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Be Careful What You Ask A Leprechaun For
"Kymberly is stood up for a date and the bartender suggests she get larger breasts
TAGS: " CarolinePierce KymberlyJane ButtInflation BreastInflation LipInflation Pornstar MissPoison Poison Caroline Kymberly Leprechaun AssExpansion LipExpansion BreastExpansion Inflation Expansion tmc1270"

Tortured by a Leprechaun
"Jaylyn is taunted and tortured by Leprechaun. The Leprechaun grows her breasts
TAGS: " Jaylyn Transformation Talulah BreastExpansion BreastInflation SuitInflation ButtInflation Inflation Expansion Wonka BlueberryInflation Bubbles Blueberry Leprechaun AssExpansion tmc1280"

Please Please Leprechaun Make it Stop
"Vicki is upset her man left her for a plastic woman with fake ass lips and boobs. She wishes for bigger lips
TAGS: " Vicki VickiLee Talulah BreastInflation LipInflation ButtInflation Inflation Expansion Leprechaun BreastExpansion AssExpansion LipExpansion FluidInflation Magic tmc1281"

Mika`s Leprechaun Punishment
"Mika is always late for work so her boss hires a leprechaun to punish her/ The leprechaun inllates her boobs. lips and ass."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika Pornstar Talulah LipInflation BreastInflation ButtInflation Expansion Asian LipExpansion AssExpansion BreastExpansion Inflation Leprechaun tmc1302"

Paying the Price For Stealing
"Caroline is a evil leprechaun that lives in the back of a bar. Local girl Dita steals a wallet with a gold coin from a customer and pays the price."
TAGS: " CarolinePierce DitaDay Caroline Dita Leprechaun BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation AssExpansion LipInflation LipExpansion ForcedInflation Expansion Pornstar Young Mature ButtInflation tmc1334"

Ass Ass Come To Me Get as Big as Big Can Be
"Sablique is tired of having a small flat ass so summons a leprechaun and wishes for the biggest ass in the world. The leprechaun takes her and literally blows her ass up while humiliating her until it explodes."
TAGS: " Sablique Leprechaun AssExpansion ButtInflation Expansion Inflation Expansion Magic Talulah Popping tmc1407"