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Well Hello Honey Do You Want to See How Fat I will Get For You
"Sexy Weight Gain Tease. Sydney knows what you want and shows you what she is going to do to give you what you want."
TAGS: " SydneyCapri Sydney Ebony Pornstar WeightGainTease WGT tmc252"

Alien Insemination
"This is an excellent deep throat teasing POV alien BlowJob where the alien cums in her mouth which goes down freezing cold. She becomes cold all over and grows large round pregnant alien belly. (inflation is just last several minutes of clip)"
TAGS: " JaylaStarr Jayla BellyInflation Inflation Young Topless BJ Hardcore Pornstar Swallow Asian Ebony tmc259"

Ass Worship Breast Inflation Extacy
"Sydney was prepaired for a nice dinner and her boyfriend shows up with a beautiful magic necklace but dressed like a bum. She is mad and forces him to worship her ass. See how the magic necklace works wtih his air to inflate her breasts."
TAGS: " SydneyCapri Sydney Magic Ebony Pornstar BE Inflation BreastExpansion AssWorship Hardcore Happy Nudity tmc260"

I Can See How Guys Like This!
"While waiting the shoot to start Aryana chugs from one of THE 7 VIALS hoping to get huge boobs but is terrified at what she grows instead. Shock turns to awe as she has a intense virgin jack off session. GREAT
TAGS: " Aryana AryanaStarr Pornstar Ebony Futa 7Vials tmc295"

Big Boobie Night: NyomiBanXXX
"Beyond Beautiful Pornstar Nyomi Banxxx is waiting for you and it is Big Boobie Night. She has a larger nightgown she is going to fill out for you with bigger boobs. The bigger they get the more excited she gets."
TAGS: " NyomiBanxxx BreastExpansion BE Inflation Nyomi Pornstar Ebony tmc379"

BE Interactive: Stacy Adams
"Sexy Pornstar Stacy teases you with her beautiful ALL NATURAL breasts and encourages you to jack off for her. She then puts on her magic sweater and controls her breasts growing huge for you the bigger they get the more turned on she gets with you."
TAGS: " StacyAdams BEinteractive POV Stacy Pornstar BE MasturbationInstruction Inflation Ebony BreastExpansion tmc485"