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Clips featuring lisa in the store...

MAXGROWTH: Whiteboard Madness Pt 1
"Jenny buys a whiteboard at a thrift shop for her work presentation
TAGS: " MAXGROWTH Jenny Lisa Breast Expansion HairGrowth HairColorChange BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation IncreasedBeauty Magic tmc791"

MAXGROWTH: Belly Blubber Boob Job
"Lisa wishes her stomach was smaller. Her wish comes true as her belly fat moves up into her breasts making them bigger. She repeats the trick by stuffing herself with garlic bread and pizza
TAGS: " MAXGROWTH BreastExpansion Expansion Eating Belly BellyFetish BellyDeflation BreastInflation Inflation Lisa tmc970"

MAXGROWTH: Imagination
"Lisa is a reporter
TAGS: " MaxGrowth Growth BellyExpansion Lisa BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation BellyInflation tmc1137"