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Step Mommy will Take Care of You and Teach You Everything
"Now that you are 18 your step mother teaches you how to jack off and fuck a woman so you are not a virgin anymore. Hot clip with Joslyn James."
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Clips featuring joslynjames in the store...

What We Have Always Dreamed of BE
"Joslyn knows that it is both of your fantasies for her to have giant breasts and she makes both of your dreams come true. Sexy teasing BE with pornstar Joslyn James."
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Vain to Man
"Joslyn is admiring her voluptuous curves when they suddenly begin to shrink. She runs from room to room as her body changes more and more to that of a man
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Plain Jane to Backwoods Barbi
"Joslyn was so excited about her recent garage sale finds she comes home and tries on her new clothes. One particular outfit changed her entire life. Not only does her figure
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One Pill to Pregnancy
"Joslyn wants a baby. She takes a magic pill and slowly grows 9 months until labor."
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Clips featuring joslynjames in the store...

The Cheating Wife
"Hot College student Joslyn James is cheating on her husband. Ass worship
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A Creampie Humiliation
"Your girlfriend Joslyn is done with you and makes a humiliation tape for you with a new guy who cums in her pussy and she pushes it out for you to eat the cum letting you know that all you are good for from now on is to clean the cum from her pussy."
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Male Staff Sex Slave
"Joslyn uses this guy in for an interview to worship her body and fuck her. After she pushes out the cum she plays with it and explains how all men who work for her must service her and her female staff.
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Giant Tits Coated in Wax
"Sexy model with Huge Tits gets covered with multicolor wax and loves every minute of it. Very hot.. See every inch of her perfect body dripping with wax especially her beautiful large breasts."
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Hot Maid Can`t Resist Sleeping Customer
"Joslyn`s working in a hotel
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Sexy Kitchen Cooking Squirting Tease
"This is a cam show where sexy pornstar Joslyn James cooks for you then teases you with her PERFECT body. She briefly sucks on a giant black cock then squirts all over the kitchen before serving you dinner."
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Taking away His Power: Smothering and Blackmail
"Karen Fisher and Joslyn James take over the bosses life. All smothering/face sitting. HOM
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This is What I Have Been Doing When You Are Not Around
"Your wife Joslyn James is bored with you and brings other men home while you are at work. You come home early from work and catch her with another man. She sucks his cock and he cums in her mouth which she spits out and makes you eat it all."
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Clips featuring joslynjames in the store...

Kissing and Lifting
"Nikki Delano and Joslyn James are on rival cheer leading teams and are at a convention. Joslyn sneaks into Nikki`s room one night and the two compare sizes
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Busty Amazon Nurse and Her Little Nurse Friend
"Hot busty amazon nurse Karen Fisher can`t help herself from pointing out how small her co worker Joslyn is. Lots of size comparison and lift and carries."
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