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Clips featuring cheyennehunter in the store...

Mature Mistress Controls a Cock
"This mature mistress catches her 18 year old slave boy jacking off. She takes control of his cock and keeps him on the edge or orgasm throughout entire tease and denial scene."
TAGS: " Cheyenne CheyenneHunter CockControl Pornstar CBT Oral-Blowjob BallPlay Mature tt172"

Clips featuring cheyennehunter in the store...

How Do You Like Them Apples......Lazy Asslicker
"Cheyenne comes home after work pissed to her lazy boyfriend and because the Ladies Room was broken and she had to use the dirty Men`s Room with no toilet paper and a filthy seat. So she makes the loser lick her ass clean."
TAGS: " FaceSitting Pantyhose-Stockings Cheyenne CheyenneHunter AssWorship Pornstar sp079"

Lazy Foot Cleaner Earns His Keep
" Cheyenne makes her lazy boyfriend service and clean her feet after a long day at work to earn his keep. Very vocal humiliation."
TAGS: " CheyenneHunter Feet Cheyenne FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation Pornstar sp080"

This Is What You Get Nasty Armpit Worship and Smother
"Because he does nothing all day long while she`s at work and Cheyenne makes her worthless boyfriend lick and clean her nasty armpits."
TAGS: " ArmpitWorship Cheyenne CheyenneHunter Smothering ArmpitHumiliation Pornstar sp081"

Clips featuring cheyennehunter in the store...

LOUD Open Mouth Face Farts
"LOUD openmouth farting. This clip is amazing Mistress Cheyanne forces the slaves head in her ass with the mouth open and farts long and loud farts. Face fart lovers do NOT want to miss this clip."
TAGS: " Cheyenne CheyenneHunter Pornstar Humiliation WET LOUD Facefarts Femdom tfg062"

Public Fart Diaries: The Mall Pt 1
"Here`s the debut of an ongoing series at The Fart Girls with all real public farting! Cheyenne and Fart Girl Laura take to the streets in this episode and head straight for the Mall."
TAGS: " Public Jeans Candid CheyenneHunter FabricFarts Pornstar GirlyDommes LOUD Cheyenne WET Laura Denim Nude tfg072"

Public Fart Diaries: The Mall Pt 2
"Cheyenne and Fart Girl Laura continue their gassy exploits. Laura hops on a mall trash can and rattles a big blast into the aluminum. Cheyenne provides a couple more to fill out this exciting second half."
TAGS: " Public Candid FabricFarts CheyenneHunter Pornstar GirlyDommes Jeans LOUD Cheyenne WET Laura Denim Nude tfg073"

Public Fart Diaries: The Donut Shop Pt 1
"Cheyenne and Laura assault a donut shop. Laura rips a massive fart while ordering a donut and then squats down and farts on the coffee that Cheyenne spills at the counter. ."
TAGS: " Public Candid Jeans CheyenneHunter Pornstar FabricFarts GirlyDommes LOUD Cheyenne WET Laura Denim Nude tfg074"

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Public Fart Diaries: ATM Denim Farts
"Taylor gets out from behind the camera to make her debut in The Public Fart Diaries joining Cheyenne at the ATM!"
TAGS: " Tandem Mistress CheyenneHunter FabricFarts Pornstar Taylor Public Cheyenne Denim Jeans WET tfg076"

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Public Fart Diaries: Cheyenne Goes To The Tanning Salon
"Cheyenne is back for another Public Fart Diary and she delivers some of her outrageously wet and loud gurgling and filthy sounding blasts that seem to go on and on."
TAGS: " Public Pornstar Candid Cheyenne CheyenneHunter Nude LOUD WET tfg083"

Beans Beans the Magical Fruit The More you Eat The More you Toot
"Goddess Cheyanne uses her slaves face as a chair for dinner then his mouth for a burp and fart disposal."
TAGS: " Cheyenne Pornstar CheyenneHunter Food LOUD Nude Humiliation WET Facefarts tfg085"

Fart CPR
"What a way to die. Your last breaths being pure ass gass. Taylor cuts off Ralphs air and only gives him a quick breath to inhale huge farts from Cheyanne."
TAGS: " Taylor Pornstar Humiliation Cheyenne CheyenneHunter Mistress Tandem SmotherFarts FaceFarts LOUD WET tfg113"

Public Fart Diaries: Public Restroom Farting
"Cheyenne and Laura let fly some LOUD toilet farts in the public restroom. Laura farts on Cheyenne`s face while she`s on the toilet."
TAGS: " Farting FabricFarts Public LOUD FaceFarts Denim Toilet Cheyenne CheyenneHunter Laura tfg395"

Clips featuring cheyennehunter in the store...

Phlegm Goddess Revenge
"The guy stormed out ofter the clip was over. He had no concept of how far she was going to take it as she covered his face in stringy strands of her spit."
TAGS: " Cheyenne CheyenneHunter Spitting Spit Humiliation sd011"