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Holly's Round Belly Beautiful Growing Princess
"Holly loves Helena`s growing belly
TAGS: " OverEating Measuring Eating BellyFetish WeightGain Drinking BellyStuffing FaceStuffing Young Blonde Stuffing Feeder Feedee Holly HollyDomme HollyWebster Helena HelenaStrong Fat tmc500"

DARKISLAND: Feeding Loz Boxes Of Chocolates
"DARKISLAND Productions presents another weight gain tease. I this clip Loz eats chocolates and talks about putting on lots of extra pounds for you. She seductively teases you about how big her breasts and belly is going to be as you feed her non stop"
TAGS: " Loz WGT DarkIsland Feeding WeightGain POV Tease Feedee Outgrown tmc574"

DARKISLAND: Bellie Mellie's Weight Gain & Belly Tease
"DARKISLAND Productions presents Bellie Mellie who you will love in this hot and sexy weight gain tease! 21 minutes long!"
TAGS: " Bellie Mellie BellieMellie WGT DarkIsland Feeding WeightGain POV Tease Feedee Belly Outgrown tmc576"

LEGENDS OF BELLY: Helena & Kimberly
"Caroline cannot believe her luck between two beautiful gaining belly stuffers. She orders them tons of Chinese and Thai food then measures
TAGS: " FaceStuffing Stuffer BellyStuffing Feeder Feedee Eating OverEating BellyFetish Fat WeightGain Stuffing Burping Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Helena HelenaStrong Blonde Young Mature Caroline CarolinePierce Pornstar tmc603"

Breaking the Plateau With a Magic Pie
"Brandy has been trying to fatten her lesbian girlfriend Kimberly up forever. She wants her so big she is immobile. Her weight has plateaued and Brandy wants her bigger. She gets a magic pie and kimberly expands twice her size hip and large belly growth."
TAGS: " Brandy BrandyBottoms WonderHussy KimberlyMarvel Kimberly Inflation BellyInflation BellyExpansion Facestuffing Feeder Feedee Stuffing HipInflation AssExpansion Expansion Lesbian Burping ClothesBusting tmc937"

A Belly Stuffers Dream: Introducing Lola
"Lola stuffs chips
TAGS: " BellyStuffing POV WeightGainTease Tease MasturbationInstruction FaceStuffing Eating Pornstar Lola Burp Burping BellyFetish Feeder Feedee WeightGain BellyPlay tmc1329"

Mika Tan: A Lunch Break Stuffing Weight Gain Tease
"Mika takes a lunch break from her office job to eat a shrimp feast and tease you with her growing belly as she stuffs herself and talks about gaining weight for you. She wants you to jack off and cum all over her perfect growing belly."
TAGS: " BellyStuffing POV Tease Drinking FaceStuffing Eating Pornstar MikaTan Mika Asian POV MasturbationInstruction WGT Burp Burping GainingWeight BellyFetish Feeder Feedee WeightGain BellyPlay tmc1341"

POV: WGT: Kymberly wants to Become Your Big Fat Feedee
"Kymberly confronts you and she is furious
TAGS: " KymberlyJane Kymberly WGT POV Overeating Eating FaceStuffing BellyStuffing Drinking Stuffing Belly BellyFetish WeightGainTease Feeder Feedee Burp Burping WeightGain tmc1397"