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Taylor`s Mind Control Breast Expansion
"`Daphne`s LOVING EXPANSION` was a HUGE hit for TaylorMadeClips but Taylor thinks it should have been bigger. So this time she`s not going to let Daphne screw it up! Bimbos are much easier to control..."
TAGS: " Daphne DaphneRosen BE Bimbofication MindControl Expansion BreastExpansion Busting Inflation ButtonPopping ClothesBusting Topless Young Magic BreastInflation Pornstar tmc108"

Hungry Hungry Honey
"Taylor tricked Honey into being in a video by putting her under a food trance. She ate and ate and ate until she grew about 10 times her normal size ready to roll out the door. By Buckwalter"
TAGS: " Honey HoneyWhite MindControl Expansion Inflation ForcedFeeding Process BellyInflation Belly BodyInflation WeightGain OverEating Stuffing Stuffer tmc099"

MAXGROWTH: Hips-nosis
"Koa is tricked into being hypnotized by the magic whiteboard in the Maxgrowth vault. She becomes his slave and he gives her a huge hourglass body with thick legs. Hypnosis themes with mantras."
TAGS: " MaxGrowth Koa HipInflation Hypnosis BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation Expansion AssExpansion ButtInflation HourGlass MindControl tmc1383"