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Clips featuring feeding in the store...

DARKISLAND: Feeding Shay
"Debut clip from DARKISLAND Productions stars charming and sexy Shay in a WGT. You feed her chocolates & she talks about how her loss of willpower keeps her eating & eating & she describes how it will effect each part of her body as she gains weight."
TAGS: " Shay WGT Young Pornstar DarkIsland Feeding WeightGain POV ShayHendrix Tease tmc494"

DARKISLAND: Feeding Loz Boxes Of Chocolates
"DARKISLAND Productions presents another weight gain tease. I this clip Loz eats chocolates and talks about putting on lots of extra pounds for you. She seductively teases you about how big her breasts and belly is going to be as you feed her non stop"
TAGS: " Loz WGT DarkIsland Feeding WeightGain POV Tease Feedee Outgrown tmc574"

DARKISLAND: Bellie Mellie's Weight Gain & Belly Tease
"DARKISLAND Productions presents Bellie Mellie who you will love in this hot and sexy weight gain tease! 21 minutes long!"
TAGS: " Bellie Mellie BellieMellie WGT DarkIsland Feeding WeightGain POV Tease Feedee Belly Outgrown tmc576"