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Taylor`s Tease & Denial FRUSTRATION
"When this clip debuted it made everyone in the Tease & Denial community nod their heads in agreement that Taylor WAS T&D at that moment. She changes pace from slow & sexy to her hand becoming a blur as she jacks. One of the Greatest!"
TAGS: " POV Taylor Humiliation Classic PostOrgasmTorture BallPlay Breasts-Titjob Breasts Oral-Blowjob CockTease NaturalBreasts CockControl tt004"

She is Playing on a Whole Other Level T&D
"TaYou might be looking down at her BUT SHE HAS ABSOLUTE CONTROL! Just the way she looks at you makes it hurt but then she starts to use her hands in a teriffic handjob...WHEW!"
TAGS: " POV Taylor Cfnm BallPlay CockSlapping OrgasmDenial Denial CockControl CockTease NaturalBreasts Oral-Blowjob Classic tt005"

Deep Throat Tease & Denial
TAGS: " Taylor Classic Recycling CockTease RuinedOrgasm POV Breasts-Titjob Breasts Humiliation Oral-Blowjob Thumbing NaturalBreasts tt029"

"Taylor in one of her more amazing ruined orgasm perfomances as she manages to ruin about three in a row here by thumbing #NEXT# palming and scrunching. Terrific hot clip! One of her all time greats!"
TAGS: " Humiliation Ruinedorgasm Breasts Breasts-Titjob Classic Thumbing POV Palming NaturalBreasts Taylor Cruel HeadPlay Bleeding Recycling PreventiveThumbing tt031"

Holy Fuck!
TAGS: " POV Taylor Smoking PostOrgasmTorture Breasts CockTease NaturalBreasts CockControl Oral-Blowjob Breasts-Titjob Classic ForcedOrgasm tt033"

TAGS: " RuinedOrgasm Humiliation Palming HeadPlay BallPlay Recycling Abandoned Taylor POV NaturalBreasts Cruel CBT CockSlapping Thwacking Classic PostOrgasmTorture tt037"

Taylor`s FIRST POV Tease & Denial (Ruined Orgasm)
"Tease and Denial handjob from Taylor with a capped ruined orgasm. Taylor teases and strips in the beginning of this cock tease which was her first POV T&D and also one of the first with a ruined orgasm."
TAGS: " Taylor POV Sexy Oral-Blowjob CockSlapping Classic Palming Breasts-Titjob RuinedOrgasm CockTease NaturalBreasts Breasts tt070"

Ruined Leather
"Here`s Taylor in her sexy and sadistic return to POV T&D! Its a soft leather glove teasing handjob with constant edging#NEXT# cockslapping and a CLASSIC RUINED ORGASM! Its the hottest T&D Taylor has shot all year!"
TAGS: " Taylor Breasts Sexy Classic NaturalBreasts RuinedOrgasm CockSlapping POV Leather Gloves Oral-Blowjob tt157"