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Ruined Orgasm Assister
"Taylor uses her toy the `Adonis` & she teases the head with her tongue while it vibrates. The orgasm rumbles out & Taylor `dictates` by putting her forefinger over the hole squelching it. After that pain she cranks the toy on high to keep it hard!!!!!!!"
TAGS: " RuinedOrgasm Oral-Blowjob Dictating Humiliation Cfnm PostOrgasmTorture Thumbing Toys POV Taylor ForeignDictating Sploofing NaturalBreasts UsingTools tt003"

"YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED AT ALL IN THIS CLIP! Because of the victims squirm so much while Taylor was ruins their orgasms SHE TIES THIS ONE DOWN. Taylor teases the cock rock hard and then starts using her toys on the cock."
TAGS: " Taylor HeadPlay Dictating Cfnm Toys RuinedOrgasm ForeignDictating PostOrgasmTorture POV ForcedOrgasm NaturalBreasts UsingTools Humiliation tt013"

Popper Stopper
TAGS: " POV Cfnm RuinedOrgasm PostOrgasmTorture ForeignDictating Dictating Taylor UsingTools NaturalBreasts tt039"

Isolated Headplay
TAGS: " Cfnm HeadPlay PostOrgasmTorture UsingTools POV Toys RuinedOrgasm Taylor ForeignDictating NaturalBreasts Dictating tt049"

All Satin Teasing and Torture
TAGS: " RuinedOrgasm Thumbing Taylor POV Fabric CBT ForeignDictating Dictating Recycling Bleeding NaturalBreasts tt050"

Elastic Cumblast!
"Taylor decides to use a slave`s cock and tease him at the same time by using a rubberband to attach a vibrating egg to the underside#NEXT# and then taunts that slave as he tries to stop the potentially very painful orgasm."
TAGS: " Taylor Humiliation POV UsingTools Toys ForeignDictating ForcedOrgasm NaturalBreasts PostOrgasmTorture tt066"

Experimental CBT Double Ruined Orgasm Milking
"Taylor wants to experiment so she attaches a vibrating egg to the cock of the slave. She gathers more hair ties and rubber bands and starts to attach more. He cums twice in about 4 minutes."
TAGS: " Taylor Cfnm Humiliation POV Toys NaturalBreasts RuinedOrgasm ForeignDictating UsingTools ForcedOrgasm CBT tt083"

Extreme Close Up Ruined Orgasm with Ice Torture
"Taylor also uses ice as an added torment and edge killer. She grabs a camera to film the explosion and right after he starts to cum she pushes the camera lens down onto the head of his cock-stopping the orgasm."
TAGS: " Taylor Cruel Cfnm UsingTools CockSlapping POV NaturalBreasts RuinedOrgasm ForeignDictating tt129"

Double Pop Giant Breast Ruin
"BBW naturally giant breasted model Kore Goddess strokes and teases and strokes her boyfriends cock with her giant tits until he comes when she quickly intercepts between her huge breasts. Against his wishes#NEXT# she continues to stroke until he cums again."
TAGS: " Kore Koregoddess Recycling ForeignDictating Breasts Milking PostOrgasmTorture RuinedOrgasm Breasts-Titjob Thumbing NaturalBreasts ForcedOrgasm tt170"

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