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Halo`s Extreme Christmas Inflation
"Halo Noir is home alone for Christmas and she opens a present from her Grandmother. Soon her breasts
TAGS: " Halo HaloNoir Blonde BodyInflation BellyInflation BellyExpansion Preggo Hourglass AssExpansion ButtInflation Magic Breast Expansion BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation tmc1073"

Sexy New Stuffer
"Sexy new stuffer Halo stuffs for you and talks about her weight gain plans and plays with her amazing growing belly."
TAGS: " Eating OverEating Stuffer Stuffing Blonde BellyStuffing FaceStuffing Stuffing WeightGain BellyFetish Belly Halo HaloNoir tmc1075"

Clips featuring halo in the store...

A Tall Girls Man Puppy
"Really tall girl gets a new pet from her step mother. She cradles him on her lap
TAGS: " Cradled CradleCarry Firemans LapSitting PiggyBack TallWomen StrongWomen Amazon PowerfulWomen SizeComparison Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Halo HaloNoir ab392"

Amazon Stewardess
"Halo met a guy on a flight and they set up a date while he was sitting in his seat on the plane. She did not realize how short he was until he showed up for their date. Lots of size comparison and some strength comparison."
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled SideStraddle PiggyBack SizeComparison PowerfulWomen StrongWomen TallWomen Amazon Halo HaloNoir ab395"