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Clips featuring dita in the store...

Two Sexy Smoker Instructions
"Two Smoking Masturbation Instruction. Joclyn plays your teacher you have to watch smoke and jack off and Dita times you to a quick smoke."
TAGS: " Smoking Young NaturalBreasts GirlyDommes J/OEncouragement JoeClips JoiClips Encouragement Guided MasturbationInstruction POV Jerkoff Pornstar Dita DitaDay Joclyn JoclynStone Blonde Milf Cougar jo609"

Clips featuring dita in the store...

The Magical Transformation Paint
"A weird house/magic paint. Dita grows a round ass
TAGS: " Dita Blonde Expansion ButtInflation Process IncreasedBeauty TransformationFantasy AssExpansion Bimbo Young Magic NerdToGlam BE BreastExpansion Inflation tmc521"

Dita: Sexy New Belly Stuffer
"Dita is a new sexy young stuffer. Lots of belly play and some burping in her chicken
TAGS: " Eating OverEating BellyFetish WeightGain Stuffing Stuffer FaceStuffing BellyStuffing Drinking Burping Burp Young Dita tmc528"

Dita Loves Balloons
"Dita loves balloons. She plays with balloons full of air and helium. She talks about floating and popping and inflates huge while dreaming about floating away."
TAGS: " Dita Young Brunette Balloons Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc532"

Two New Sets Of Great Big Natural Breasts
"Dita freaks when she sees Quinns new breasts. Quinn helps her out with the solutiion and Dita grows 34H Beautiful Natural Breasts! The clip ends with girls getting into a breast fight over size. Lots of Natural breast play from both girls"
TAGS: " NaturalBreasts Dita Quinn BE Expansion ButtonPopping BreastExpansion Busting Inflation Magic BreastInflation tmc1028"

Dita and Quinn: We Can`t Wait to Get FAT
"Dita and Quinn
TAGS: " Eating BellyFetish Belly BellyStuffing FaceStuffing WeightGain Stuffing OverEating Young Dita Quinn Burping Burp Drinking tmc1030"

Pigging Out: Out of Control Freshman 15
"Dita is pigging out while studying for finals and literally starts to act like a pig. She loses control and blows up and can only really snort and burp she inflates so fast her crotch busts open and you see her huge pig pussy."
TAGS: " DitaDay Dita Pig BodyInflation Inflation Expansion Magic Eating BellyFetish Belly BellyStuffing FaceStuffing WeightGain Stuffing OverEating Young Burp Burping Drinking tmc1036"

Dita Surprises You With her Accelerated Pregnancy
"Dita is your girlfriend and she took a pregnancy accelerator before you had sex with her. She goes through the entire accelerated pregnancy for you on video. Belly and breast growth with pregnancy talk. Dita is amazing in this."
TAGS: " DitaDay Dita Pregnant Young Belly Preggo FluidInflation BellyInflation Inflation BellyExpansion Inflation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation POV BigNipples tmc1038"

What Did This Bitch Do To My Outfit: Futa Version
"Dita is getting ready for her date and can`t figure out what to wear. She ends up in a tacky jumpsuit her sister gave her as a gift. Little does she know her sister put a spell on it. She grows huge boobs and ass. At her dates house grows a cock."
TAGS: " BreastExpansion PenisExpansion Young Inflation Futanari DickGirl Futa BreastInflation ButtInflation AssExpansion Expansion Hourglass Dita DitaDay tmc1039"

What Did This Bitch Do To My Outfit: Just Inflation Version
"Dita is getting ready for her date and can`t figure out what to wear. She ends up in a tacky jumpsuit her sister gave her as a gift. Little does she know her sister put a spell on it. She grows huge boobs and ass."
TAGS: " BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation ButtInflation AssExpansion Young Expansion Hourglass Dita DitaDay tmc1040"

Grandma`s Panties Momma`s Curse Hip Inflation
"Dita dabbles in the black arts and she lights a candle and casts a spell to keep her Mother far
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Young HipInflation Magic Expansion Inflation tmc1043"

Blueberry Pie to Blueberry Bliss
"Dita eats pie she is not supposed to eat. She leaks bb juice and blue berries from her pussy and nipples. She changes grows belly boobs then turns into giant bb. Fear turns to squirting bb orgasmic bliss."
TAGS: " Blueberry SuitInflation Topless BreastInflation DitaDay Young NaturalBreasts BreastExpansion Wonka Expansion Inflation Dita tmc1103"

Going Ape
"Dita slowly becomes an ape. She is terrified and fights the change. Futa ending"
TAGS: " Transformation AnimalTransformation TailGrowth Dita DitaDay Young Futa Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion Expansion tmc1109"

Firehose Revenge
"Charlot is sick of her nasty insulting roommate Dita. While fighting a fire that begins in the kitchen Charlot becomes furious. She shoves the hose in Ditas mouth blowing her up with while insulting her."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Young Expansion Charlot CharlotHarlot Inflation ButtonPopping BeltPopping SuitInflation ForcedInflation tmc1136"

WGT: Dita Wants to get Fat for You
"Dita is your girlfriend who discovered you like heavier girls
TAGS: " WGT Dita DitaDay Belly BellyFetish WeightGainTease Drinking Overeating Tease BellyStuffing WeightGain POV Measuring Facestuffing Eating Burp Burping tmc1244"

Turn Into a Blueberry for Wonka Girls
"Two different wonka girls talk you through inflating into a blueberry at home. Talulah gives you step by step as Dita encourages you to Jack off as you turn into a blueberry for her. Special Request Trial."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Talulah MasturbationInstruction BubbleGum Bubbles Blueberry Wonka POV POVInflation tmc1250"

WGT With LOTS Of Great Belly Play and Stuffing
"Dita teases you with her growing belly as she stuffs goldfish crackers and milk. She talks about what you will do to her as she gains for you."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay BellyPlay Stuffing WGT Drinking BellyStuffing BellyFetish Eating OverEating Tease WeightGainTease Measuring WeightGain Gainer Facestuffing tmc1252"

The Assassin
"Poison is an assassin hired to take out Dita. Her first attempt fails and Dita blows her up. She reforms comes back and blows up Dita."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Poison MissPoison ForcedInflation SuitInflation HoseInflation BeltPop Inflation Expansion tmc1259"

Their Fat Fairy Godmother
"Chi Chi and Slyvia are pigging out on subs
TAGS: " ChiChi Dita DitaDay Sylvia BellyFetish BellyStuffing Stuffing Eating Facestuffing ForcedInflation Inflation WeightGain Stuffing BellyExpansion Magic BellyInflation Busting Expansion pov1313"

Kidnapped-Blown Up-Used-Abused and Popped
"Dita is an insane collector of human balloons. She captures girls blows them up to use for her sexual pleasure then either saves or blows them up. In this clip she blows up Lucids belly and thighs then uses her and blows her up."
TAGS: " Lucid Young Dita DitaDay ThighInflation HipInflation Inflation BellyInflation BellyExpansion Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1328"

Paying the Price For Stealing
"Caroline is a evil leprechaun that lives in the back of a bar. Local girl Dita steals a wallet with a gold coin from a customer and pays the price."
TAGS: " CarolinePierce DitaDay Caroline Dita Leprechaun BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation AssExpansion LipInflation LipExpansion ForcedInflation Expansion Pornstar Young Mature ButtInflation tmc1334"

Revenge Spell Gone Wrong: Female to Male Transformation
"Dita gets a ticket from a 70`s looking cop and comes home and casts a spell on him. Her breasts begin to deflate and by morning she has become that cop. She wakes with a hard cock and jacks it off. (Intro a little long in my opinion so lowered price)"
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Young GenderTransformation Transformation BreastInflation BreastExpansion FemaleToMale tmc1347"

Button Blasting Helium Sucking Kissing Inflations
"Lucid and Dita are two helium hippy junkies who spend Friday night sharing helium hits and growing breasts. They put on button down shirts and enjoy feeling the buttons blast right off."
TAGS: " Lucid Dita DitaDay ButtonPopping Kissing BreastInflation Helium Young BreastExpansion Inflation Expansion tmc1361"

Sexy Helium Ass Expansion JO Instruction
"Dita teases you with her growing ass as she sucks helium and instructs you to jack off for her."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Magic Helium AssExpansion POV Tease ButtInflation Young MasturbationInstruction Inflation Expansion tmc1363"

Blueberry Terror at the Candy Factory
"Lucid and her Mother go to candy factory and Lucid chews gum she is not supposed to chew. Wonka tells her to spit it out and she refuses. She turns into BB. Her mother is furious and she is terrified. At end they begin to roll her to the juicing room."
TAGS: " Lucid Dita DitaDay Young LucyStardust Lucy Blueberry BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BubbleGum Bubbles Wonka tmc1370"

Dita Loves Balloons: An Orgasmic Transformation and Explosion
"Dita`s students throw her a party. After school she is left alone with the balloons. She gets so turned on by her fantasy to become a balloon she makes it a reality. She becomes a huge balloon in orgasmic ecstacy and fills to capacity then explodes."
TAGS: " DitaDay Dita Young SuitInflation Balloons Popping Inflation ClothesDestruction Expansion Helium tmc1402"

Clips featuring dita in the store...

Black Magic Gone Bad
"Dark witch Dita decides to make her enemy fat and makes a mistake in her potion and grows through to the ceiling busting out of stuff."
TAGS: " Growth GTS Giantess Dita DitaDay ClothesDestruction Topless gts160"