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Is My Cleavage Mesmerizing to You?
"You will soon be under Moxxie`s complete control as she guides you thru a hypnotizing masturbation instruction session. So relax and take some deep breaths
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Clips featuring hypno in the store...

X-SPANDER: Hypno Expansion Therapy
"Jordana gets her new mail order hypnosis self improvement series CD & excitedly gets prepared for her mind to be expanded but she is not prepared for her body to also change. Penis Expansion sequence is an homage to Class Of Nuken High. Great Clip!"
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X-SPANDER: Webcam Hypno Breast Expansion
"A webcam model is having a very slow day until someone comes into the chatroom and tells her to get real close to the camera and look into it. He hypnotizes her and her breasts begin to grow rapidly."
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Stacy BreastExpansion BreastInflation Expansion Hypno Inflation tmc1013"