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Clips featuring catfighting in the store...

Catfighting Firehose Roommate
"Crystal is sick of her roommate Victoria laying around making the house a mess. They get into huge physical fight. Crystal takes her down ties her up and shoves a firehose down throat and blows her up until she bursts and is spraying water everywhere."
TAGS: " Crystal CrystalClark Victoria CatFighting Inflation ButtonPopping SuitInflation Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1141"

Catfighting Firehose Burglar
"Crystal returns to find a burglar. A fight begins and Crystal is knocked out cold. The burglar strips her down and gets more and more turned on at the though of filling her. Halfway through she wakes up terrified as water shoots out of all her pores."
TAGS: " Crystal Nudity CrystalClark Victoria CatFighting Inflation Fighting ClothesRipping SuitInflation Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1167"

The Bar
"Kymberly recognizes CoCo as the girl who slept with her boyfriend in college. A fight begins and all sorts of changes occur when the bartender gets involved."
TAGS: " Inflation CoCoVelvet CoCo CatFighting KymberlyJane Kymberly ButtInflation AssExpansion BellyInflation BellyExpansion Magic Expansion Pornstar BreastInflation BreastExpansion tmc1384"