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The Evil Cheerleader
"Cindy is tired of the red cheerleaders always winning in cheerleader championship so she decided to cast a shrinking spell on them to make them all look flat. The spell does not work and her boobs grow. She is initially scared but realizes then happy."
TAGS: " Topless Cindy CindyLouWho Cheerleader Blonde Young BE BreastExpansion Inflation Magic tmc518"

Magic Pom Pom's
"Rilynn is trying out for the cheerleading squad and has found she has magic pom poms. Every time one touches her breast they grow and shrink when they are not touching. She gets to the perfect size and they stick and grow out of control."
TAGS: " BE Inflation BreastInflation Cheerleader Expansion BreastExpansion Rilynn RilynnRae Young Pornstar tmc579"

The Round Belly Amazon Girl and the Head Cheerleader
"Helena brings the head cheerleader flowers and tries to get her to let her on the team. Beula laughs at her and makes fun of her big belly and size. She pokes her belly
TAGS: " BellyFetish Helena Cheerleader Humiliation HelenaStrong Fat Beula Lifting Carrying tmc615"

Alien Slime Cheerleader Transformation
"Cheerleader gets covered in alien slime and turns into an alien. Slow transformation. A silver cock appears and she is able to masturbate and ejaculate with her mind."
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster Young Brunette Cheerleader Transformation HairGrowth Topless NailGrowth tmc738"

An Extra Belly Pom Pom
"Kimberly wants to be a cheerleader bad. She tries out for head cheerleader Zoe who laughs at her because her belly is too big. She starts to play with her belly and falls in love with it. Lots of belly play shaking etc."
TAGS: " BBW Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Zoe ZoeAnderson Belly BellyFetish Cheerleader tmc905"

Chubby Cheerleader Revenge
"Skylar is the head cheerleader with a perfect six pack stomach. She is mean to all the other girls calling them chubby. They taint her water and she grows belly and breasts when she tries to hide it she develops a massive hourglass figure. Scared Process."
TAGS: " Skylar BellyInflation BellyExpansion BreastExpansion Buttinflation BreastInflation Inflation Expansion AssExpansion Cheerleader Revenge Magic HipInflation HourGlass tmc1092"