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Magical Helium: Clown Transformation
"Gemini is in a horrible mood planning for her niece`s birthday party and everything is going wrong. She takes a small toke of helium and it is all over. She becomes a clown
TAGS: " MistressGemini Gemini BE Inflation Magic Process BE BreastExpansion Clown Process coulrophilia tmc587"

Trapped and Turned: A Jack in the Box Then a Clown with a Cock
"She finds a flower at the bottom of a box and goes in through a series of changes she turns into a jack in the box. When she emerges she has a suprise cock which she enjoys . Lots of changes happy clown."
TAGS: " Clown JoclynStone Blonde Joclyn Expansion Pornstar Mature Joclyn LongHair BreastInflation Futa BreastExpansion JackInTheBox Inflation tmc729"

Inflatable Round Clown
"She`s a happy clown until she begins to inflate. At first it is interesting and funny to her then she becomes scared. She grows huge and talks about her concerns with her body change. She falls off bed and walks around trying to figure out what to do"
TAGS: " Clown JoclynStone Blonde Expansion Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation Mature Joclyn Pornstar LongHair tmc737"

Clown Intruder: Hourglass Forced Inflation
"Bizarre clown sneaks into Chloe`s apartment while she is studying and force inflates her. First ass then giant jiggly breasts from magic water then hose inflates until her breasts are spraying water as she taunts her."
TAGS: " Chloe ChloeCarter Clown ForcedInflation Young HourGlass FluidInflation BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation Pornstar Expansion Talulah ButtInflation AssExpansion tmc1375"