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Lactose Intolerant Fart Bombs
"Laura and Kim sit on a couch and chat about what makes them fart and making the dude sitting between them uncomfortable. Kim mentions she`s LACTOSE INTOLERANT! Then they fart all over the guy wearing their jeans. "
TAGS: " Denim Jeans FabricFarts LOUD Facefarts LactoseIntolerant Kimberly Laura GirlyDommes Humiliation tfg071"

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Volcanic Birthday Blasts
"Alexandria is lactose intolerant and does not care. She has some birthday cake
TAGS: " LOUD Wet Alexandria AlexandriaDevine Pornstar LactoseIntolerant Nude tfg350"

The Fart Clip You Have Spent Your Life Waiting For
"Yup just what the title says. A gas filled fart clip with your favorite beautiful Asian Goddess."
TAGS: " LOUD LactoseIntolerant Wet Pornstar Mika MikaTan tfg380"

At Home Series: I am lactose Intolerant and Fart A LOT
"Kimberly sent me a video where she discusses her embarrassing gassy day. She is lactose intolerant and talks about how embarrassing it is for her. Several burps and a fart included in this clip."
TAGS: " Farting Kimberly FabricFarts Candid Burping Burp KimberlyMarvel POV LactoseIntolerant tfg401"

Captured and Forced to Divulge her Fart Secrets
"Mylie is very lactose intolerant and farts everywhere. A jealous neighbor kidnaps her to learn her secret of farting. She brews up a special batch of Chili and yogurt then feeds it to her to force farts out of her"
TAGS: " LactoseIntolerant BBW FabricFarts Farting Food Mylie MylieMoore Alexa AlexaNight FaceFarts BigAss LOUD Wet tfg404"