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X-SPANDER: Jordana`s Belly & Breast Inflation
"Jordana has all the symptoms of being pregnant even though she didn`t have sex recently. Something weird is going on. Her belly rapidly begins to inflate and doesn`t stop until she is humongous. Bigger breasts are the next symptom she experiences."
TAGS: " X-SPANDER BreastExpansion Preggo Pregnant BreastInflation Jordana Belly BellyInflation Inflation Expansion tmc752"

X-SPANDER: Hypno Expansion Therapy
"Jordana gets her new mail order hypnosis self improvement series CD & excitedly gets prepared for her mind to be expanded but she is not prepared for her body to also change. Penis Expansion sequence is an homage to Class Of Nuken High. Great Clip!"
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Futa PenisExpansion ClothesBusting BreastExpansion Hypno Jordana Inflation Expansion tmc770"

X-SPANDER: Bubbling Troubles(Our Gang Remake)
"This is a clip XSPANDER did off a script by STORMR that he based on the Our Gang short of the same name where Alfalfa takes seltzer powders incorrectly and his belly inflates. Stormr added a girl/girl twist to this one!"
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Jordana Audrey BellyInflation Inflation Expansion tmc831"