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Her New Expandable Tits
"Super conservative lesbian Janet got new expandable tits to please her big breast loving girlfriend Helena. Helena controls the growth of Janets new tits as she gets more and more turned on the bigger they grow."
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Breaking the Plateau With a Magic Pie
"Brandy has been trying to fatten her lesbian girlfriend Kimberly up forever. She wants her so big she is immobile. Her weight has plateaued and Brandy wants her bigger. She gets a magic pie and kimberly expands twice her size hip and large belly growth."
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Orgasmic Breast Growth
"Ivy goes to a bar and is stood up by her boyfriend. The bartender is a witch who lets her know her bf is with his secretary. She does spell that gets out of control and Ivy is weighed down by huge breasts. The bartender gropes them and Ivy has orgasm"
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Clips featuring lesbian in the store...

A Tape From Your Ex: Richelle Your Sister and Leya Your Ex
"Your girlfriend is done with you and makes a tape for YOU. She plays with your older sister and Your boss while they talk about what you will never have anymore. She reminds you what a loser you are while you are forced to watch."
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