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Blueberry Boi!
"Josh wants to gain weight so his friend Lucy gives him a huge blue suit & after he puts it on his body begins to inflate & his skin and FEET turns blue! He turns Humongous and Bright Blue!"
TAGS: " Lucy Josh JoshBlu Expansion MaleInflation Blueberry Wonka BodyInflation SuitInflation Inflation tmc1111"

Tainted Blueberries
"Eli got some tainted blueberries and turns into one. He starts getting blue spots then starts inflating huge until he explodes blueberry juice."
TAGS: " Expansion MaleInflation Blueberry Wonka BodyInflation SuitInflation Inflation Eli tmc1184"

Blueberry Pie Inflation Madness
"Carmen finds blueberry pie & tries it & her finger & mouth begin to turn blue. She inflates into a huge blueberry & then explodes & then slim who also could not resist the pie turns into a blueberry also. Just Male and Just female versions to follow."
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation LipExpansion LipInflation Wonka BlueberryInflation BodyInflation MaleInflation SkinColorChange Talulah Carmen Slim tmc1210"

Blueberry Pie MALE Inflation Madness
"Carmen samples Talulah`s genetically modified blueberry pie & she blows up and turns blue like a blueberry. Then Slim tries the modified pie and also turns blue and swells up like a big blueberry."
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation LipExpansion Wonka BlueberryInflation BodyInflation MaleInflation SkinColorChange Talulah Slim tmc1211"

A Dangerous Reaction
"Richard returns from a jog where he had some strange berries and begins to sweat blue. He is terrified and when he realizes his entire body is blue and swelling. He inflates until he pops."
TAGS: " Wonka BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation MaleInflation Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Popping Richard SkinColorChange tmc1235"

Big Soft Growing Belly Explosion
"Bobby gets a package full of cakes from an unknown sender. He eats them and grows a belly. He is terrified and eventually blows up."
TAGS: " BobbyBaloon Bobby Eating Expansion BellyInflation BellyExpansion FluidInflation MaleInflation Inflation tmc1287"

Button Blasting Belly Inflation
"Pistols been eating too much. His belly grows out of control and all his buttons blast off."
TAGS: " BellyInflation BellyExpansion Expansion Eating Drinking ButtonPopping Burp Burping Inflation MaleInflation tmc1359"

Scared and Excited at The Same Time: A Blueberry Transformation
"Pistol gets tainted energy drink from competitive friend. He is both scared and a bit excited by the transformation into a blueberry. He begins to drown and begs to be juiced."
TAGS: " Blueberry Wonka Transformation BlueberryInflation SuitInflation Pistol BellyExpansion Inflation Expansion MaleInflation BellyInflation FluidInflation tmc1366"

Not Ready For Human Consumption
"Mr K answers an ad on CraigsList from Mr Wonka to test out experimental gum. He shows up at his home and helps himself to the wrong gum and turns into a blueberry. Mr Wonka lets him know he must be juiced while Mr K freaks and fills with juice."
TAGS: " Blueberry MrK Jason BubbleGum BlueberryInflation Transformation SuitInflation Inflation Expansion MaleInflation Wonka Jason tmc1376"

His Blueberry Ordeal
"Jason has been having major anxiety about a phone interview so orders a relaxation drink and suit. Right before the important meeting he begins to turn blue and inflate and ultimately turns into a giant blueberry. Explosive ending."
TAGS: " MaleInflation Blueberry Wonka SuitInflation Jason Expansion Inflation Transformation BlueberryInflation tmc1379"