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Vanity and Revenge
"Caroline Pierce in one of her best performances featuring her greatest cumshot EVER.*HINT* Follow the PREVIEW CLIP link and watch the trailer."
TAGS: " PenisExpansion Futagirl Hardcore Caroline CarolinePierce Growth Busting BreastExpansion Expansion tmc251"

Trick Dick
"A hooker realizes that her trick has given her a very strange tip as she grows her own nine inch penis! Sydney is terrific as always in a very campy Futa clip with a helluva cumshot!"
TAGS: " Sydney SydneyCapri Pornstar PenisExpansion Futa FutaGirl DickGrowth DickGirl Process ClothesBusting Hardcore tmc348"

Home Alone
"Bridget is at home alone. She`s very bored and equally drunk. She remembers she has a little bit of that magic tar left so she decides to fire it up. NEW HUGE PROP! BUCKETS OF CUM! COOL PROCESS!"
TAGS: " Futanari Futa PenisExpansion Process Expansion DickGrowth Futagirl Bridget BridgetMichaels tmc449"

The Adventures Of FUTAGIRL
"Buela's boyfriend dumps her by phone and she tries not to abuse her super powers by wasting them on such an asshole but she cannot help herself and has already transformed into FUTAGIRL by the time he arrives with her things."
TAGS: " Buela FutaGirl PenisExpansion Futanari DickGirl Superheroine tmc623"

Tiki Futanari
"At home after being stood up on a blind date Anomaly drinks from a mysterious tiki cup that someone had mixed a special magic potion in
TAGS: " Anomaly FutaGirl PenisExpansion Futanari DickGirl Magic tmc624"

No More Secrets: You Are a Pussy Big Tit Cock Loving Whore
"You go to a psychic and she looks into the crystal ball and tells you your dirty little secret that you want to see a chick with a cock
TAGS: " Futa NaturalBreasts POV PoofTransformation Transformation Topless MasturbationInstruction Humiliation Poison MissPoison DickGirl CumEatingInstruction FutaGirl Futanari tmc894"

OMG Its Futastic!
"Kym orders some mail order breast expansion pills
TAGS: " Futanari Futa FutaGirl PenisExpansion Kymberly KymberlyJane tmc1000"