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Olivia and her Assistants: Jerkoff Instruction/Encouragement
"Olivia(One of the sexiest talkers I have ever heard) teaches you to jack your cock while her two assistants manually show you exactly what to do. Jerk off encouragement from 3 HOT women!"
TAGS: " CockControl Jerkoff Mistress Taylor Sienna Genesis POV MasturbationInstruction NaturalBreasts OliviaSaint Encouragement Guided Pornstar StrapOn jo019"

Genesis`s First Masturbation Instruction
"Genesis smokes while she tells you how to jack your cock. Half way through the clip Taylor comes in and Genesis tells you how to cum all over her huge tits."
TAGS: " NaturalBreasts Genesis Taylor Jerkoff MasturbationInstruction Encouragement Guided POV Mistress jo055"

Clips featuring genesis in the store...

O my GOD Where is it? Itsy Bitsy Cock Masturbation Instruction
" Goddess Genesis sits back and asks to see your cock. When she sees it she can`t help but laugh. She sits back and files her nails while she teaches you how to jack that teeny tiny cock. She uses a pair of tweezers so it doesn`t get lost."
TAGS: " Genesis SPH MasturbationInstruction POV POVHumiliation bh017"

Clips featuring genesis in the store...

Giantess Taylor vs MiniMax in BEYOND THUNDERDOME
"This clip includes spitting and titsmothering and size comparison and small penis humiliation and human ashtray and faceslapping and facesitting and belly punching and forced bi & ballbusting. Taylor is particularly violent to the little man in this clip."
TAGS: " Smother Ass Topless Crush Crushing SmallMan Taylor Giantess Insertion Genesis Smothering Spitting Humiliation Spit gts015"

The Tall Tales of Tiny Tim & The Smoking Giantess
"In the second installment of `The Tall Tales of Tiny Tim` He encounters a Smoking Giantess(Goddess Genesis) who taunts him and uses him as a human ashtray. She ridicules him for being so teeny and small while blowing smoke in his face."
TAGS: " Giantess Genesis Humiliation Smoking Ashtray SmallMan gts043"

Clips featuring genesis in the store...

Eat The Soap You Little Bitch: Jack Off Instruction/Punishment
"Goddess Genesis punishes you by washing your filthy mouth out with soap while she instructs you to jack your little cock. The clip ends with a countdown to cum."
TAGS: " Genesis MasturbationInstruction MouthSoaping Humiliation SPH Soap Mistress POV POVHumiliation fd070"

Flogging the Cueball
"Cueball is secured to a web and gets flogged by Goddess Genesis."
TAGS: " Genesis Bound Whipping Violence Pain Mistress Corporal Humiliation fd128"

Ass Sniffing Bitch Training
"Goddess Genesis trains her bitch to walk and sit and shake paws and sniff ass."
TAGS: " Femdom Mistress Genesis AssWorship Humiliation fd129"

Shaving the Slap and Ash Receptacle
"Goddess Genesis slaps and shaves and uses her slave as a human ashtray."
TAGS: " Slapping Genesis Mistress Pain Humiliation fd130"

"Goddess Genesis explains EXACTLY what she plans for your cock."
TAGS: " Genesis POV POVHumiliation Mistress Humiliation CBT fd159"

Clips featuring genesis in the store...

The Foot Worship and Sniffing Positive Reinforcement System
" Mistress Taylor rewards the foot sniffer/worshiper with a hand job everytime he does a good job worshiping Goddess Genesis`s feet. This is a very lucky foot slave. Excellent suprise ending!"
TAGS: " Taylor Genesis Footjob FootWorship Feet NaturalBreasts tt139"

Clips featuring genesis in the store...

ARMPITS: Weapons Of Choice
"Goddess Genesis with a hankering for humiliating-and armpits will be the weapon of choice."
TAGS: " Genesis ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation Mistress sp037"

Goddess Genesis POV Footslave
"Goddess Genrsis has been wearing her shoes for HOURS and she needs them cleaned for they have quite the odor."
TAGS: " ShoeFetish Feet Genesis POV FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation Mistress sp038"

Whew! Long Day! I`m Going To Feed The FOOTSTOOL
"And she had a very and very rich and potent aroma when she finally peeled off those boots and she gets the slave`s nose deep in there to enjoy it and then uses him as a footstool and foot cleaner."
TAGS: " Genesis Feet BootFetish FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation Mistress sp089"

Clips featuring genesis in the store...

Rewarding The Fart Slave: Twice!
"Here is the Fart Girls Debut of Genesis who assists Taylor in rewarding her slave. Both girls get off tremendous blasts as the other girl plugs off the nose tubes of the fartslave making him breathe in PURE FART AIR!"
TAGS: " Tandem Mistress FabricFarts Taylor Genesis Femdom Humiliation Facefarts tfg038"

Clips featuring genesis in the store...

If He Moves....BURN HIM!
"Mistress Taylor is joined by Goddess Genesis as they strap down Painslave and smother him and use him as a spit receptacle and then use him as a human ashtray."
TAGS: " Taylor Genesis Spitting Spit Ashtray CBT Smothering Smoking Humiliation sd051"

Clips featuring genesis in the store...

Goddess Genesis Sneezes
"This clip is packed with sneezes and a little sniffing and nose blowing and discussion. This is a great clip shot with a Dominatrix. Don`t worry and there is no domination just lots of great sneezing action."
TAGS: " brunette sniffles noseblowing genesis sz047"

"Taylor tries to teach Genesis how to sneeze. During the lesson she sneezes 15 times while Genesis comes really close. After we shot this clip Genesis sneezed several times. She will be back to try again soon so keep posted."
TAGS: " taylor genesis wet hard brunette topless sz064"

Sneezing Beauties Nose Blowing Spectacular
"I counted about 67 different blows from 15 different girls. The girls include Barbara Ann and Stacy Cash and Keisha Kambel and Genesis and Olivia Saint and Sue and `the Hot Blond` and three of the British Sneezers and myself(Taylor)."
TAGS: " noseblowing taylor barbaraann stacykash keisha olivia keishakambels genesis oliviasaint sue sz070"