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Spending the Week As Mommy`s Little Baby Boy
"Your sweet Mommy is so excited you are home from college. She knows how much you miss being her little baby boy. She has you wear a diaper
TAGS: " Infantilism Guided DiaperFetish AdultDiaper MasturbationInstruction POV Jerkoff J/OEncouragement JoeClips JoiClips Encouragement Kira jo567"

BBW Burp`s
"Sexy stuffer Kira burps nonstop from soda. She knows it turns you on and wants you to cum for her."
TAGS: " MasturbationInstruction POV JoeClips JoiClips Encouragement Guided Jerkoff J/OEncouragement Burping Burp Kira jo570"

Clips featuring kira in the store...

A Teachers Revenge
"You are in detention after school. Your teacher gets really mad and makes you lay over her knee and spanks you. She is not aware that you like it and you cum on her lap. She makes you get down spank yourself and eat your own cum. Special Request"
TAGS: " Humiliation POVHumiliation POV Kira CumEatingInstruction Spanking Femdom bh356"

Clips featuring kira in the store...

Two Girls Get Devoured
"Watch as two girls get eaten by a dragon. Kira is a maid who is stalked then eaten head first. Kamile is an escort
TAGS: " Monster Kamile Kira Oral Vore KamileAmora gts135"