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Fuck Implants Get a Magic Hat!
"Crystal wants breast implants for her birthday but instead she gets a supposedly magic dress and hat. Pissed off she tries them on anyway and soon her breasts begin to swell and grow multiple sizes bigger..."
TAGS: " Crystal CrystalClark Expansion BreastExpansion Magic BreastInflation Inflation tmc988"

The Tainted Sweat Suit
"Crystal ordered a small grey sweat suit and recieved the same sweatsuit 5 times larger in a package that day. She finds how big the sweatsuit is as funny and tries it on only for it to inflate huge. She finally pulls herself up to find who sent it."
TAGS: " CrystalClark Crystal Expansion Inflation Young BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc998"

Nine Pills to Pregnancy
"Crystal wants a baby. She takes the 9 pills required to make her pregnant and her belly grows to 9 months when her water breaks."
TAGS: " CrystalClark Crystal Inflation Young BellyExpansion Belly Expansion BellyInflation Pregnant FluidInflation tmc999"

Catfighting Firehose Roommate
"Crystal is sick of her roommate Victoria laying around making the house a mess. They get into huge physical fight. Crystal takes her down ties her up and shoves a firehose down throat and blows her up until she bursts and is spraying water everywhere."
TAGS: " Crystal CrystalClark Victoria CatFighting Inflation ButtonPopping SuitInflation Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1141"

Catfighting Firehose Burglar
"Crystal returns to find a burglar. A fight begins and Crystal is knocked out cold. The burglar strips her down and gets more and more turned on at the though of filling her. Halfway through she wakes up terrified as water shoots out of all her pores."
TAGS: " Crystal Nudity CrystalClark Victoria CatFighting Inflation Fighting ClothesRipping SuitInflation Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1167"

You Bleed Blue You Blueberry Bitch
"Joline goes out each night and hunts men to turn into blueberries for her pleasure. On this night Crystal is the only customer in the bar she pics a fight with her and turns her. She enjoys her new terrified blueberry until she spits juice and she bites."
TAGS: " Joline Crystal CrystalClark BlueberryInflation Expansion Transformation Redhead Pornstar Blueberry Wonka SuitInflation Catfight BellyInflation Inflation BellyExpansion tmc1225"

A VERY Strange Day at The Spa
"Kym and Victoria get into a fight in sauna. Victoria knocks Kym out turns creature and carries her into a body bag. She hooks her to helium tank and starts fire. Kym turns to superhero busts out sticks firehose in Vic she inflates. They both crush Crystal"
TAGS: " KymberlyJane Kymberly Victoria Crystal CrystalClark Pornstar SuitInflation Inflation Fight ForcedInflation Expansion Helium tmc1253"

Becoming a Delta Blueberry Task
"In order to become a `Delta` each pledge must chew the magic Blueberry gum and be juiced by the sorority. It is Pledge Janera`s turn and the girls flake so Crystal is left to juice her alone."
TAGS: " Janera Crystal Blueberry CrystalClark Pornstar Expansion BlueberryInflation BeltPop Inflation SuitInflation Wonka tmc1282"

School Girls Blueberry Transformation and Explosion
"Crystal and Jenna are in detention. Crystal gives Jenna some gum that turns her into a giant blueberry. Jenna is scared as Crystal teases her in all kinds of ways. When Crystal realizes Jenna is going to blow up she leaves. Great explosion."
TAGS: " JennaRoss Jenna Crystal CrystalClark Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Redhead Pornstar Blueberry Wonka Popping tmc1393"