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Mistress Delilah`s Hardcore Trample Trio
"Mistress Delilah in a trample clip with Chelsea Zinn and Mistress Taylor. This is no pussy trampling either as all three Mistresses hop up and down on this schmuck at one time and they also jump from the top of a stool onto his chest and stomach."
TAGS: " Taylor Mistress FootWorship MIstressDelilah Delilah ChelseaZinn Trampling Humiliation Chelsea Pornstar Blonde Feet NaturalBreasts fd086"

Extreme 2 Domme High Heel Trample Smother
"Mistress Taylor and Mistress Chelsea dig their high heels in till they become flats. Chelsea belly punches as she smother him and Taylor shoots camera and"
TAGS: " Mistress NaturalBreasts Taylor ChelseaZinn Trampling Humiliation Smothering Chelsea Blonde Pornstar Mature Feet fd093"

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Delilah Chelsea and Taylor Humiliation Domination
"Mistress Delilah makes her return to Mistress Taylor Presents and its in a clip with Mistress Taylor and Chelsea Zinn. Humiliation and smothering and facesitting."
TAGS: " Delilah AssWorship NaturalBreasts MistressDelilah Chelsea ChelseaZinn Taylor Smothering Facesitting Humiliation Blonde Mature Pornstar Mistress fd124"

"Tickle star Chelsea Zinn Tees up on her TICKLEBITCH and is so effective that he must call it quits because he struggle so much his wrists begin to bleed."
TAGS: " Bound Humiliation Tickle Tickling Chelsea ChelseaZinn Blonde Mature Pornstar fd157"

The Queen of Tickle Torture
"Chelsea is the the Queen of Tickling. Over the years and she has mastered the art and does not leave one body part untouched. Watch her torture this poor young boy."
TAGS: " Tickle Torture Tickling Chelsea ChelseaZinn Bound Mature Pornstar fd167"

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Clips featuring chelseazinn in the store...

Ultimate Cockteasing Championship
TAGS: " ChelseaZinn Chelsea Blonde Humiliation Smothering Feet Facesitting Pornstar FootWorship FootJob tt036"

The Chelsea Taylor & One Squealing Bitch Cock Teasing Handjob
"Chelsea Zinn joins me in an smothering#NEXT# oral and breast tease and denial handjob. The guy said he could handle the post orgasm cock torture if he was allowed to come. I never let go and he immediately started squealing like a little bitch!"
TAGS: " Taylor ChelseaZinn FaceSitting Humiliation Chelsea Breasts Mature Pornstar NaturalBreasts PostOrgasmTorture Oral-Blowjob Breasts-Titjob Smothering tt107"

Clips featuring chelseazinn in the store...

Out of Control Foot Schmuck
"Mistress Delilah and Chelsea and Taylor are in session humiliating a pathetic foot/smother slave pinned to the ground."
TAGS: " Trampling Feet Pornstar Blonde Taylor Chelsea Delilah Mistress ChelseaZinn FootHumiliation Smothering sp028"

Sexy Blond Smelly Slipper/Foot Sniff
"Porn star Chelsea Zin forces Dogboy foot sniffer to worship and smell her old slippers and sweaty feet while she catches up on some reading."
TAGS: " ChelseaZinn Feet FootWorship ShoeFetish Chlesea Blonde Pornstar FootStink/FootHumiliation sp050"

Hotel Foot Cleaning Humiliation
"Chelsea and Taylor in a real foot humiliation session in a hotel room in Vegas. They alternate putting their feet in his face to be cleaned as the other stands on his stomach or chest."
TAGS: " Feet Chelsea ChelseaZinn Trampling Taylor FootWorship FootHumiliation Blonde Pornstar Mistress sp088"

Clips featuring chelseazinn in the store...

Its Building to an Orgasm In My Nose. WHA!
"Porn star Chelsea Zinn plucks out a nose hair to induce. Before her first sneeze she holds a 10 SECOND PRESNEEZE FACE! She then sneezes 3 more times in the same series with several good long presneeze faces. GREAT CLIP!"
TAGS: " porn star chelseazinn loud presneeze hard blond nosehairplucking sz007"

The Return Of Chelsea Zinn
"she resorts back to the toothpick and manages 2 bursts of sneezes with 4 and then 3 sneezes respectively. Lots of presneeze face and I (Taylor) sneeze over ten times during the filming of the clip too."
TAGS: " taylor ChelseaZinn chelsea pornstar multiple loud sz061"