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Clips featuring crushing in the store...

Giant Princess Nina Crushes Destroys and Eats
"Princess Nina crushes an entire work site full of workers and trucks ripping the heads off of the men and eating others."
TAGS: " Nina SmallMan Giantess Vore Crushing NinaEstes Oral Crush gts001"

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Giantess Taylor vs MiniMax in BEYOND THUNDERDOME
"This clip includes spitting and titsmothering and size comparison and small penis humiliation and human ashtray and faceslapping and facesitting and belly punching and forced bi & ballbusting. Taylor is particularly violent to the little man in this clip."
TAGS: " Smother Ass Topless Crush Crushing SmallMan Taylor Giantess Insertion Genesis Smothering Spitting Humiliation Spit gts015"

Overpowered by Ass
"Beautiful big ass crushing a tiny useless man. Goddess Bunny enjoys seeing the little man suffer for air under her overwhelming ass while she tells him to sniff."
TAGS: " Bunny Giantess Humiliation ButtCrush Crushing Crush SmallMan Ass gts019"

The Best Butt Crush Clip EVER
" Excellent butt crushing from the worlds most perfect ass. Mistress Delilah looks giant and is amazing in this clip as she taunts and and crushes the tiny man.Do not miss this clip."
TAGS: " Anal Humiliation Insertion Crushing Delilah ButtCrush Mistress MistressDelilah Crush Ass SmallMan gts021"

Suffocate Under My Perfect Ass
"Trinity tapes the little man down and crushes his `pathetic head` under her perfect ass and pussy. She teases him and smothers him until he passes out."
TAGS: " Trinity Ass SmallMan TrinityPost Giantess Smother ButtCrush Crush Crushing Smothering Humiliation Topless gts026"

Beach Butt Crush Smother Fest(Hi-Def)
"A giantess strolling across the beach comes across two tiny loser men soaking up the sun. She decides to spice up their day with a little smothering and heavy butt crush action."
TAGS: " Kaci KaciStarr Denim Humiliation SmallMan Crushing Crush Giantess ButtCrush Smother Ass Smothering gts028"

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Cornered Tortured and Crushed Under Giant Feet
"A group of small fat men are destroyed under Goddess Penny`s giant bare feet. Before their destruction and they are tortured under her perfect smelly soles."
TAGS: " Humiliation Penny Crushing Crush Feet Giantess SmallMan gts029"

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My Ass Will Take You Out Little Pig Man
"19 yr old giantess Holly crushes the tiny man under her perfect ass."
TAGS: " Humiliation SmallMan Holly Giantess Crushing Crush ButtCrush Ass gts032"

Giantess PregDomme ATTACKS!
"Someone get Tokyo on the phone thats one big scary bitch! She is crushing tiny Tim but not before some major humiliation from a cruel and cruel big belittling bitch!"
TAGS: " Giantess Crushing Humiliation Pregnant Crush SmallMan gts037"

Making Him Feel Small
"Technically this would be a humiliation/shrinking fetish but Mistress Taylor makes herself seem more powerful and taller and intimidating with her viscous verbal humiliation and her wickedly hard slap across the face right down to the crushing ending."
TAGS: " Giantess Taylor SmallMan Humiliation Shrinking Crushing Crush gts039"

Bus Station Massacre
" Giantess out walking her dogs passes a bus station and decides to have some fun with the tiny people waiting for the bus. She drops some of the tiny people in her drink and eats and crushes the rest."
TAGS: " Vore Taylor SmallMan Giantess Crushing Crush Oral gts040"

" Tiny Tim get smothered and trampled by Giantizilla starring Mistress Apache. This clip is a bit humorous."
TAGS: " Giantess Smother Smothering Crush Crushing SmallMan Humiliation Apache gts042"

"Maya crushes some little men and eats the others until her belly is about to explode."
TAGS: " Vore Oral Crushing Crush Humiliation SmallMan Maya MayaHills Giantess gts044"

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Tiny Perverts Hiding on My Breasts
"Taylor finds a bunch of little tiny pervert men wondering around her huge breasts. She gives them an extra up close look at them. She humiliates and smothers and and crushes them. There are some excellent POV shots where the viewer becomes the little men."
TAGS: " Taylor Topless POV Smothering Smother Giantess Crushing Crush Humiliation gts048"

Dangle & Crush Giantess
"Mistress L returns as the giantess in this footcentric clip that begins with a shoe dangling sequence performed over the tiny man."
TAGS: " Giantess SmallMan MistressL Mistress FootWorship Crushing Crush Humiliation gts049"

Let ME Show You What Happened to My Last Boyfriend
"Annie is an amazing actress and those into giantess and shrinking and crush will LOVE her. After berating him with loud screaming and degrading language to the point where he shrinks to the size of a bug she crushes him and leaves him smashed on her foot ."
TAGS: " Giantess Feet Crush Crushing Humiliation POV Shrinking Annie AnnieBody gts050"

This is The LAST Ass you will Ever See
"Holly catches you checking out another girls ass and berates you to the size of a toy. To ensure you never get a chance to look at another girl she makes sure her ass is the last one you ever see and she crushes you with it."
TAGS: " ButtCrush Holly Crush Crushing Giantess POV Shrinking Humiliation Smother Smothering Ass gts055"

The Perfect BUTT CRUSH Clip - One FART Included
"Bug sized man caught spying from behind plant
TAGS: " SmallMan ButtCrush POV Giantess Ass Smother Smothering Crush Crushing Heidi HeidiMayne Humiliation gts056"

Take Your Last Few Breaths Little Man- Up Close Ass Smother
"Don`t piss Holly off or she will become your giantess nightmare. In this clip
TAGS: " ButtCrush Holly Crush Crushing Giantess POV Humiliation Smother Smothering Ass gts057"

Mini Boy Shrink Humiliation and Crush
"All verbal HUMILIATION shrinks you down to the size of Daisy`s heel. Once shrunken down
TAGS: " Crush Crushing Feet Giantess Humiliation POV Shrinking SPH Daisy DaisyLayne gts060"

Tiny Man Pantyhose Playtime
"Honey plays with her little men in her pantyhose
TAGS: " Crush Crushing ButtCrush Honey HoneyWhite Feet Giantess Humiliation Insertion Oral Nude POV Smother Smothering VaginalVore Topless Vore gts061"

I Want You Small Enough to Swallow
"You are caught by the neighbor looking up her skirt while working on your car. See what happens when you get home."
TAGS: " Ass Eris Feet Crush Crushing Giantess Gts Humiliation Oral Vore POV Shrinking SmallMan gts067"

Bleach Blonde Giantess Vore and Crush
"Beautiful Giantess eats people in home and completely destroys house with bare hands and feet."
TAGS: " Crush Crushing Humiliation Helena HelenaStrong Giantess Vore Oral Gts Nude POV Topless SmallMan gts084"

Shrinking Vore Classroom Punishment
"Your teacher catches you reading a porn magazine in class and shrinks you down then plays with you in her mouth. She then decides where to store you in her pussy or her ass. She decides to use you as a sex toy then store you in her ass."
TAGS: " Crushing Crush Humiliation Vore VaginalVore Oral Anal Nude Pussy POV Shrinking GTS Giantess Kiki KikiDaire gts123"

Ass Gas City Destruction
"Giantess destroys Entire city with LOUD nonstop blasts of ass gas. Small man face farts
TAGS: " Giantess GTS Pornstar Alura AluraJenson Farting Humiliation Ass Crushing Crush SmallMan gts132"

Giantess Blasts: A Full Town Destruction
"Beautiful giantess destroys entire city with LOUD blasts of ass gas. Small man face farts
TAGS: " Farting GTS Oral Helena HelenaStrong Humiliation Vore Crushing Crush Giantess SmallMan Ass gts133"

Giantess Playtime
"Two beautiful giant women shrink you down to the size of a bug. They use you
TAGS: " ButtCrush Janet Helena HelenaStrong Crush Crushing Giantess GTS Humiliation POV Shrinking gts140"

School Girl Shrinking Teasing and Eating Her Teacher
"You are Jennique`s teacher and you catch her going through your desk. She knows she is in trouble so shrinks you down to a tiny man. She then brings you up on the desk to measure and tease you with her perfect natural breasts and more then eats you"
TAGS: " ButtCrush Smother Smothering NaturalBreasts Crush Crushing Giantess Gts Humiliation Oral Vore Shrinking SmallMan Jennique JenniqueAngel gts154"

Shrunk into Doll Beat then Crushed under her Ass
"Mylie has had it with you. She shrinks you down to a blow up doll that beats you up. She sits on you until you explode under the weight of her ass."
TAGS: " Giantess BBW ButtCrush Crush Gts BigAss Shrinking Crushing Humiliation Mylie MylieMoore gts155"

Clips featuring crushing in the store...

The Best Butt Crush Clip EVER
"Excellent butt crushing from the worlds most perfect ass. Mistress Delilah looks giant and is amazing in this clip as she taunts and and crushes the tiny man.Do not miss this clip."
TAGS: " Anal Humiliation Insertion Crushing Delilah ButtCrush Mistress MistressDelilah Crush Ass SmallMan del039"

Clips featuring crushing in the store...

Giant Tit Crush
"Goddess Bunny smothers the tiny man between her massive breasts."
TAGS: " Giantess Humiliation Bunny BreastSmother Crushing Smothering NaturalBreasts Young GirlyDommes Pornstar Blonde fd120"

Flattened By Her Belly and Crushed By her Ass
"Custom clip. Helena instructs you to jack off while she crushes with her belly and bursts an inflatable with her ass."
TAGS: " Crushing ButtCrush BellyFetish Crush Smother Smothering Helena HelenaStrong Young GirlyDommes Blonde MasturbationInstruction POV fd335"

Clips featuring crushing in the store...

Feel My Big Strong Legs Crush the Life Out Of You
"Amazon Helena has extremely strong legs and she shows you exactly how she will crush your head between them and what it will feel like. She then demonstrates her strength by destroying a large watermelon crushing like nothing between her thighs."
TAGS: " DisplayofStrength Amazon Helena HelenaStrong StrongWomen FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen Crush Crushing ab142"