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A Sheltered Life
"Veronica and Eris try out a new breast machine that is supposed to increase breast size and find they wasted their money. See what works on Veronica. Her breasts grow huge and she looks amazing."
TAGS: " VeronicaMoon BE Asian Eris Happy Topless BE Expansion BreastExpansion Tickle Inflation Magic BreastInflation NaturalBreasts tmc135"

My Parents Bought Them For Me
"It is high school graduation night and these two 18 year old girls got a present they will NEVER forget. This is a great clip!"
TAGS: " KatVonDomme Happy Topless BE Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation Magic BreastInflation Eris NaturalBreasts tmc137"

A Holiday BE Tale
"Crash gets a Christmas Gift she LOVES. VERY Gleeful breast growth."
TAGS: " BE Expansion Inflation BreastExpansion Magic Crash Happy Redhead BreastInflation Young tmc158"

"Sofia orders special pills to enhance her breasts. She finds an extra bottle in the box called `balance` and soon learns what that is for."
TAGS: " Sofia SofiaStaks Inflation ButtInflation BreastGrowth Magic Pornstar Expansion Relieved Happy Scared AssExpansion tmc166"

Fuck It I am a Fat Chick Now
"Ryen is teased in school for being chubby so decides to just get fat. She pig`s out her breasts grow and she is excited UNTIL everything else started to grow until she finally just accepts her new big beautiful size."
TAGS: " Pornstar Ryen RyenRyder Expansion Happy Scared Inflation Process BellyInflation Belly WeightGain POV Tease OverEating Stuffing Stuffer Busting ButtonPopping BE tmc0167"

I Like My Bitches Big
"Kiwi Girl`s very odd blind date brings her a gift leading to her breast growth. Varied reactions."
TAGS: " KiwiGirl Scared Happy Confused 7Vials BE Inflation BreastInflation BreastExpansion Magic Blonde Mature Expansion MILF tmc178"

Claire Dames Inflatable Suit Adventure
"Claire masturbates to orgasm as her suit inflates. Once filled she enjoys the feeling of her full suit and when she is finally ready to get out of the suit she finds the remote to control it is stuck and her panic leads to terror of what may happen."
TAGS: " Claire ClaireDames Masturbation Pornstar SuitInflation Inflation Happy Terrified Young tmc192"

Fuck Modeling I Can Make Millions BE
"Joselyn Pink encounters a tainted bubble machine at Taylor`s. Amazing breast/Cleavage growth. First she is a little scared then thrilled. So thrilled she goes in for more then tries to grow her ass. (MORE AFTER end CREDITS)."
TAGS: " JoselynPink Joselyn Pornstar BE BreastExpansion Happy Bubbles Brunette Inflation Young tmc239"

It is Only Supposed to Moisturize
"Beautiful model is applying lotion and planning a night out and is in for a shock of her life. Her breasts grow to insane proportions and she freaks
TAGS: " BrooklynJade Brooklyn BE Brunette NautralBreasts Topless Pornstar Young Scared Inflation Happy tmc247"

Brandy Dean Gets a Gift
"Brandy receives a package in the mail with a weird note in it. There was something in that makup that will change her life forever. Her initial fear turns to happiness."
TAGS: " BrandyDean Brandy Inflation BE BreastInflation Redhead Pornstar Magic Pornstar Scared Happy Topless Busting tmc255"

Ass Worship Breast Inflation Extacy
"Sydney was prepaired for a nice dinner and her boyfriend shows up with a beautiful magic necklace but dressed like a bum. She is mad and forces him to worship her ass. See how the magic necklace works wtih his air to inflate her breasts."
TAGS: " SydneyCapri Sydney Magic Ebony Pornstar BE Inflation BreastExpansion AssWorship Hardcore Happy Nudity tmc260"

Double Pornstar Magic Bubble Gum BE
"Two different girls both chew gum from the same tainted batch. Both grew breasts and react very different."
TAGS: " AlyssaReese Alyssa Janie BubbleGum Scared Happy Confused BE Inflation Brunettes Magic Young Pornstars tmc264"

Double Pornstar Italian Food Ass Expansion
"Georgia has a secret she loves to stuff herself with pizza after quick feast her ass grows and she is upset while Lexxxi is thrilled the bigger her ass gets she knows the more money she will make in porn."
TAGS: " Lexxxi LexxxiLockheart ButtInflation Georgia GeorgiaPeach Happy Pornstar Brunette Blonde Nudity AssExpansion Inflation Scared Eating Pornstar Young tmc272"