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"Taylor in one of her more amazing ruined orgasm perfomances as she manages to ruin about three in a row here by thumbing #NEXT# palming and scrunching. Terrific hot clip! One of her all time greats!"
TAGS: " Humiliation Ruinedorgasm Breasts Breasts-Titjob Classic Thumbing POV Palming NaturalBreasts Taylor Cruel HeadPlay Bleeding Recycling PreventiveThumbing tt031"

TAGS: " RuinedOrgasm Humiliation Palming HeadPlay BallPlay Recycling Abandoned Taylor POV NaturalBreasts Cruel CBT CockSlapping Thwacking Classic PostOrgasmTorture tt037"

TAGS: " RuinedOrgasm Cfnm HeadPlay BallPlay CBT Humiliation Oral-Blowjob POV CockSlapping Thumbing Taylor Cruel Palming Bleeding Recycling PostOrgasmTorture NaturalBreasts tt045"

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TAGS: " RuinedOrgasm HeadPlay BallPlay CBT Humiliation Oral-Blowjob POV CockSlapping Thumbing Taylor Cruel Palming Bleeding Recycling PostOrgasmTorture NaturalBreasts tt046"

Taylor`s REAL Tit Cock Tease
TAGS: " Breasts-Titjob CockTease Humiliation CockSlapping Taylor POV CockControl OrgasmDenial Cruel NaturalBreasts Breasts Denial tt051"

Taylor`s OH THATS JUST FUCKING WRONG Cockteasing Handjob
" Taylor reaches a fever pitch of terror in this clip as she mixes in some terrific hand manipulation with her normal off the chart sexuality and nasty mean streak. The handjob builds as she makes it more and more torturous."
TAGS: " Taylor Cfnm HeadPlay CockSlapping Recycling BallPlay Cruel RuinedOrgasm NaturalBreasts Abandoned PostOrgasmTorture POV PreventiveThumbing Thumbing Oral-Blowjob tt060"

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The Smoke Dangle & Edge Cocktease
"Taylor provides a devilishly slow and sultry cocktease. She seems totally relaxed and comfortable prolonging the handjob and repeatedly teasing the cock like it wasn`t attached to someone who had feelings. Will she just walk away and not finish him off?"
TAGS: " Taylor POV Oral-Blowjob PostOrgasmTorture CockTease Smoking NaturalBreasts Cruel tt088"

Non-Stop Abuse Fast Jack and Torture Handjob
"Mistress Taylor takes you on a ten minute hell ride through physical and mental abuse. She starts right in jerking hard and talking sh-it. She says that you are so lame you won`t last 2 minutes. He doesn`t. GREAT CLIP! GREAT HANDJOB! ."
TAGS: " Taylor Recycling Cfnm Milking POV Humiliation PostOrgasmTorture RuinedOrgasm NaturalBreasts ForcedOrgasm Cruel tt092"

Sudden Explosion of Relentless Tandem Jerking
"Taylor and Maya wrestle this asshole into the room#NEXT# thrown him over a chair and drain his cock fiercly while taking turns fast jacking his dick the other spits#NEXT# chokes#NEXT# smothering with tits and slaps the fool around."
TAGS: " Smothering Cruel HeadPlay CockSlapping Taylor Maya MayaHills Pornstar Humiliation NaturalBreasts Milking ForcedOrgasm PostOrgasmTorture GirlyDommes Young Blonde tt108"

Extreme Close Up Ruined Orgasm with Ice Torture
"Taylor also uses ice as an added torment and edge killer. She grabs a camera to film the explosion and right after he starts to cum she pushes the camera lens down onto the head of his cock-stopping the orgasm."
TAGS: " Taylor Cruel Cfnm UsingTools CockSlapping POV NaturalBreasts RuinedOrgasm ForeignDictating tt129"

Post Orgasm Torture Humiliation & Abuse
"This clip begins with Taylor and Kimberly tormenting a slave with a femdom handjob and then he cums without permission. Post Orgasm Sensitivity Torture is his reward but Taylor adds a big squirt of HEATING GEL into the mix."
TAGS: " Taylor Kimberly CBT Breasts Cruel Feet FootWorship UsingTools GirlyDommes NaturalBreasts PostOrgasmTorture Young Blonde Humiliation Smothering tt142"

Teasing Handjob with POT
"Goddess Trinity Post teases the slave with her pussy#NEXT#and perfect ass while jacking his cock and not allowing him to cum. When she finally allows him to cum she continues to stroke his cock forcing him to beg for her to stop."
TAGS: " Trinity BallPlay CBT Feet Cruel Young CockTease Petite Oral-Blowjob Footjob GirlyDommes PostOrgasmTorture tt151"

T&D Brunch
"This is the ALL BITING EDITION of this T&D Oralcentric Handjob as Trinity Post chomps down on the dude`s cock#NEXT# balls#NEXT# leg#NEXT# toe and his chest as well."
TAGS: " Trinity BallPlay CBT Cruel Young CockTease Petite Oral-Blowjob GirlyDommes PostOrgasmTorture tt153"

Taylor`s Big Tit Thumbed & Bled Ruined Orgasm
"Taylor nestles in close with those spectacular real breasts so you can witness two of her specialties Thumbing & Bleeding an Orgasm. As sexy as she is cruel in this Tease & Denial with expertly ruined orgasm."
TAGS: " Ruinedorgasm Cruel PreventiveThumbing Sploofing Thumbing HeadPlay POV Taylor Bleeding Recycling NaturalBreasts tt001"

Nyomi Banxxx T&D Ruined Orgasm with POT
"Great tease and denial with some head play until the end when Nyomi decides to rip the cum out of your cock. You finally get to cum and she completely destroys your orgasm leaving the remaining amount to ooze out."
TAGS: " RuinedOrgasm Abandoned POV Young Pornstar Nyomi NyomiBanxxx PostOrgasmTorture Thumbing GirlyDommes Cruel Palming HeadPlay Cfnm Breasts-Titjob Tease Denial Interracial Recycling tt216"

Impotent Pin Dick Loser Humiliation
"What is wrong with you? Two hot girls are actually stroking your cocklet and you can`t even get it up. Caroline and Moxxie humiliate you for being an impotent loser as they stroke your worthless cock and you can`t get it up."
TAGS: " Humiliation Breasts OrgasmDenial Cruel Pornstar Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Caroline CarolinePierce Mature POV SPH tt225"

Stepson Forced/Ruined Orgasm
"Nicole is furious at you her stepson when the woman next door tells her what you did. She just can`t understand why you can`t find women your own age you are interested in at college. Both woman force you to jack off then force an orgasm out of you."
TAGS: " RuinedOrgasm Nicole Cruel HeadPlay NicoleMoore Cala CalaCraves POV Pornstar Humiliation CumEatingInstruction Blonde Cfnm CockSlapping Milking ForcedOrgasm PostOrgasmTorture Mature tt239"