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Clips featuring karen in the store...

Want to Cum Wanker?
"Excellent sexy tease and denial masturbation instruction for wankers with the beautiful Karen Fisher. She may or may NOT let you cum. I guess you have to buy the clip and find out. It is all up to Karen."
TAGS: " CockControl POV Tease Denial J/OEncouragement JoeClips JoiClips Encouragement Jerkoff Guided MasturbationInstruction OrgasmDenial Milf Cougar Pornstar Blonde Karen KarenFisher jo425"

Clips featuring karen in the store...

You Know Exactly What I Love to Eat
"Beautiful pornstar Karen knows you want her as big as you can get her
TAGS: " WGT Tease WeightGainTease Eating Pornstar Blonde Karen KarenFisher Mature tmc464"

Tainted Perfume BE: Karen Fisher
"Karen returns home to find a gift of tainted perfume. Her breasts grow huge. She is concerned throughout the growth but is thrilled when she sees the end perfect result of beautiful giant flawless breasts."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Karen Blonde BreastExpansion Inflation Magic Mature Pornstar Topless BE tmc465"

See Them Grow: Sexy Tease BE
"Karen teases you with her perfect giant tits while she talks about them growing for you. She puts on her magic dress and shows you just how big they can get as she instructs you to cum all over them."
TAGS: " KarenFisher BEinteractive POV Karen Blonde BE Pornstar Mature MasturbationInstruction Inflation BreastExpansion tmc482"

Tricked Into Pregnancy
"Karen is not ready to start a family but her rich husband is. She agrees to start in 5 years after her modeling career but he will not wait. He taints her drink and she starts growing in the gym. She is great in this."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Karen Pornstar Mature BellyInflation Inflation Belly Preggo Pregnant tmc826"

Hip Plumper
"Karen thinks she is using Lip Plumper before her date but instead buys Hip Plumper. She is really concerned when her hips and ass get so big she busts right out of her pants and is stuck in chair and bathroom doorway."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Karen HipInflation AssExpansion Inflation Expansion Buttinflation Magic Pornstar Inflation tmc828"

Tricked BE
"Karens husband wants her to get a bigger boob job and she does not want to go bigger. He slips a magic pill in her drink and her breasts grow until her nipples pop through her dress. First she's upset then realizes how hot she is."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Karen Mature Blonde Pornstar Expansion Magic BreastInflation Inflation BreastExpansion Expansion BE tmc870"

Super Bloat Bar Disaster
"This is an older clip I did not put up because of a couple suit issues but just watched it and decided to put up. Karen goes on blind date who ditches her because she is bloated and it gets out of control and she gets stuck in bar doorway."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Blonde Karen Pornstar SuitInflation Inflation tmc993"

I am Getting So Sexy and Beautiful and Hot and Turning Myself on
"Karen is a rundown librarian who orders an energy drink. As she drinks it she begins to transform to a beautiful big boob
TAGS: " KarenFisher HairColorChange Karen Pornstar Transformation Expansion Process IncreasedBeauty TransformationFantasy Bimbo AssExpansion Hourglass HairGrowth ButtInflation Magic NerdToGlam Blonde BE BreastExpansion Inflation tmc1048"

Fashion CEO Turned Blueberry
"Karen owns a fashion company and is sent a new latex fashion. She tries it on and it inflates and she turns into a BB. She is furious when she realizes a competitor sent it and she gets stuck in doorway leaving for revenge."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Karen Blonde Mature Wonka BlueberryInflation Expansion Inflation SuitInflation Pornstar Blueberry tmc1278"

Clips featuring karen in the store...

Dessert First
"Karen is relaxing and enjoying a box of chocolate when a large dragon enters her home. She keeps him at bay by feeding him candy but when the candy runs out so does her time."
TAGS: " Monster Oral Vore Karen KarenFisher gts105"

Learning to Be a Fancy Chef
"While waiting for his date to arrive Tommy meets a bartender who tells him about eating female flesh and he wants to give it a try. He seduces her by the large human oven. When the bartender comes in he teaches Tommy how to cook a woman."
TAGS: " Vore Eating Nude Pornstar Karen KarenFisher Oral gts148"

A Growing Bimbo
"A hot blonde bimbo is having memory problems so takes some memory pills that have a very different effect. She becomes A giantess bimbo. Scared growth with busting. HOT!"
TAGS: " Growth GTS Giantess ClothesDestruction Topless Karen KarenFisher gts161"

Clips featuring karen in the store...

Cheating on Her Loser and You Will Eat The Cum
"Karen is only married to her husband for his money. He is a complete loser and can`t please her so she hooks up with other men. In this clip she hooks up with one of her men and trashes her husband throughout the video."
TAGS: " Cuckold Humiliation Oral-Blowjob CumEatingInstruction Blonde Mature Pornstar AssWorship POV POVHumiliation Femdom FaceSitting Karen Kissing Kiss Spitting KarenFisher fd304"

Taking away His Power: Smothering and Blackmail
"Karen Fisher and Joslyn James take over the bosses life. All smothering/face sitting. HOM
TAGS: " Smothering Blonde Smother FaceSitting AssWorship Humiliation FootWorship Feet FootHumiliation Pornstar Mature Karen KarenFisher Joslyn JoslynJames BreastSmother fd368"

Clips featuring karen in the store...

"POV tease and denial with Karen. She completely controls the cock then abandons your orgasm. Great!"
TAGS: " Abandoned RuinedOrgasm POV Pornstar Milf Cougar Blonde Oral-Blowjob Breasts-Titjob Karen KarenFisher Tease Denial CockControl CockTease tt255"

"POV tease and DENIED with Karen. She completely controls the cock then just when you are on the edge denies your orgasm."
TAGS: " OrgasmDenial POV Pornstar Milf Cougar Blonde Oral-Blowjob Breasts-Titjob Karen KarenFisher Tease Denial CockControl CockTease tt256"

Karen Fisher: Big Tit Tease and Denial Abandoned Orgasm
"This is an excellent Tease and Denial with an abandoned orgasm. Shot all from your Point of View she teases you keeping you on edge the entire time then decides to let go half way though deciding to let you cum."
TAGS: " POV Tease CockTease Denial Handjob Karen KarenFisher Blonde Pornstar Milf Cougar CockControl Abandoned RuinedOrgasm tt281"

Karen Fisher: Big Tit Tease and Denial (The Denial Version)
"This is an excellent Tease and Denial with a denied orgasm. Shot all from your Point of View she teases you keeping you on edge the entire time then when you are just at the edge of orgasm she denies you."
TAGS: " POV Tease CockTease Denial Handjob Karen KarenFisher Blonde Pornstar Milf Cougar CockControl OrgasmDenial tt282"

Clips featuring karen in the store...

Tall Blonde Goddess and Her Tiny Blind Date
"Karen is shocked when her blind date turns out to be a tiny little man
TAGS: " TallWomen StrongWomen Handjob Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting SizeComparison Karen KarenFisher ab224"

My Best Friend's Big Sexy Strong Mom
"While waiting for his college roommate to come home Sonny encounters his beautiful tall giant breasted goddess cougar mother who is extremely turned on by Sonny's size. Boob and handjob with several lifts."
TAGS: " TallWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Amazon LapSitting Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Handjob Cradled CradleCarry Firemans Oral-Blowjob Breasts-Titjob Karen KarenFisher ab241"

Busty Amazon Nurse and Her Little Nurse Friend
"Hot busty amazon nurse Karen Fisher can`t help herself from pointing out how small her co worker Joslyn is. Lots of size comparison and lift and carries."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry StrongWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen Firemans CradleCarry Cradled LapSitting PiggyBack SizeComparison TallWomen FitWomen Karen KarenFisher Joslyn JoslynJames ab343"

Amazon Bimbo and the Pizza Boy
"Amazon blonde bimbo is bored and decided to order a pizza. When the pizza boy arrives she makes him her toy. Size comparison
TAGS: " StrongWomen TallWomen SizeComparison Amazon Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen Firemans CradleCarry Handjob Cfnm LapSitting Karen KarenFisher SideStraddle PiggyBack Cradled ab389"

Clips featuring karen in the store...

5 Beauties Blowing
"Karen and Alana and Becky and Sue and Ingrid all in one clip! All noseblowing. The best clip of its kind on the market."
TAGS: " noseblowing Sue Ingrid Becky Karen Alana sz075"