. After carrying him around she gives him such a serious wedgie he is lifted off the ground and then spanked."
TAGS: " Spanking Helena Amazon HelenaStrong Crystal CrystalCyn Humiliation CradleCarry Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ab172"

Little Man Tricks the Realtor
"Aryana is a Realtor but this time she is selling her own house. Sonny comes to take a look and feigns an injury because of a loose floorboard. She takes care of him and carries him around
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob Interracial Aryana AryanaStarr LapSitting PiggyBack Cradled CradleCarry ab173"

The Strong Student
"Lots of lifts."
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting ThighRiding StongWomen PowerfulWomen PiggyBack BearHug LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong Firemans CradleCarry Amazon LegLifting-Pressing ab175"

Amazon School Girl Lift and Carry Handjob
"Size comparison
TAGS: " PiggyBack Cradled Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry StrongWomen DisplayofStrength CradleCarry Helena HelenaStrong LapSitting Handjob Firemans Amazon SizeComparison ab176"

A Lift and Carry Dream
"Sonny wakes up to find his dream girl bursting muscles out of her clothes at the end of the bed. She carries him around in a variety of positions lots of flexing and muscle worship. She captures him in leg scissors and strokes his cock."
TAGS: " Firemans RaptureQueen DisplayofStrength FitWomen PowerfulWomen StrongWomen LapSitting Handjob PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled LegScissors Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ab177"

Small School Girl Leg Scissors and More
"Leg scissors."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LapSitting Oral-Blowjob PiggyBack Facesitting LegScissors Brooklyn FitWomen CradleCarry Cradled BrooklynJade Handjob ab179"

Mummy Lift and Carry
"Helena comforts and carries him around because he hurt his foot. Lots of long carries."
TAGS: " LapSitting Cradled CradleCarry PiggyBack Firemans Helena HelenaStrong Amazon Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ab181"

Lift and Carry Saturday Night
"Nonstop lifts
TAGS: " BearHug LapSitting Cradled CradleCarry PiggyBack Firemans Helena HelenaStrong Amazon Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ShoulderRiding StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab183"

Nurse Lift and Carry
"Sonny is sick and has an amazingly strong and beautiful buxom nurse. Lots of carries
TAGS: " CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting PiggyBack Firemans Oral-Blowjob Handjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry StrongWomen PowerfulWomen Mika MikaTan ab184"

Size and Strength Comparison Lift and Carry HJ with RaptureQueen
"RaptureQueen is far superior to this tiny man."
TAGS: " Firemans Cradled SizeComparison StrengthComparison ArmWrestling CradleCarry Handjob StrongWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LapSitting RaptureQueen ab187"

The Tiny Sexy Strong Cougar Next Door
"Sonny has always fantasized about the lady next door. This fantasy is beyond his wildest dreams. He is about 4 inches taller and weighs more than her yet she carries him around her house in different carries
TAGS: " PiggyBack Firemans Cradled CradleCarry Handjob StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LapSitting Charity CharityMclain Oral-Blowjob ab188"

High School Reunion Lift and Carry Blackmail
"Cambrey is working as an escort when one of her old classmates comes in as a client. When he recognizes her and tries to leave. She carries him around
TAGS: " PiggyBack BearHug LapSitting Handjob CradleCarry Cradled OraBlowjob Cambrey CambreySage StrongWomen FitWomen Firemans DisplayofStrength Lifting Humiliation Carrying LiftandCarry ab189"

The Odd Interview
"Helena shows up for a job interview she is not qualified for. The woman doing the interview questions whether she is capable. Helena proves to her she is physically qualified. Humiliates/compares size with the interviewer."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Amazon CradleCarry Cradled Humiliation LiftingHumiliation Intimidation ForcedCarry Helena HelenaStrong Sammie SammieSpades Firemans SizeComparison SizeHumiliation ab193"

Super Size and Strength
"Super Honey needs her Helium to get her size and superpowers. An evil woman has broken in and sucked it all up. This woman is now super tall and powerful. She throws little Honey around lifts
TAGS: " SizeComparison BBW StrengthComparison Humiliation LiftingHumiliation Amazon AmazonAmanda Honey HoneyWhite Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack Intimidation ab194"

Size War
"Amazon Helena moved in on Little Sammie`s man and she will not stand for it. Lift and carry and size comparison."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Amazon Humiliation LiftingHumiliation Intimidation ForcedCarry Helena HelenaStrong Sammie SammieSpades SizeComparison SizeHumiliation ab195"

Wrestling the Cheater
"Helena`s man is caught cheating on her and she gets angry. She wrestles him all over the floor and then lifts him until he finally confesses. Legscissors and several other holds."
TAGS: " Wrestling Helena HelenaStrong PowerfulWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Amazon Intimidation Humiliation LiftingHumiliation ForcedCarry Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Legscissors ab196"

Tiny Man`s New Job
"A little man goes to an amazon for a job interview and is humiliated
TAGS: " Spanking Lifting Carrying LIftandCarry SmallGuyHumiliation StrongWomen SizeHumiliation PowerfulWomen Amazon Helena HelenaStrong PiggyBack Humiliation Intimidation LiftingHumiliation SizeComparison ForcedCarry Bearhug ab197"

Desperate To Be a Cheerleader
"Helena is desperate to be a cheerleader. She approaches the head cheerleader Sammie who laughs and says she is so huge she should just try out for the football team. Helena shows her how her being so strong and tall will be an asset to her team."
TAGS: " Lifting Amazon PowerfulWomen Carrying PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack LiftandCarry ShoulderRiding BearHug CradleCarry StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Helena HelenaStrong Sammie SammieSpades ab198"

Amazon Helena and the Little Man
"A little man who works in the motor pool goes into the main office and water the secretaries plants. She catches him in the act of picking some leaves off the plant and explodes. She tortures him and completely humiliates him."
TAGS: " Humiliation Amazon Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Helena HelenaStrong ForcedCarry Firemans LiftingHumiliation SizeComparison Intimidation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation ab199"

The Muscular Goddess
"Brandi Mae is a beautiful muscular goddess. In this clip she is working out a little and her strength is questioned by a weak little man. A variety of great lifts
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting Carrying StrongWomen Humiliation Firemans LiftingHumiliation SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation CradleCarry LegLifting/Pressing StrengthComparison Brandi BrandiMae FitWomen PowerfulWomen PiggyBack ArmWrestling ab200"

Brandi Mae`s Blind Date Disaster
"Brandi took a chance on a dating site. First half slapping and leg scissors and the second half fireman and cradle carry."
TAGS: " Slapping Amazon Firemans LiftandCarry CradleCarry Lifting Carrying Brandi BrandiMae LegScissors Humiliation SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab202"

Poor Little Teacher Lift and Carry
"Brandi Mae plays a bratty student in detention who the teacher can`t control. He gets upset by his lack of control and she consoles him with lifts and carries/lapsitting."
TAGS: " LapSitting PiggyBack Humiliation Amazon Firemans LiftandCarry CradleCarry Lifting Carrying Brandi BrandiMae Humiliation FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen Cradled ab203"

So You`re Going to Act Like a Baby I will Make You One
"She is sick of her man going out to bars and coming home late. This was the last time. She puts him in a diaper and spanks him and makes him call her mummy then carries him in a diaper out the door to go to the bar to see his friends."
TAGS: " Humiliation Lifting Helena HelenaStrong Spanking Intimidation Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack ForcedCarry LiftingHumiliation LapSitting Amazon DiaperFetish ab204"

Bratty Little Student Lift and Carry Detention
"Helena plays a new teacher on detention duty and Sammie as a bratty out of control student. Helena ends up calling in the principle 6-1 Crystal who has had enough and both of them decide to get her under control through lifts."
TAGS: " ForcedCarry LiftingHumiliation PiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Humiliation Helena HelenaStrong Crystal CrystalCyn Sammie SammieSpades Amazon ab205"

The Bad Little Student
"A little student is acting up in class. LIFT AND CARRY
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying CradleCarry Cradled Intimidation LiftingHumiliation LiftandCarry Amazon Spanking LegScissors Humiliation ForcedCarry Firemans Brandi BrandiMae StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen ab206"

Amazon Art Gallery
"Holly is shocked at her new coworkers height. After some size comparison
TAGS: " LapSitting TallWomen TallKat PiggyBack SizeComparison Holly HollyWebster Kat Lifting Carrying BearHug LiftandCarry ab207"

Amazon Cheerleader Tryout
"Amazons Helena and Crystal want to be on the cheerleader squad
TAGS: " PiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack Intimidation Humiliation LiftingHumiliation SizeComparison SizeHumiliation ForcedCarry Amazon Helena HelenaStrong Sammie SammieSpades Cradled CradleCarry Firemans Crystal CrystalCyn ab208"

Bratty Amazon Student Lift and Carry Torture
"This amazon is a serious brat who tortures her tiny teacher. Lift and carry
TAGS: " Humiliation StrongWomen PowerfulWomen BBW Lifting TallWomen Intimidation Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack ForcedCarry LiftingHumiliation Amazon CradleCarry SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Amanda AmazonAmanda OverTheShoulder ab209"

Amazon Students and Their Tiny Teacher
"Lots of lifts and size comparison."
TAGS: " SizeComparison Humiliation ForcedCarry LiftingHumiliation Intimidation Amazon TallWomen Helena HelenaStrong Crystal CrystalCyn Sammie SammieSpades Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Piggyback ShoulderRiding FrontPiggyBack BearHug DisplayofStrength ab211"

Amazon Angry Boss
"The boss (Amazon Amanda) is having a really bad day and taking it out on her little employee. Clothes ripping
TAGS: " Amazon ForcedCarry PiggyBack AmazonAmanda ClothesDestruction Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry BearHug Humiliation LegScissors TallWomen Spanking CradleCarry SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation LapSitting Cradled PowerfulWomen ab212"

An Amazon and Her Small Friend
"Hanging out on a Sunday afternoon two friends discover just how different in size and strength they both are. The amazon tries on her little friends sweater and busts right through it. All kinds of size comparison and lifts."
TAGS: " StrongWomen Amazon PowerfulWomen BBW Lifting TallWomen Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda AmazonAmanda ClothesDestruction SizeComparison PiggyBack OverTheShoulder CradleCarry ab213"

Tiny Little Fitness Trainer
"Amanda`s trainer not only shows up late
TAGS: " StrongWomen Amazon PowerfulWomen BBW Lifting TallWomen Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda AmazonAmanda SizeComparison PiggyBack CradleCarry Humiliation LegLifting/Pressing ArmWrestling ab214"

Live Doll Lap Sitting and Lifts
"A beautiful amazon gets a live doll for a gift. Live doll lift and carry and lap sitting."
TAGS: " StrongWomen Amazon BBW FrontPiggyBack PowerfulWomen BBW Lifting TallWomen Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda AmazonAmanda PiggyBack CradleCarry LapSitting Caroline Cradled CarolinePierce ab216"

You`d Better Put Us on the Payroll Little Man
"Two Big and Beautiful Amazons intimidate the little boss man into giving them a job. They crush him between their asses and laugh at his tiny size. A couple of quick lifts and one carry at the end."
TAGS: " Amazon BBW Kammie Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Amanda AmazonAmanda TallWomen Intimidation CradleCarry Humiliation StrongWomen SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation LiftingHumiliation BearHug ab217"

Cambrey's Little Lift and Carry Secret
"Cambrey teases you throughout this sexy college student/professor lift and carry handjob."
TAGS: " LapSitting StrongWomen PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob Cambrey CambreySage Addison ShoulderRiding CradleCarry Cradled ab218"

This is The Last Time You are Going to Climb a Tree Like Me
"Bridget got set up on a bind date and did not like the guy. She teases him for his size carries him around a bit and gives him a handjob reminding him this is the last time he will get this lucky in life."
TAGS: " LapSitting StrongWomen PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob CradleCarry Cradled TallWomen Bridget BridgetMichaels ab219"

You Are One Strong Escort
"Rick hires an escort for the night to fulfill his fantasy of being carried and luckily the one who arrives is more than qualified. Vonnie is brand new in front of the camera but is extremely strong. There is about two to three minutes of handjob."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying PowerfulWomen TallWomen Vonnie VonnieBomb StrongWomen Amazon LiftandCarry ShoulderRiding CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob SizeComparison PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Bella Interracial ab220"

You Want To Keep Your Job You Naughty Little Man
"Roxanne only hires small men. Find out why. She is amazing."
TAGS: " LapSitting StrongWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Handjob DisplayofStrength Roxanne RoxanneHall Cfnm ab221"

House Boy Punishment
"Roxanne hired a guy to watch her house and pool while she was out of town and came home to a disaster. Lots of great lifts
TAGS: " LapSitting Firemans StrongWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled PiggyBack Handjob DisplayofStrength Roxanne RoxanneHall Humiliation LiftingHumiliation ab222"

Robbye`s Mini Blind Date
"Robbye is in shock when her blind date arrives wearing a tacky t-shirt
TAGS: " LapSitting Handjob SizeComparison SizeHumiliation LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled OverTheShoulder Robbye RobbyeBentley Humiliation StrongWomen TallWomen ab223"

Tall Blonde Goddess and Her Tiny Blind Date
"Karen is shocked when her blind date turns out to be a tiny little man
TAGS: " TallWomen StrongWomen Handjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting SizeComparison Karen KarenFisher ab224"

Carried and Milked
"Small obnoxious drug addict dude is chilling around house when a local church woman busts in his front door. She goes nuts attempts to carry him out to the safety of the church but first milks the filth from his body."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry TallWomen StrongWomen CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob FrontPiggyBack Robbye RobbyeBentley ab225"

Freaky Friday
"It is Friday night and Cheyenne leaves her boyfriend in the living room while she gets ready for their date. While she is gone her mother brings him cookies and much more. Amazing lapsitting lift and carry handjob. Tons of Lifts/ Aerial Handjob."
TAGS: " CheyenneJewel PiggyBack Cheyenne StrongWomen CradleCarry Lifting LapSitting PiggyBack OverTheShoulder PowerfulWomen Firemans Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob ab226"

The Lucky Sales Man: A Lift and Carry Fantasy
"Great lift and carry
TAGS: " NikkiJackson Nikki ShoulderRiding Oral-Blowjob FitWomen StrongWomen CradleCarry Lifting LapSitting PiggyBack OverTheShoulder PowerfulWomen Firemans Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled Handjob Kissing ab227"

School Girl Lift and Carry Forced Orgasm
"Cheyenne plays a great muscle schoolgirl
TAGS: " LegScissors Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry OverTheShoulder Handjob Cheyenne CheyenneJewel Cfnm Humiliation LiftingHumiliation Firemans PiggyBack StrongWomen PowerfulWomen SmallGuyHumiliation ab228"

Big Burglar & The Housewife turned Super FBB
"Hot housewife Nikki turns into a muscular Superheroine when she spots a big burglar sneaking around her home. She lays him on her lap and sucks his cock then grips her legs around his neck then carries his over 200 lb body around."
TAGS: " NikkiJackson Nikki FaceSitting Transformation Superheroine Oral-Blowjob FitWomen StrongWomen CradleCarry Lifting LapSitting PiggyBack PowerfulWomen Firemans Carrying LiftandCarry Cradled Handjob LegScissors DisplayofStrength ab229"

Study Break
"Sexy schoolgirl and her boyfriend after school. Lifts
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Oral-Blowjob PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob Firemans LegScissors Megan MeganFoxx ab230"

Her New Neighbor
"Roxanne just moved into neighborhood and her new neighbor brought her an odd gift. She decides to spank
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting CradleCarry StrongWomen LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength FitWomen LapSitting Firemans PiggyBack Handjob Roxanne RoxanneHall Humiliation Spanking StrapOn ab231"

The Angry Librarian
"Beautiful super muscular librarian Brandi Mae is fed up with people disrespecting library books. Sonny has overdue books in his apartment and is horrified when the librarian busts into his house. Tons of amazing lifts. Some aerial and lap sitting hj."
TAGS: " FitWomen Intimidation Firemans DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry StrongWomen Handjob CradleCarry Cradled Brandi BrandiMae LegScissors LapSitting PiggyBack ab232"

Trailer Park Strength & Lifting Supershow
"Super strong buff Nikki lifts and carries and jerks and blows her boyfriend all over their trailer and in their yard. Shoulder Riding
TAGS: " ShoulderRiding PowerfulWomen Oral-Blowjob Handjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LapSitting Kissing PiggyBack Firemans CradleCarry Cradled Nikki NikkiJackson FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength ab233"

A Business Woman's Lift and Carry Lapsitting Toy
"Julie is a traveling business woman who orders an escort to her hotel. He is surprised to find she wants to carry him around and stroke and suck his cock on her lap."
TAGS: " LapSitting Oral-Blowjob Julie JulieCash Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack Firemans Handjob Breasts-Titjob CradleCarry Cradled StrongWomen PowerfulWomen FitWomen ab234"

A Perfect Lift and Carry Evening
"Mellanie is back and is better than before. In this clip there are a lot of seated lifts on the bed and some amazing aerial BJ. One of the hottest lift scenes ever."
TAGS: " StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen FitWomen LapSitting PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Firemans Mellanie MellanieMonroe Oral-Blowjob Breasts-Titjob Handjob ab235"

The Perfect Amazon Lift and Carry
"Alison arrives for her first tutoring job and cannot believe how cute and small her new college student is. When he stands up to greet her it was all over she just can`t keep her hands off him"
TAGS: " Amazon TallWomen FrontPiggyBack PowerfulWomen FitWomen StrongWomen Alison AlisonTyler Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Oral-Blowjob PiggyBack SizeComparison Handjob ab236"

Little Sister Lift and Carry
"Daisy finds her big step brother laying around the house and pins him in bed. She carries him in a variety of positions and forces him to cum for her."
TAGS: " PowerfulWomen LegScissors FaceSitting Smother FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Firemans LapSitting Cradled CradleCarry Handjob Intimidation Wrestling Daisy DaisyLayne ab238"

Superheroine Show Of Strength
"Drained of his powers and taken into captivity superhero is saved by Jewel who turned into superhero to save him
TAGS: " LapSitting Footjob LegLifting/Pressing FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen Amazon ShoulderRiding DisplayofStrength Oral-Blowjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LegScissors Superheroine PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Handjob Cheyenne CheyenneJewel ab239"

I Am Your Biggest Fan
"Tall sexy Cougar Fan Carey finds her favorite little rock star Johnny rocker in his hotel room. She takes control of him
TAGS: " SizeComparison Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry StrongWomen TallWomen FitWomen Amazon LapSitting Handjob Oral-Blowjob Firemans PiggyBack CradleCarry Carey CareyRiley Cradled ab240"

My Best Friend's Big Sexy Strong Mom
"While waiting for his college roommate to come home Sonny encounters his beautiful tall giant breasted goddess cougar mother who is extremely turned on by Sonny's size. Boob and handjob with several lifts."
TAGS: " TallWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Amazon LapSitting Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob Cradled CradleCarry Firemans Oral-Blowjob Breasts-Titjob Karen KarenFisher ab241"

Lifting the Slacker
"Brandi is tired of her gardener slacking off and not doing his job. She brings him in and shows him who his boss is. Lots of muscle comparison
TAGS: " LegLifting/Pressing Brandi BrandiMae LegScissors Handjob PiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry SizeComparison SizeHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Humiliation Firemans LapSitting CradleCarry Cradled Amazon FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength ab242"

Surprise Birthday Lift and Carry Party
"Sonny gets a surprise birthday party thrown by Nikki Jackson. For his present he gets lifted
TAGS: " LapSitting LegLifting/Pressing Spanking DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Firemans LegScissors FaceSitting Cradled CradleCarry PiggyBack FitWomen PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Nikki NikkiJackson Handjob Oral-Blowjob Kissing Wrestling ab243"

Amazon Alison and Her Lucky Little Man
"Beautiful Amazon Alison Tyler is ready to go out while her tiny boyfriend wants to hang out at home. They compromise and spend the evening doing size comparison
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting SizeComparison Amazon Alison AlisonTyler LapSitting TallWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen LegScissors LiftandCarry Handjob PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Wrestling ab245"

I Want You To Cum In The Air
"Sonny made an appointment with a dancer named Charlot Temple who introduced him to a whole new world of lap sitting and lifting. Size comparison and lots of lifts including shoulder. The clip ends with her holding him while he cums in the air."
TAGS: " ShoulderRiding SizeComparison LapSitting Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Handjob Charlot CharlotTemple Oral-Blowjob ab246"

Strong Amazon Nurse
"It is Dr. Hicks first day at work at a new hospital and he is cornered by beautiful strong amazon nurse Allura Jensen who can`t keep her hands off him or his feet on the ground. Lots of aerial bj."
TAGS: " TallWomen Amazon StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Cfnm LapSitting CradleCarry Cradled PowerfulWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack Alura AluraJenson Kissing Oral-Blowjob ab247"

The Bad Little Man: Amazon Lift and Carry Strap On Training
"A small man attempts to rip off Alura and she teaches him a lesson."
TAGS: " StrapOn Amazon Breasts-Titjob LapSitting Intimidation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength Humiliation TallWomen PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Handjob Firemans Cradled BearHug FrontPiggyBack Alura AluraJenson ab248"

The Muscular Cougar and The College Student Salesman
"Kat is heading out the door to a meeting when a boy from the local college comes by to try to sell her some fitness supplements. After telling her she could stand to lose some weight and build muscle she proves him VERY wrong."
TAGS: " CradleCarry LegScissors Intimidation Cradled LapSitting Firemans FitWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob LegLifting/Pressing Oral-Blowjob WildKat ab249"

The Ultimate Schoolboy`s Fantasy
"Nikki Jackson stars as the strict teacher turned horny sexpot in this ULTIMATE schoolboy fantasy!"
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting Carrying StrongWomen DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen Feet FootWorship LiftandCarry LapSitting Firemans PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled LegScissors Spanking FaceSitting Nikki NikkiJackson Handjob Oral-Blowjob ab250"

Amazon Sydney`s CFNM L and C Strap On Revenge
"Rich shows up to Mistress Sydney`s dungeon thinking he is going to see a prostitute and she is expecting to see a client for a strap on session. He insults Sydney and ends up on the receiving end of her strap on."
TAGS: " Cfnm StrapOn Amazon Humiliation Firemans CradleCarry Cradled Handjob Interracial Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Sydney SydneyCapri StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength ab251"

Amazon Boss
"A man is stealing tips and learns a lesson."
TAGS: " StrapOn Spanking LapSitting Handjob SizeComparison SmallGuyHumiliation CradleCarry Firemans Cfnm Amazon Intimidation Humiliation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack Alura AluraJenson TallWomen StrongWomen PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength ab252"

Her Wedding Day
"Rapture is done with her loser fiance. He is sleeping through their wedding day so she goes to confront him. Lift and Carry hand job
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack PowerfulWomen MuscleWorship LiftingHumiliation Humiliation DisplayofStrength Handjob Amazon FitWomen StrongWomen Firemans CradleCarry LapSitting Cradled LegScissors RaptureQueen ClothesDestruction FrontPiggyBack ab253"

Amazon and All His Weight
"Amazon Alura loves to feel all of her man`s weight on her during sex. This clip is a great sex scene with various sex positions with all his weight on her
TAGS: " Alura AluraJenson Kissing ShoulderRiding BearHug FrontPiggyBack TallWomen Squirting Anal StrongWomen Oral-Blowjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry SizeComparison Amazon DisplayofStrength FitWomen ab254"

A Dream Lift and Carry Workout
"Sara Jay is one of the most amazing pornstars ever and she is strong to top it off. What more could you want in a clip an amazing aerial blowjob and other lifts."
TAGS: " LapSitting Lifting StrongWomen FrontPiggyBack Carrying LiftandCarry Firemans PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Oral-Blowjob Handjob Sara SaraJay DisplayofStrength FitWomen PowerfulWomen Breasts-Titjob ab255"

Amazon and Her Tiny Girl (Part 1 of 3)
"A night with Amazon Alura and her tiny girlfriend. Size comparison
TAGS: " SizeComparison Amazon DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry TallWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Firemans ShoulderCarry Alura AluraJenson Sammie PowerfulWomen SammieSpades ab256"

I Like To Violate Little Men
"Helena is getting ready to go out with her girlfriend when a little burglar enters her house. She decides to teach him a lesson. Size comparison
TAGS: " Helena HelenaStrong LapSitting CradleCarry PiggyBack LiftingHumiliation SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation Amazon StrapOn Handjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry FrontPiggyBack Humiliation PowerfulWomen DisplayofStrength SizeComparison ab257"

Amazon and Her Tiny Girl (Part 2 of 3)
"A night with Amazon Alura and her tiny girlfriend. Great lifting."
TAGS: " Amazon DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry TallWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Firemans ShoulderCarry Alura AluraJenson Sammie PowerfulWomen SammieSpades ab258"

Amazon and Her Tiny Girl (Part 3 of 3)
"A night with Amazon Alura and her tiny girlfriend. Great lifting."
TAGS: " Amazon DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry TallWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Alura AluraJenson CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Sammie PowerfulWomen SammieSpades ab259"

The Talk: A Lift and Carry Romance
"Kiara Mia dumped her last boyfriend because he did not like her interest in carrying him. She returns from her beach date with a new guy and has the talk with him about what she wants. By the end they realize they were meant to be together. Amazing!!!"
TAGS: " Cfnm Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack ShoulderRiding Handjob Firemans FitWomen PowerfulWomen LapSitting Kiara KiaraMia StrongWomen CradleCarry Cradled DisplayofStrength ab262"

The Beautiful Blonde and Her Tiny Bellhop
"In her hotel room Mellanie Monroe calls for the Bellhop and when he arrives she`s so excited and can`t wait to feel his tiny little body pressed against hers. Great lifts and aerial BJ action."
TAGS: " Firemans BearHug DisplayofStrength StrongWomen PowerfulWomen FitWomen CradleCarry Cfnm PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack Handjob Mellanie MellanieMonroe Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry LapSitting Cradled Oral-Blowjob ab263"

Please Mr Doctor Give Me Steroids So I Can Lift You Even Higher
"Cambrey goes to her doctor to see if she can get steroids to enter a competition. He is not convinced it is a good idea but she convinces him."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Cambrey CambreySage Addison AddisonRose CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob DisplayofStrength BearHug Firemans StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen Leglifting/Pressing PiggyBack ab264"

Amazon Schoolgirl and Professor Cum Eating Punishment
"Redhead amazon schoolgirl is not happy with her grade so she goes to her professors home he lives with his mother
TAGS: " Cfnm Amazon TallWomen LapSitting Intimidation Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry BearHug CradleCarry Cradled Humiliation DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen StrongWomen CumEatingInstruction Helena HelenaStrong SmallGuyHumiliation ab265"

Violent Amazon Violates a Tiny Man
"Helena is getting ready to go out with her girlfriend when a little burglar enters her house. She decides to teach him a lesson. Size comparison
TAGS: " StrapOn Cfnm Helena PowerfulWomen LegScissors SmallGuyHumiliation Humiliation Intimidation HelenaStrong SizeComparison SizeHumiliation DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry CradleCarry LapSitting Amazon TallWomen StrongWomen ab266"

A Lift and Carry Workout With A Happy Ending
"Mika is meeting with her personal trainer and forgot her hand weights so her trainer decides she needs to use him as a weight. Lots of different lifts and exercises with the trainer as her weight. The clip ends in a lapsitting handjob."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika Lifting Carrying OvertheShoulder LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting Handjob DisplayofStrength Firemans StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen Leglifting/Pressing PiggyBack ab267"

The Cutest Lifter EVER
"Nikki is the perfect little tiny sexy woman. I do not even think she is even 5 foot but she is strong. She lifts Sonny all kinds of ways with blowjob/hj kissing. Excellent."
TAGS: " Handjob LegScissors StrongWomen DisplayofStrength FitWomen Nikki MuscleWorship NikkiDelano Kissing LapSitting CradleCarry Cradled Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack Leglifting/Pressing Firemans Oral-Blowjob ab268"

The Next Door Neighbor Lift and Carry Fantasy
"Rick just wants to borrow a cup of sugar from his neighbor and ends up being seduced
TAGS: " StrapOn Cfnm Kissing Lifting DisplayofStrength Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob Marlene CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting PiggyBack FrontPiggyBack StrongWomen PowerfulWomen FitWomen Firemans ShoulderRiding Oral-Blowjob ab270"

Amazon Alura and her Creepy Ex
"Alura is fed up with her little boyfriend`s extremely rude behavior and decides to dump him. Leg Scissors
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying PowerfulWomen StrongWomen CradleCarry LiftandCarry Amazon Alura AluraJenson Smothering Smother FaceSitting DisplayofStrength Intimidation LegScissors NeckLift Humiliation TallWomen FitWomen BreastSmother ab271"

Bait and Switch Lift and Carry
"Rick is a wealthy man with a desire for a lift and carry mistress. He holds interviews under the fake premise that they will be a caretaker for his sick mother. He finally finds one who is able to lift to do lift hj and bj so hires her on the spot."
TAGS: " Handjob TallWomen Cfnm Interracial Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry StrongWomen PowerfulWomen FitWomen LapSitting Firemans CradleCarry Cradled PiggyBack Vonnie VonnieBomb Oral-Blowjob ab272"

Double Strap On Lift and Carry
"Dr Mika Tan and her nurse Alura Jenson introduce Rick to the strap on. Size comparison
TAGS: " StrapOn Amazon Firemans FrontPiggyBack Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Spanking Cfnm SizeComparison Mika MikaTan Alura AluraJenson Humiliation Handjob PowerfulWomen StrongWomen FitWomen DisplayofStrength ab274"

The Strange Little Man and An Amazon: Blind Date
"First half you get to see the huge size difference and the second half you get to see the goddesses shocking strength as she lifts her tiny date in a variety of impressive positions. Also
TAGS: " Amazon Cfnm ShoulderRiding Cradled CradleCarry TallWomen PowerfulWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength FrontPiggyBack Firemans Handjob LapSitting Alura AluraJenson Breasts-Titjob ab275"

Amazing Alura VS The Big Mountain
"Special request. Super Alura saves small man from landslide."
TAGS: " Superheroine Amazon Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen StrongWomen FitWomen StrongWomen CradleCarry Alura AluraJenson ab276"

Hardcore Lift and Carry
"Amazon Alura in a hardcore scene with aerial lifts
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting ShoulderRiding CradleCarry Cradled Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen StrongWomen FitWomen TallWomen DisplayofStrength PiggyBack Kissing FrontPiggyBack Hardcore Alura AluraJenson Oral-Blowjob Leglifting/Pressing ab278"

She Hulk and the Bell Boy
"The bell hop took forever to bring her bags to the