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Clips featuring dragon in the store...

Sniff Deep: Blueberry Transformation
"Tainted flowers turn college student into a blueberry. Lower price due to some issues with clip production. This is Dragons first clip. I think you guys will love her."
TAGS: " Dragon Asian LucyStardust Lucy Young Wonka Blueberry SuitInflation Expansion Inflation tmc1114"

Carbonation Inflation
"Dragon keeps drinking soda and needs to but just can`t burp. The carbonation builds up in her breasts until she busts out of her shirt."
TAGS: " Dragon Asian Lucy LucyStardust ButtonPopping BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation Burping Burp tmc1138"

Clips featuring dragon in the store...

Sniff Deep
"Dragon gets a mysterious note on a flower delivery telling her to sniff the flowers deep. She does this and grows tall."
TAGS: " Dragon Giantess Asian GTS ClothesDestruction Growth gts169"