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Clips featuring hardcore in the store...

Side Effects
"Penny takes some of the extract that her lab has been working on and does some experimentation at home. She discovers growth is one of two main side effects. Shoe Busting
TAGS: " Penny Gts Giantess Young FootGrowth NylonDamage Growth Process Busting ClothesBusting Hardcore Nudity ShoeBusting NaturalBreasts ButtonPopping FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth BraPop tmc038"

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Power Exchange
"9m36s--Her man likes tall huge breasted women so he buys her high heeled shoes and he also gives her the power to grow... BE
TAGS: " Kore KoreGoddess Growth Process Hardcore Busting FootGrowth ClothesBusting ShoeBusting NaturalBreasts Gts Giantess NylonDamage ButtonPopping FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth Topless BBW BE BreastExpansion Expansion BraPop tmc064"

The VERY Special Present
"Taylor gives Heidi new clothes for her birthday and another VERY special present! -Clip includes an expansion and an inflation sequence."
TAGS: " Heidi HeidiMayne Taylor MistressTaylor BE Expansion ClothesBusting ButtonPopping Busting BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Pornstar Topless Nudity Hardcore tmc093"

A Growing Girl
"Nyomi Marcela caught her new boyfriend cheating on her and they had only been going out for a week. At least she didn`t let her secret slip out to such an asshole. HARDCORE growth clip."
TAGS: " Nyomi NyomiMarcel Growth Process Hardcore Busting ClothesBusting NaturalBreasts Gts Giantess NylonDamage ButtonPopping Nudity FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth Topless tmc102"

The VERY Special Present
"Taylor gives Heidi new clothes for her birthday and another VERY special present! -Clip includes an expansion and an inflation sequence."
TAGS: " Heidi HeidiMayne Taylor MistressTaylor BE Expansion ClothesBusting ButtonPopping Busting BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Pornstar Topless Nudity Hardcore tmc093"

Bella Likes Breast Expansion
"Bella books a gig with Taylor not having any idea what kind of stuff she shoots but finds out moments after arriving that having bigger
TAGS: " Bella BE BreastExpansion Expansion 7Vials Hardcore Pornstar tmc110"

Alien Growth
"Eris finds a growing alien toy that grows when it hits water. She decides to give it a shot and see if it works with body fluids. See what happens."
TAGS: " Eris Growth Process ClothesBusting Gts Giantess Hardcore NylonDamage Masturbation Nudity tmc127"

Rubbing One UP
"Moxxie gets a bit carried away waiting for her date. Tons of solo girl masturbation leading to some breast growth
TAGS: " Masturbation MoxxieMaddron Moxxie Growth Pornstar Giantess Process Busting ClothesBusting ShoeBusting FemaleGrowth Gts Growth Hardcore Topless tmc136"

The Hardcore Gift of Growth
"Tanya gave him a gift and this magic man gave her one right back."
TAGS: " Pornstar Hardcore Topless BE Expansion ButtonPopping BreastExpansion Busting Inflation Magic Tanya TanyaTurner BreastInflation tmc146"

Big Boobie Night
"Moxxie brings home a suprise for you and a new gown she fills out perfectly. As she fills out the gown she gets more and more turned on and wants you to cum play with her."
TAGS: " Moxxie MoxxieMaddron BE Expansion Pornstar Nudity Hardcore BreastExpansion Inflation Magic BreastInflation tmc162"

Big Boobie Night: Lexxxi Lockheart
"Lexxxi brings home a suprise for you and a new gown she fills out perfectly and giant. They look huge/amazing. As she fills out the gown she gets more and more turned on some masturbation then wants you to cum play with her. Clip time 5:38"
TAGS: " Lexxxi LexxxiLockheart BE Expansion Pornstar Nudity Hardcore BreastExpansion Inflation Magic BreastInflation tmc206"

Set Phasers to BIMBO
"Sydney is a conservative civil attorney who gets a visit from a bizzare man with a ray gun. He gains her trust under false story and is able to shoot the gun turning Ms. Capri into a very different woman. A Little BE
TAGS: " Sydney SydneyCapri Bimbo BE Transformation Interracial Pornstar Magic Hardcore Oral-Blowjob Young tmc236"

Addicted To Expansion
"Daphne Rosen returns in what is probably the weakest of her three Breast Expansion clips. 3 minute BE ending in a button pop
TAGS: " Daphne DaphneRosen BE Expansion BreastExpansion Busting Inflation ButtonPopping Topless Hardcore Pornstar tmc243"

Mr Johnson`s Magic Powder
"Addison is a very shy conservative secretary who is asked by her sneaky creepy boss to work on a Saturday afternoon. He invited himself over and gave her a drink that quickly made her a very different sexually aggressive woman."
TAGS: " Young Addison Cambrey CambreySage Transformation Blonde Hardcore Oral-Blowjob Pornstar Magic tmc244"

Vanity and Revenge
"Caroline Pierce in one of her best performances featuring her greatest cumshot EVER.*HINT* Follow the PREVIEW CLIP link and watch the trailer."
TAGS: " PenisExpansion Futagirl Hardcore Caroline CarolinePierce Growth Busting BreastExpansion Expansion tmc251"

Alien Insemination
"This is an excellent deep throat teasing POV alien BlowJob where the alien cums in her mouth which goes down freezing cold. She becomes cold all over and grows large round pregnant alien belly. (inflation is just last several minutes of clip)"
TAGS: " JaylaStarr Jayla BellyInflation Inflation Young Topless BJ Hardcore Pornstar Swallow Asian Ebony tmc259"

Ass Worship Breast Inflation Extacy
"Sydney was prepaired for a nice dinner and her boyfriend shows up with a beautiful magic necklace but dressed like a bum. She is mad and forces him to worship her ass. See how the magic necklace works wtih his air to inflate her breasts."
TAGS: " SydneyCapri Sydney Magic Ebony Pornstar BE Inflation BreastExpansion AssWorship Hardcore Happy Nudity tmc260"

Big Round Ass Tease and Expansion
"Burke drinks from the seven vials and Joclyn sucks his cock. He cums on her perfect round large ass and she rubs it in. The magic water went right through him causing her ass to grow huge. The last three and a half minutes of clip are process/ growth"
TAGS: " JoclynStone ButtInflation Joclyn Pornstar Lapdance AssExpansion LongHair Blonde Mature AE Inflation 7Vials Hardcore Oral-Blowjob Topless tmc290"

Trick Dick
"A hooker realizes that her trick has given her a very strange tip as she grows her own nine inch penis! Sydney is terrific as always in a very campy Futa clip with a helluva cumshot!"
TAGS: " Sydney SydneyCapri Pornstar PenisExpansion Futa FutaGirl DickGrowth DickGirl Process ClothesBusting Hardcore tmc348"

Fucking Hardcore Creampie BE
"A hot milf thinks on her toes after having sex and skillfully `creampies` the load. Her thirsty breasts then get duly slathered in the post-coitus elixir. Boob Growth & Expansion ensues."
TAGS: " AlexisGolden Blonde Mature Alexis Milf BE BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Hardcore Creampie tmc349"

The Tutor: Hardcore Version
"The same clip as The Tutor but with an additional 20 minute hardcore BJ ending."
TAGS: " Honey HoneyWhite Oral-Blowjob Pornstar BimboTransformation Bimbo Magic NerdToGlam BE BreastExpansion Inflation Deflation Brunette Blonde Process Topless Tease Hardcore tmc359"

"Alice gets a present of an ornate glass dildo but while using it some strange things start happening to her. She grows a tail
TAGS: " Alice AliceFrost Young Transformation BellyInflation Inflation HairGrowth AnimalTransformation TF Hardcore TailGrowth EarGrowth tmc732"

A Giant Labia Inflation Creampie
"Mylie goes to the doctor to try out new breast and labia inflation method. Her labia gets huge and her breasts just grow a little bit. She`s so turned on by the process she has the doctor try out her new giant pussy lips so he fucks her to creampie"
TAGS: " MylieMoore Mylie LabiaInflation SalineInflation Creampie HardCore Pornstar Redhead BreastInflation Inflation tmc976"

Super Sperm
"Honey gets a magic breast growth dress. She put it on and wants you to fuck her. As you fuck her her breasts grow. You shoot super sperm and she has a super fast pregnancy until her water breaks."
TAGS: " HoneyWhite Honey Oral-Blowjob Preggo Hardcore Pornstar POV Breast FluidInflation Pregnant BellyFetish Nudity BreastExpansion Expansion BellyInflation Belly BellyExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation tmc1174"

Clips featuring hardcore in the store...

Femdom Sex Series: Worship This Ass/Pussy and Eat Your Cum
"Burke thinks he is going to hire an escort when his mistress comes in and is not happy with this discovery. Forced Kissing
TAGS: " AssWorship Joclyn JoclynStone Mature FaceSitting Smother Smothering Pornstar Femdom Hardcore Kissing Licking Humiliation POV POVHumiliation Blonde CumEatingInstruction fd231"

Femdom Sex Series: Passive Girlfriend takes Control
"Burke comes home to his normally very passive girlfriend (Caroline Pierce) and is shocked by her new found sexual aggression. Forced kissing
TAGS: " Femdom Hardcore Caroline Oral-Blowjob FaceSitting CarolinePierce Pornstar Kissing Smothering AssWorship Humiliation Mature CumEatingInstruction fd232"

Femdom Sex Series: Welcome to the Family
"Burke did not sign a `Prenup` like he had planned to ask for and is in for the shock of his life with his beautiful new bride Moxxie and her mother. Financial domination
TAGS: " Femdom Hardcore Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Pornstar AssWorship Humiliation Mature CumEatingInstruction FootWorship FinancialDomination CumEatingInstruction fd235"

Femdom Sex Series: Give Me Your Sperm and Get Out
"Sydney invites a coworker over and seduces him. She tells him she `just wants him for his sperm and that is it`. She makes him pull out cum on her face where she scoops it all up into a syringe and puts it into her pussy so she can get pregnant."
TAGS: " AssWorship Spitting Sydney SydneyCapri Pornstar FaceSitting Smothering Hardcore Humiliation POV POVHumiliation Oral-Blowjob fd237"

Femdom Sex Series: All You Are Good For is Your Sperm
"Moxxie invites a friend over and seduces him. Once his cock is hard she turns and tells him she `just wants him for his sperm and that is it`. She then kicks you out and you will come back until she is pregnant."
TAGS: " Pornstar Creampie Smothering AssWorship Moxxie MoxxieMaddron POV Humiliation POVHumiliation Oral-Blowjob Hardcore fd238"

Femdom Sex Series: I Don't Work For that Amount of Money You Do
"Heidi plays a street hooker who turns on her loser customer. Tons of heavy face sitting
TAGS: " AssWorship Heidi HeidiMayne Pornstar FootWorship Spitting Kissing Humiliation FaceSitting BreastSmother Smother Blonde CumEatingInstruction Hardcore fd239"

Femdom Sex Series: Teri Weigel: Hardcore Humiliation
"This clip is a combination of every man`s dream and every man`s worst nightmare. This clip contains Hardcore impotence humiliation while forcing him to worship her ass
TAGS: " Smothering FaceSitting AssWorship Hardcore Teri TeriWeigel Pornstar Humiliation Kissing Spitting Mature BreastSmother fd240"

Femdom Sex Series: Sydney Capri: The Stewardess
"Sydney plays an airline stewardess who is sexually harassed by the captain and takes control of him making him her sexual slave. Tons of great smothering (pantyhose
TAGS: " Smothering Femdom Pornstar Young GirlyDommes FaceSitting AssWorship Pantyhose-Stockings Sydney SydneyCapri Interracial Humiliation POV POVHumiliation Spitting Hardcore fd241"

Femdom Sex Series: Sexy Blonde Sweet/Sadistic Stripper
"Burke saved enough money to take his favorite stripper to the back room of her club. He thinks he is going to get in and out with a quick cheap blow job but she keeps him on edge the entire time while teasing and denying him with her pussy and mouth."
TAGS: " Oral-Blowjob Addison Smothering Cambrey CambreySage FaceSitting AssWorship Humiliation POV POVHumiliation Blonde Young GirlyDommes Pornstar Hardcore FinancialDomination fd242"

Aryana Adin: Give Me Your Sperm and Get the Fuck Out
"Aryana invites an old friend over and seduces him. Once his cock is hard and he cannot resist her she turns and tells him she `just wants him for his sperm so she can get pregnant and that is it` Great creampie shot which she shows off."
TAGS: " AssWorship Oral-Blowjob FaceSitting BreastSmother Hardcore Interracial Creampie Smothering Aryana AryanaAdin Pornstar POV POVHumiliation Young GirlyDommes fd244"

Femdom Sex Series: Honey White in Professor Turned Slave
"Obnoxious Brat student Honey invites her professor over for some tutoring and turns him out into her sex slave. All through taping/blackmail."
TAGS: " FaceSitting AssWorship Honey HoneyWhite Humiliation POV POVHumiliation Hardcore Pornstar Mature fd245"

POV Tease Series: Samantha Sinn
"A special request custom video series where the guy in the video does what each girl says while she is teasing and talking to you. Kissing
TAGS: " Pantyhose-Stockings Hardcore POV Blonde Oral-Blowjob Young GirlyDommes Kissing Spitting Pornstar AssWorship Samantha SamanthaSin Creampie fd251"

You Will Give Me Your Sperm Now!
"You just got married and have waited until your wedding night to have sex for the first time. Your beautiful
TAGS: " Pantyhose-Stockings Hardcore POV Blonde Oral-Blowjob Young GirlyDommes Kissing Spitting Pornstar AssWorship Samantha Humiliation SamanthaSin Creampie fd257"

You are A Creampie Cum Cleaner
"You are Mika`s ex-husband. She repeatedly humiliates you while her new boyfriend goes down on her
TAGS: " Humiliation Cuckold Pantyhose-Stockings Mika MikaTan Pornstar Oral-Blowjob Hardcore CreamPie CumEatingInstruction POV POVHumiliation AssWorship FaceSititng fd260"

Creampie Cleaner and Nothing More
"Your wife has had it with you. You just can`t please her sexually at all and she knows what you have been up to. In her break up tape for you she fills you in on all her plans and fucks a man right in front of you. You get to be her creampie cleaner."
TAGS: " Femdom Humiliation HardCore POVHumiliation Cuckold Kissing Oral-Blowjob FaceSitting Smothering Smother AssWorship Blonde Alexis AlexisGolden Mature Pantyhose-Stockings CreamPie Pornstar CumEatingInstruction fd274"

Worthless Husband Turned Creampie Cum Cleaner
"Shay is done with you and your little cock that could never please her. She has found a new man and believes you are just good for one thing now to watch her have great sex and cleanup duty for her new man`s cum."
TAGS: " AssWorship CumEatingInstruction Pantyhose-Stockings Shay ShayFox Mature Pornstar Cuckold CreamPie Hardcore POV Humiliation POVHumiliation Femdom Spitting Kissing FaceSitting Oral-Blowjob fd279"

A BlowJob Lover`s Dream
"Mainly BJ action pulled from two custom videos. Starring Alexa Jaymes and Aryana Starr"
TAGS: " Pornstar FaceSitting Young GirlyDommes Interracial Alexa AlexaJaymes AryanaStarr Aryana Pantyhose-Stockings Oral-Blowjob Humiliation CreamPie POV POVHumiliation CumEatingInstruction Femdom Hardcore fd293"

You Lost this Perfect Ass
"You cheated on Mylie and now she is finished with you
TAGS: " Cuckold Kissing Kiss AssWorship BigAss FaceSitting Hardcore CumEatingInstruction POV POVHumiliation Pantyhose-Stockings Young GirlyDommes Redhead Pornstar Oral-Blowjob CreamPie Humiliation Mylie MylieMoore Femdom fd294"

I Am Too Much Woman to Be Left Alone
"This is a Great break up tape. She explains throughout the video why she is dumping you and at the end she plays with a creampie and offers you to eat it. She lets you know she is going to fuck all your friends."
TAGS: " Cuckold Alura CumEatingInstruction Hardcore Mature Femdom AluraJenson Pantyhose-Stockings Oral-Blowjob POV POVHumiliation Humiliation Blonde Creampie AssWorship FaceSitting fd310"

Forced To Watch
"You come home one evening and find your wife and another man talking about you in bed. You are forced to watch everything. When he cums she shows you all the cum and talks about your new job as a cum eater."
TAGS: " Cuckold CumEatingInstruction Hardcore Kissing Kiss Femdom Humiliation POVHumiliation POV Pornstar Interracial Sydney SydneyCapri Young GirlyDommes Pantyhose-Stockings Oral-Blowjob FaceSitting AssWorship fd313"

Sexual Harassment
"Shayla is interviewing for an assistant. After a series of inappropriate questions and harassment at the office she holds the second part of the interview at her home to see if he meets her sexual needs."
TAGS: " AssWorship Pornstar Hardcore Mature FaceSitting Shayla ShaylaLaVeaux Pantyhose-Stockings Oral-Blowjob fd314"

I Will Pass this Class Cream Pie Blackmail
"Sexy college student Tatiyana is not passing her college math class so lures her professor over to try to get him to change her grade. She has him worship her and he gives her a large creampie which she pushes out."
TAGS: " AssWorship Pornstar POV Humiliation FootWorship Young GirlyDommes Creampie Interracial Hardcore Kissing Kiss Socks Oral-Blowjob Tatiyana TatiyanaFoxx fd319"

Blackmailing the Professor
"Tatiyana decides to fuck the Professor for and `A` but they are caught in the act by Joclyn Stone the Dorm Mother. She makes them continue and after the Professor cums she takes a picture and lets them know she now owns both of them now on."
TAGS: " Cfnm Blonde FemdomSexSeries AssWorship Pornstar Humiliation Young GirlyDommes Interracial Hardcore Socks Oral-Blowjob Tatiyana TatiyanaFoxx Joclyn JoclynStone Mature fd336"

Clips featuring hardcore in the store...

Taylor & Veronica`s L&C T&D Handjob:LAPSITTING EDITION
"Mistress Taylor and Goddess Veronica Tag Team Lift & Carry Tease and Denial Handjob. This is the Lift & Carry/Lapsitting version."
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor CradleCarry Veronica Lifting Carrying FitWomen TallWomen PowerfulWomen BustyAmazons VeronicaJett Hardcore Smothering ForcedCarry Lapsitting PiggyBack BearHug NaturalBreasts BigBreasts LiftandCarry Handjob StrongWomen ab044"

"Taylor nabs a peeping Tom and then her and her friend Dora go to work on the little bastard. Taylor is as sexy as ever as her and tall Amazon Bitch newcummer Dora humiliate and physically intimidate the schmuck."
TAGS: " Femdom Amazon StrongWomen Hardcore MistressTaylor AmazonTaylor Powerful Taylor BustyAmazons Dora Smothering NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Intimidation Humiliation PowerfulWomen TallWomen BustyAmazons ab053"

"Taylor nabs a peeping Tom and then her and her friend Dora go to work on the little bastard. In part two they have his cock and balls completely tied up for some torture and then Taylor smothers him all the while humiliating the little fuck."
TAGS: " Femdom Amazon StrongWomen Hardcore MistressTaylor AmazonTaylor Powerful Taylor BustyAmazons Dora Smothering NaturalBreasts BigBreasts Intimidation Humiliation PowerfulWomen TallWomen BustyAmazons ab054"

Amazon Ruin
"Amazon Taylor in a wickedly dominant and sexy teasing handjob where she reduces the little man physically and verbally and morally as she ends this cockslapping and smothering and fast jacking handjob with a horrifying ruined orgasm of Amazon Proportions."
TAGS: " Hardcore Handjob MistressTaylor Powerful Amazon AmazonTaylor Taylor SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation SizeComparison Humiliation Smothering NaturalBreasts BigBreasts BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen ab068"

In the Air and On the Bed
"Moxxie displays her great strength and beauty in this hardcore lift sex video."
TAGS: " LegLifting/Pressing LapSitting Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Handjob Oral-Blowjob FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Hardcore Cradled CradleCarry ab116"

Amazon Lift and Carry Human Dolls
"6 foot 3 TALL Strong Amazon Amanda keeps a little couple locked in her room to alleviate her afternoon boredom. Today she throws them around and makes them perform sex acts for her amusement."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying Handjob Amazon AmazonAmanda Sammie SammieSpades Oral-Blowjob Hardcore Cradled CradleCarry LiftandCarry StrongWomen DisplayofStrength PowerfulWomen ab140"

Using Her Boy Toy
"This clip is unedited extra footage from an amazing scene. In this clip this gorgeous cougar uses her boy toy to give her the perfect orgasm."
TAGS: " Amazon Alura AluraJenson Hardcore TallWomen FitWomen StrongWomen Powerfulwomen ab277"

Hardcore Lift and Carry
"Amazon Alura in a hardcore scene with aerial lifts
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting ShoulderRiding CradleCarry Cradled Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen StrongWomen FitWomen TallWomen DisplayofStrength PiggyBack Kissing FrontPiggyBack Hardcore Alura AluraJenson Oral-Blowjob Leglifting/Pressing ab278"

Truth or Dare Lift and Carry Sex
"Austin picks Sonny up from a bar. They play a game of truth or dare. Sonny learns the truth of Austins fetish for carrying men around. She shows her strength in a variety of aerial sex positions as well as her leg strength."
TAGS: " Hardcore Kissing FrontPiggyBack Carrying SideStraddle Lifting LiftandCarry StrongWomen PowerfulWomen FitWomen PiggyBack LapSitting Oral-Blowjob LegLifting-Pressing Cradled CradleCarry Austin AustinTaylor ab306"

Lifting & Fucking FANTASTIC!
"Mellanie Monroe and her little boy in one of the best lift and carry sex clips ever! Mellanie effortlessly lifts and carries in a variety of hot aerial lift and carry sex positions! A MUST SEE CLIP!"
TAGS: " Firemans Handjob LegLifting-Pressing OverTheShoulder Hardcore Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry DisplayofStrength PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Oral-Blowjob LapSitting Mellanie MellanieMonroe Pantyhose-Stockings Breasts-Titjob StrongWomen PowerfulWomen ab308"