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Clips featuring kacistar in the store...

Star`s Growth Envy Pt 1
"Star is shooting for Taylor and during a break Star finds the `Tainted Flintstones` and helps herself to Fred. Lots of busting & tearing as usual during the clothes and shoe destruction."
TAGS: " Growth Giantess FootGrowth Scared Flintstones Pornstar NaturalBreasts Process Busting ClothesBusting PantyRip ShoeBusting KaciStar FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth Nudity tmc012"

Star`s Growth Envy Pt 2 BE
"Star decides Wilma is the next Flintstone to take a fall and she hopes it comes out positive as a breast enhancer. Star gleefully roots her breasts all the way to gargantuan size."
TAGS: " Star KaciStar Flintstones Pornstar BE NaturalBreasts Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation ClothesBusting tmc032"