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Clips featuring katrina in the store...

Tiny Man Erased From Existence
"Giant Kat erases tiny man from existence with her perfect giant ass."
TAGS: " Katrina Shrinking Pornstar Magic Ass tmc024"

Clips featuring katrina in the store...

Amazon Lifting & Size Comparison
"Katrina is brand new to Taylormadeclips and in her first clip she does some lifting and carrying for the first half and then does some size comparison with her close to 7 foot frame!"
TAGS: " Amazon Lifting StrongWomen Cradled Katrina KatrinaStarr TallWomen CradleCarry PiggyBack SizeComparison FrontPiggyBack Carrying DisplayofStrength LiftandCarry Powerful PowerfulWomen ab055"

Amazon Schoolgirl Pins
"All tickling and school girl pins. The slave is no match for the beautiful amazon."
TAGS: " Katrina KatrinaStarr Amazon DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen TallWomen Wrestling ab056"

Abandoned by a Giant
"Kat had left her tiny slave in the room naked. She decided to reward him with a handjob. She allows him to cum but at the last minute decides to abandon his orgasm. She grabs his cock again and strokes it torturing him with post orgasm cock torture."
TAGS: " Katrina KatrinaStarr Amazon Handjob SmallGuyHumiliation Humiliation SizeHumiliation TallWomen ab067"

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