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Live Doll Masturbation Instruction
"Caroline is a perfect live doll and an amazing masturbation instruction."
TAGS: " DollFetish MasturbationInstruction Caroline CarolinePierce Milf Cougar Pornstar POV J/OEncouragement JoeClips JoiClips Encouragement Jerkoff Guided jo371"

Clips featuring dollfetish in the store...

Barbie BE
"Barbie Doll BE Transformation
TAGS: " Jordan JordanBlue BE Expansion DollFetish Pornstar Nudity BreastExpansion Inflation Deflation Magic BreastInflation Blonde tmc164"

Her New Live Doll
"Amanda is so excited her new live doll has arrived. She pulls out the remote to see what her new doll can do. Her new doll does ROLEPLAY BE
TAGS: " CarolinePierce DollFetish Caroline Amanda AmazonAmanda LiveDoll PornStar Mature Robot RolePlay tmc413"

Zoe to Rag Doll
"Zoe is cleaning house when she gets a spot on her new white top. She throws an old Raggedy Ann top on and slowly turns into a life-size human rag doll."
TAGS: " Transformation DollFetish DollTransformation Zoe ZoeAnderson tmc892"

Business Woman to Blow Up Doll
"Mika is a clothing reviewer who brings home some lingerie to review for her company. She tries one piece on and slowly begins to turn into a full blown blow up doll"
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika Asian Pornstar Transformation DollFetish DollTransformation Magic tmc1063"

Clips featuring dollfetish in the store...

I Wish You Were Real
"He loves his doll and dreams of his her coming to life. This is his fantasy or is it reality?"
TAGS: " Blonde DollFetish Jordan JordanBlue Pornstar Mature tt209"