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The Ring of Terror
"Caroline finds a magic ring which leaves her paralyzed. After putting on the ring she slowly begins to freeze until she is rock solid and all you can see if the terror in her eyes. Custom Request."
TAGS: " Freeze Caroline Scared Paralyzed CarolinePierce Mature Pornstar tmc427"

The Remote
"Taylor acquires a remote that can control her roommate. She has fun freezing and unfreezing her then putting her into a position. Special attention to her beautiful bare feet and frozen state. Custom Request Video."
TAGS: " Freeze Caroline Paralyzed CarolinePierce Mature Pornstar tmc428"

Frozen for Her Feet
"You are Caroline`s roommate and are obsessed with her feet so much so you have hidden cams to view them. You realize you are freaking her out and she is ready to move so decide to turn her to stone so you have her to yourself."
TAGS: " Freeze Caroline Paralyzed CarolinePierce Mature Pornstar Feet tmc435"