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Clips featuring kimmylee in the store...

BE Hardcore Interactive: Kimmy Lee
"Sexy Asian Pornstar Kimmy Lee teases your with her tits and gets your cock hard. She puts on big magic bra and grows them huge as she strokes you and has you stroke your cock as she plays with her new growing soft breasts."
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Growing Pregnant Belly Interactive: Kimmy Lee
"Kimmy and you have wanted a baby for a while. She buys magic pregnancy gum and grows a big pregnant belly. She sees you are turned on and wants you to cum all over her growing baby."
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Ass Expansion Interactive: Kimmy Lee
"Sexy Asian Pornstar Kimmy Lee instructs you to stroke your cock for her while she chews her ass expansion gum. Her ass slowly grows while she teases you with it shaking it and blowing bubbles. She begs you to cum all over her big new shaking ass."
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POV: Bye Bye Pussy Hello Big Fat Brown Cock
"Kimmy talks dirty to you as she shows off her perfect tits and grows a big brown dragon cock then jacks it off and shoots a giant load of cum as she instructs you to stroke for her."
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POV: I Am Too Full Of Juice For You To Cum In My Mouth
"Your girlfriend Kimmy turns into a blueberry while you jack off to her. She gets really full of juice and wants to be juiced. You ask her to open her mouth to cum in her mouth and she is terrified. She knows any more fluid and she just might blow up."
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Full of Milk
"Kimmy is a scientist who discovers a formula to improve cows. She spills some on herself and turns into a lactating cow."
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Clips featuring kimmylee in the store...

Kimmy Grows
"Kimmy is confused and scared as she grows to ceiling. He perfect breasts busting out of her dress."
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