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Clips featuring flintstones in the store...

Star`s Growth Envy Pt 1
"Star is shooting for Taylor and during a break Star finds the `Tainted Flintstones` and helps herself to Fred. Lots of busting & tearing as usual during the clothes and shoe destruction."
TAGS: " Growth Giantess FootGrowth Scared Flintstones Pornstar NaturalBreasts Process Busting ClothesBusting PantyRip ShoeBusting KaciStar FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth Nudity tmc012"

Tainted Flintstones
"Taylor begins to feel strange like she could be growing and she thinks it must have been the odd tasting vitamins she had with lunch. When her shoes practically explode and her breasts break free from the constrains of her shirt. LOTS OF DESTRUCTION"
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor NylonDamage FootGrowth Growth Giantess Flintstones Scared Process Busting ClothesBusting ShoeBusting ButtonPopping FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth BraPop Topless Pornstar Magic tmc018"

Star`s Growth Envy Pt 2 BE
"Star decides Wilma is the next Flintstone to take a fall and she hopes it comes out positive as a breast enhancer. Star gleefully roots her breasts all the way to gargantuan size."
TAGS: " Star KaciStar Flintstones Pornstar BE NaturalBreasts Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation ClothesBusting tmc032"

Anna`s Busting Expansion
"Anna takes a Vitamin every morning but she forgot so she helped herself to one of Taylor`s while on the set. She ends up busting her bra and tearing the back of her dress as her breasts grow out of control and she gets clumsy with her new HUGE tits."
TAGS: " Anna Flintstones BE Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation ButtonPopping BreastInflation ClothesBusting tmc034"