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Clips featuring misspoison in the store...

BE Interactive: Miss Poison
"Your girlfriend Poison puts on a magic dress for you. She plays with her pussy and talks dirty to you as her tits grow for you. She wants you to cum all over her giant new tits so she counts you down to cum all over them."
TAGS: " FluidExpansion BEinteractive BE Expansion MasturbationInstruction BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation MissPoison Poison POV tmc888"

Watch Me Stuff as You Jack off For My Growing Belly
"Poison is finally back and her belly is hotter and bigger than ever. Sexy food stuffing pizza
TAGS: " FaceStuffing BellyStuffing Belly BellyFetish Eating OverEating WeightGain WGT WeightGainTease MasturbationInstruction Poison MissPoison Pornstar POV Stuffing Stuffer tmc891"

No More Secrets: You Are a Pussy Big Tit Cock Loving Whore
"You go to a psychic and she looks into the crystal ball and tells you your dirty little secret that you want to see a chick with a cock
TAGS: " Futa NaturalBreasts POV PoofTransformation Transformation Topless MasturbationInstruction Humiliation Poison MissPoison DickGirl CumEatingInstruction FutaGirl Futanari tmc894"

Belly Interactive: Miss Poison
"Poison wants you to watch her belly grow big and jiggly for you. She knows the bigger her belly grows the harder your cock will get for her. She encourages you to stroke your cock as she gets more and more turned on. Very hot Belly Interactive."
TAGS: " MissPoison Inflation Poison MasturbationInstruction BellyInteractive Pornstar Belly Expansion BellyInflation BellyExpansion Pregnant Preggo FluidInflation tmc994"

Look How Big and Blue You are Making Me
"Poison wants you to jack off for her. She knows the more turned on the bigger she gets. She wants to become a giant blueberry. The bigger she gets the more turned on she gets. Price lower due to some suit and camera issues."
TAGS: " Inflation Poison Expansion MasturbationInstruction Blueberry POV Wonka MissPoison SuitInflation tmc995"

Humiliating and Forcing You to Become Her Fat Bitch
"You fucked up and were mean to Miss Poison while she was pregnant calling her fat. She is furious and gets magic powder and makes your belly grow huge. Nonstop belly humiliation. Your fluid filled belly grows hard and bursts through clothes."
TAGS: " FluidInflation Humiliation Expansion BellyExpansion PregnantMale Poison MissPoison BellyInflation ClothesBursting Inflation Magic POV tmc1051"

The Assassin
"Poison is an assassin hired to take out Dita. Her first attempt fails and Dita blows her up. She reforms comes back and blows up Dita."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Poison MissPoison ForcedInflation SuitInflation HoseInflation BeltPop Inflation Expansion tmc1259"

POV: Cum All over My Jiggly Growing Ass: Miss Poison
"Miss Poison teases and instructs you to stroke your cock for her as her ass grows huge. She counts you down at the end to cum on her huge round ass."
TAGS: " Expansion ButtInflation POV Pornstar AssExpansion Tease MasturbationInstruction Inflation FluidInflation MissPoison Poison tmc1263"

Full of Fluid and Trapped in Bed
"Poison is home sick and cant stop drinking. She is completely dehydrated. She notices a layer of fluid on skin that grows out of control. She blow up with fluid jiggly fat and is horrified until she explodes."
TAGS: " MissPoison Poison FluidInflation SuitInflation FullBodyInflation Inflation tmc1264"

Be Careful What You Ask A Leprechaun For
"Kymberly is stood up for a date and the bartender suggests she get larger breasts
TAGS: " CarolinePierce KymberlyJane ButtInflation BreastInflation LipInflation Pornstar MissPoison Poison Caroline Kymberly Leprechaun AssExpansion LipExpansion BreastExpansion Inflation Expansion tmc1270"

Mika and Poison Extreme OverEating and Belly Play
"Mika Tan & Poison stuff their faces & bellies with sick amounts of food & sexily play with their bellies & fat rolls. They talk about their fat and their love of food and tease the camera. Belly Fingerfucking & Measuring."
TAGS: " Mika MikaTan Poison Measuring Mature MissPoison Pornstar Asian Facestuffing Gainer BellyPlay Stuffing WGT BellyStuffing BellyFetish OverEating Tease WeightGainTease Drinking WeightGain tmc1300"

Girl Gang Bar Fight Belly Blown Up
"Asian gangmember played by Mika walks into Hispanic gangmembers bar and fight starts and Mika is blown up with water hose. A lot of racist language used in fight. I charged more for this clip because this short clip destroyed a prop
TAGS: " Mika MikaTan Poison MissPoison CatFight Inflation Expansion ForcedInflation Fight BellyInflation WaterInflation BellyExpansion tmc1344"

Clips featuring misspoison in the store...

I Will Crush Every Redneck that Pisses Me Off
"Redneck comes into bar and repeatedly insults tiny bartender then refuses to pay bar tab. She is furious. As her anger increases so does her height and rage. She is ready to crush the next rude redneck that crosses her much taller path."
TAGS: " Giantess Growth Topless ClothesDestruction GTS Poison MissPoison gts159"

Clips featuring misspoison in the store...

Super Poison Drains Captured Villain
"Villain Rex derives all his power from his constant cum filled cock. Super Poison has him captured and plans to repeatedly drain his cock of all of his power until she gets the information she needs"
TAGS: " Milking Pornstar SuperHero Young GirlyDommes Poison CockControl ForcedOrgasm Handjob Cfnm Humiliation MissPoison tt280"

Clips featuring misspoison in the store...

Tiny Fortune Teller Lift and Carry Handjob
"Rick goes to a fortune teller who looks into her crystal ball and sees just what he needs. Cradle carry
TAGS: " PiggyBack DisplayOfStrength CradleCarry Cradled Handjob StrongWomen Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen LapSitting ShoulderRiding Poison MissPoison Cfnm ab352"