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Suit Inflation Relaxation & Humiiliation
"Caroline came home from work needing to relax. She pulls out her secret trick
TAGS: " SuitInflation Inflation Caroline CarolinePierce ForcedInflation FastInflation Pornstar tmc156"

Inflation Bait 2: Celebration
"Kimberly Marvel returns to Taylor`s house after the harrowing experience she had there when Taylor used her as a BE guinea pig. To Taylor`s surprise Kimberly is there to thank her because she LOVES her new huge boobs. Clip is POV BODY INFLATION."
TAGS: " POV POVInflation Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Taylor Inflation Revenge BodyInflation ForcedInflation tmc254"

Ambush Inflation Revenge and Humiliation
"Penny slept with one of her friend's boyfriends so they gang up on her while she is sleeping and force inflation tube down her throat and humiliate and threaten her while she grows huge. She is terrified."
TAGS: " OliviaRose Olivia HelenaStrong Helena PennyPoison Penny HoneyWhite Honey Inflation Suit Inflation Young Blonde Brunette SuitInflation Pornstar Redhead ForcedInflation tmc275"

"Taylor tricks a model who thinks she`s doing a BE video into being a guinea pig for her new faster body inflation method."
TAGS: " Jordan BodyInflation SuitInflation ForcedInflation Inflation tmc289"

Inflating the Fool
"Helena is dating a complete jackass. She has finally had enough of his behavior and brings a friend over to kick him out. He refuses to leave so they force inflate him then threaten him with knives
TAGS: " HelenaStrong CrystalCyn Helena Crystal Blonde Mature BodyInflation SuitInflation ForcedInflation Inflation tmc297"

Big Fat Stomach Revenge
"Sammie slept with Helenas boyfriend so Helena captures Sammie ties her up
TAGS: " SammieSpades Sammie HelenaStrong Helena Blonde Young Pornstar Forcefeeding BellyInflation ForcedInflation Inflation tmc310"

Captive Inflate
"Mika turns Taylors shoot down so Taylor captures / ties her up and harasses and threatens her while she inflates her full body."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika BodyInflation SuitInflation ForcedInflation Inflation tmc320"

Forced Inflation Belly Perfection
"Chloe is blound and held captive by Holly who has plans to make her perfect prisoner even more perfect by force inflating her belly to a size that Holly can truly enjoy and worship!"
TAGS: " ForcedInflation Holly HollyWebster Chloe BellyInflation Inflation Young tmc688"

Mommi Blows You Up Until You Explode
"Your mommi can`t stand you since you ruined her perfect belly by being born and have been nothing but a headache for her for years. She glues a helium tube up your ass and glues your ass together then force inflates you until you explode."
TAGS: " Inflation POV TransformationFantasy Alura AluraJenson Pornstar Humiliation ForcedInflation POVInflation tmc849"

Captive Alien Inflation
"A green suited alien with a huge bloated
TAGS: " BodyInflation JoclynStone Pornstar KymberlyJane Kymberly Joclyn Inflation BellyInflation Alien SuitInflation ForcedInflation tmc1068"

Firehose Revenge
"Charlot is sick of her nasty insulting roommate Dita. While fighting a fire that begins in the kitchen Charlot becomes furious. She shoves the hose in Ditas mouth blowing her up with while insulting her."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Young Expansion Charlot CharlotHarlot Inflation ButtonPopping BeltPopping SuitInflation ForcedInflation tmc1136"

Catfighting Firehose Roommate
"Crystal is sick of her roommate Victoria laying around making the house a mess. They get into huge physical fight. Crystal takes her down ties her up and shoves a firehose down throat and blows her up until she bursts and is spraying water everywhere."
TAGS: " Crystal CrystalClark Victoria CatFighting Inflation ButtonPopping SuitInflation Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1141"

POV Frozen and Forced to Inflate
"Your girlfriend Savannah has had it with you. Today is the last straw. She freezes you and forces a tube in you. As she watches you inflate she describes what is happening to you and teases and threatens as she decides what to do with you."
TAGS: " SavannahFox Savannah Inflation TransformationFantasy POVInflation Pornstar POV ForcedInflation tmc1145"

Catfighting Firehose Burglar
"Crystal returns to find a burglar. A fight begins and Crystal is knocked out cold. The burglar strips her down and gets more and more turned on at the though of filling her. Halfway through she wakes up terrified as water shoots out of all her pores."
TAGS: " Crystal Nudity CrystalClark Victoria CatFighting Inflation Fighting ClothesRipping SuitInflation Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1167"

Angry Demon Transformation and Forced Belly Inflation
"Tal gets a job and Sablique has to train her. She is not fast enough. Sablique slowly turns into a demon with horns and breasts. She slams Tal against the wall and shoves a hose down her throat and blows her belly up. She fills it so full she is stuck"
TAGS: " Sablique Talulah Inflation Belly Breast HairColorChange Expansion Transformation BreastInflation BreastExpansion BellyInflation BellyExpansion ForcedInflation FluidInflation tmc1179"

Mean Mommy: Forced Belly Expansion and Humiliation
"Rebeccas mother is cooking her dinner and she gets on her nerves. She throws her down on table and forces a hose down her throat turning her into a jelly belly. She makes Rebeccca play with her jelly belly after
TAGS: " BellyInflation BellyExpansion Inflation Expansion Pornstar ForcedInflation FluidInflation RebeccaLove Rebecca JoclynStone Joclyn tmc1199"

Lesbian Forced Inflation and Bondage Revenge
"Talulahs girlfriend cheats on her with a man and she is furious. She inflates her to a jelly belly with hose then ties her to chair and uses helium to blow up her ass and her stomach to enorous proportions and pops her with her heel."
TAGS: " Tracy Talulah Inflation AssExpansion ButtInflation BellyExpansion BellyInflation ForcedInflation Bondage BeltPop FluidInflation Helium tmc1202"

A VERY Strange Day at The Spa
"Kym and Victoria get into a fight in sauna. Victoria knocks Kym out turns creature and carries her into a body bag. She hooks her to helium tank and starts fire. Kym turns to superhero busts out sticks firehose in Vic she inflates. They both crush Crystal"
TAGS: " KymberlyJane Kymberly Victoria Crystal CrystalClark Pornstar SuitInflation Inflation Fight ForcedInflation Expansion Helium tmc1253"

The Assassin
"Poison is an assassin hired to take out Dita. Her first attempt fails and Dita blows her up. She reforms comes back and blows up Dita."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Poison MissPoison ForcedInflation SuitInflation HoseInflation BeltPop Inflation Expansion tmc1259"

Their Fat Fairy Godmother
"Chi Chi and Slyvia are pigging out on subs
TAGS: " ChiChi Dita DitaDay Sylvia BellyFetish BellyStuffing Stuffing Eating Facestuffing ForcedInflation Inflation WeightGain Stuffing BellyExpansion Magic BellyInflation Busting Expansion pov1313"

Kidnapped-Blown Up-Used-Abused and Popped
"Dita is an insane collector of human balloons. She captures girls blows them up to use for her sexual pleasure then either saves or blows them up. In this clip she blows up Lucids belly and thighs then uses her and blows her up."
TAGS: " Lucid Young Dita DitaDay ThighInflation HipInflation Inflation BellyInflation BellyExpansion Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1328"

Paying the Price For Stealing
"Caroline is a evil leprechaun that lives in the back of a bar. Local girl Dita steals a wallet with a gold coin from a customer and pays the price."
TAGS: " CarolinePierce DitaDay Caroline Dita Leprechaun BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation AssExpansion LipInflation LipExpansion ForcedInflation Expansion Pornstar Young Mature ButtInflation tmc1334"

Girl Gang Bar Fight Belly Blown Up
"Asian gangmember played by Mika walks into Hispanic gangmembers bar and fight starts and Mika is blown up with water hose. A lot of racist language used in fight. I charged more for this clip because this short clip destroyed a prop
TAGS: " Mika MikaTan Poison MissPoison CatFight Inflation Expansion ForcedInflation Fight BellyInflation WaterInflation BellyExpansion tmc1344"

Biker Babes Balloon Bitch
"Chloe just got a Harley for her 18th birthday and wants to join a biker gang. She is initiated into gang by bitch biker Austin who inflates her hips and belly huge and decides instead of letting her into gang she wants to tie her to fly behind her bike."
TAGS: " Chloe ChloeCarter Pornstar Young HipInflation BellyInflation BellyExpansion Expansion Inflation AustinLynn Austin Helium HeliumInflation ForcedInflation tmc1355"

Blueberry Obsessed Oompa Loompa and Her Blueberry Machine
"Lola is an Oompa Loompa that can`t get enough blueberry girls. She created a machine to make them. Hollie is a scared
TAGS: " HollieMack Lola Hollie Blueberry BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Wonka OompaLoompa ForcedInflation tmc1358"

Clown Intruder: Hourglass Forced Inflation
"Bizarre clown sneaks into Chloe`s apartment while she is studying and force inflates her. First ass then giant jiggly breasts from magic water then hose inflates until her breasts are spraying water as she taunts her."
TAGS: " Chloe ChloeCarter Clown ForcedInflation Young HourGlass FluidInflation BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation Pornstar Expansion Talulah ButtInflation AssExpansion tmc1375"